Lima’s street art, in pictures: 18 awesome shots of the capital city

Updated - March 29th 2023


Peru’s capital city has plenty of street art around – but like most other pieces, they may not be here tomorrow.

Start around the Museo de la Electricidad (Electricity Museum) in the Barranco district, the Parque de Barranco, and along streets Pedro de Osma, 28 de Julio, Jiron Union, and Jiron 2 de Mayo for the best chances:

Barranco street art map

You’re welcome =)


Love the two different styles on the same wall.


Shutters can make such interesting backdrops.


Some pieces end up being a little more complex… so spend some more time studying them.


Interpretations, anyone?


Odd angle, perhaps, but straight on there’s a pole in the way.


Kind of odd to see a pool-like scene in one of the biggest deserts in the world…


One of the longer pieces – for reference, that wall is perhaps 2.5 meters tall.


On the outside of a church. It looks pretty cool until you can take a closer look….


That’s right, the artist carefully painted the bars and the space behind them. Not sure if it was done before or after the bars were put in place, but either way it’s an impressive level of detail.


Batman and Robin, anyone?


I… got nothing… BUT BRAINS!!


Aww… ain’t they cute?


Go ahead, try to follow a path through it. Pretty awesome, actually.


A reminder that artists spread a whole lot of color throughout the world. Respect.


A reminder that the genre can be used for political purposes (this was one of the only politically-motivated ones I saw in the area).


Which did you see first, an animal’s face or a human’s?


And finally, a reminder that not everything is as it as seems…

Overall, I still think Bogota had it better, in terms of quality and quantity (it’s also the only city I’ve been to that has it’s very own graffiti tour). Lima holds its own, though.

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  1. Great photos! I wish you had a pinterest button, though. I like to pin photos of street art.

  2. Never mind, I found it! It’s the crown-looking button.

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