31 BEST Things to do in Jeju [2023!]

Jeju is the largest island Korea and a favourite destination for many domestic travellers. However, the amazing hiking, gorgeous beaches, and tranquil atmosphere mean the secret is out! This island has piqued the interest of a number of international travellers now, and Jeju might just be your next great holiday destination. Not only is this one of the best places to experience nature in Korea, but possibly the whole of Asia!

In this article, we’ve scoured through the best activities to do in Jeju and come up with 31 to help you make the most of your trip. From hiking trails to museums, to great place to eat, we’ve got you covered. So, strap in as we take you through the best things to do in Jeju!

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Elin Hotel

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Elin Hotel
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  • Hairdryer and free toiletries
  • Air conditioning and a TV

This clean and comfortable three star hotel is one of the best budget options in Jeju City. It’s close to the centre of town, so if you want to get around the island it’s very easy to do so!

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Maison Glad Jeju

The Best Luxury Hotel in Jeju

Maison Glad Jeju
Maison Glad Jeju is our pick for the best luxury hotel in Jeju
  • Private Beach
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This five star hotel is the best luxury hotel in Jeju. You can get awesome views of the ocean from the outdoor swimming pool. A great spot to cool off after indulging in the on site sauna!

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• The 31 Best Things to Do in Jeju •

#1 – Watch the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong

Watch the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong
One of the best things to do in Jeju
  • Watch the sunrise over a volcano
  • The most popular landmark on Jeju Island
  • One of the best activities on Jeju

This unique volcanic cone was formed thousands of years ago and is now indisputably the most popular attraction on Jeju. Located in the east of the island, we’d recommend heading here super early to catch the sunrise. It’s a true bucket list experience!

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#2 – Hike on South Korea’s Highest Mountain

Hike on South Korea’s Highest Mountain
A must do for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Get to the top in half a day
  • 1,950 metres above sea level
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Hallasan is South Korea’s highest peak. If you’re really going for it, you can get up the mountain in 4 to 5 hours. Once you’re at the top, you’re sure to be amazed by views of the volcanic crater!

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#3 – Manjanggul Cave

Manjanggul Cave
One of the best cheap things to do in Jeju
  • Explore the lava tunnels
  • Refreshing when it’s hot outside
  • Bring decent walking boots!

Only a little of the Manjanggul Cave is open to tourists, but that’s more than enough for you to cool off and marvel at the lava tubes. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a number of bats! Entrance costs less than $2!

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#4 – Jeongbang Falls

Jeongbang Falls
One of the best free things to do in Jeju
  • The only waterfall in Asia that drops directly into the sea
  • Feel the cooling spray
  • Sit and relax on the rocky beach

Jeju boasts a lot of waterfalls. However, it (and the whole of Asia) only boasts one that flows directly into the sea. Come here and spend some time feeling the cool and refreshing spray as you watch the waves lap against the rocky beach. Heaven!

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#5 – Nanta Show

Nanta Show
Fun for the whole family!
  • Visit Jeju’s Nanta Theatre
  • Watch Korea’s longest running show
  • Discover lots of Korean traditions

The top non-verbal show in Korea has been performed in more than 50 countries. However, it’s never quite as good as it is in its home! Head to the Jeju Nanta theatre to see a show consisting of acrobatics, martial arts, and music among others. It’s great fun!

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#6 – Hyeopjae Beach

  • Enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island
  • A favourite spot for locals and tourists
  • Very cold when it’s not summer!

During the summer, Hyeopjae Beach offers everything you’d expect from a beach. Lovely swimming, great sunbathing, and plenty of sports to get involved with. However, outside of summer, it’s very chilly! That shouldn’t put you off though – the sunsets are incredible!

#7 – Make your own teddy bear at the Teddy Bear Museum

Make your own teddy bear at the Teddy Bear Museum
Great thing to do in Jeju with kids
  • The first open teddy bear exhibition in the world
  • See a huge collection of teddy bears
  • Go home with a cute souvenir!

Head through Jeju’s teddy bear safari to see these cute and cuddly toys in a range of different scenes and situations. It’s a great day out with the kids, and you can even decorate your own teddy bear for a lifelong memory of your Korean holiday!

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#8 – Volcanic Cliffs of Jusangjeolli

Volcanic Cliffs of Jusangjeolli

  • South Korea’s equivalent of the Giant’s Causeway
  • An incredibly dramatic landscape
  • Take some incredible photos

Jeju is absolutely packed with awesome natural wonders, and we’re not even close to running out of them yet. The only downside of Jusangjeolli is that you can’t climb all the way down to the cliffs as it’s not safe. You can get some awesome pictures though!

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#9 – O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum

  • Get awesome photos of green fields against blue skies
  • A must for tea lovers
  • Learn about Korean green tea culture

O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum and the surrounding fields are some of the most popular attractions on Jeju Island. Try a number of green tea inspired food and drink at the museum café. You can also discover lots about green tea culture and see ancient cups and teapots!

#10 – Meet the Haenyo

One of the most fascinating cultural experiences in Jeju

  • Meet female free divers
  • Women gather sea urchins and shellfish
  • Witness a centuries’ old tradition

When you think of women between 60 and 80 years old, you usually wouldn’t expect them to be free diving for shellfish. Well, get that perception out of your head when you travel to Jeju! Although the art is slowly dying out, you shouldn’t miss the daily performance at Seongsan Ilchulbong!

#11 – Play K Pop Museum

A must for music lovers!

  • Right next to the teddy bear museum
  • Enjoy a holographic performance
  • Pick up some souvenirs at the gift shop

If you love all things K pop, you can’t miss this awesome museum of your Jeju itinerary. There’s the next best thing to a live concert here – a holographic one! There are a number of exhibitions showing the most popular Korean bands too!

#12 – Seongeup Folk Village

All ages will love this site

  • Meet a local guide and learn about village culture
  • See local black-haired pigs
  • Located at the foot of Hallasan Mountain

At the base of Korea’s tallest mountain, you’ll find this cool attraction. The folk village is packed with houses made of black lava rock and the unusually curved alleys keep the residents safe from any strong winds. It’s a great place to learn about the area!

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#13 – Jeju Dongnum Market

A very cool thing to do in Jeju at night

  • Enjoy local food after dark
  • Great selection of traditional food to try
  • A cheap and cheerful place to eat out

One of the best places to eat out on Jeju is Dongnum Market. There’s an array of delicious local dishes at very reasonable prices. As well as local dishes, there are Korean staples like bibimbap on offer. The only problem is most stalls have big queues!

#14 – Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park

One of the more unique things to do in Jeju

  • Everything is made from shaped glass!
  • A great attraction for all the family
  • Make your own glass souvenirs for an extra fee

If you’re a little clumsy, this might not be the best place for you. Tripping over could mean the whole place comes crashing down! And it would be such a shame to smash the glass waterfalls, mirrored lake, and glass bookshelf and books!

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#15 – Bijarim Forest

  • The largest nutmeg tree forest in the world
  • 40 or 90 minute hiking options
  • Home to an 800 year old nutmeg tree

This place has been around for somewhere between 500 and 800 years, making it one of the oldest, and definitely the biggest nutmeg tree forest in the world. Take a trek through this unusual national monument and breathe in the fresh air!

#16 – Jeju Loveland

Very romantic for couples!

  • More than 140 structures of various sexual acts
  • Historically a sexual education centre for Korean couples
  • Strictly adults only

This is definitely one of the more unique things to do in Jeju. The outdoor theme park has many representations of sexual acts, originally designed to educate Korean couples on their honeymoons. Now, it’s a bizarre but quite fun attraction. Not a place to bring the kids though!

#17 – Black Pork Street

Carnivores shouldn’t miss this!

  • Lots of restaurants selling Jeju’s iconic local dish
  • Try traditional Korean BBQ
  • Domestic pig only found on the island

If you like meat and BBQs, you’ll be delighted to know that Jeju has a street dedicated to the consumption of this tasty meat. A number of restaurants do traditional BBQ recipes and you’re bound to leave full and sated!

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#18 – Alive Museum

A must do for art lovers

  • Be transported to Venice!
  • Displays several different art forms
  • A great place if you’re creative

One of the coolest and most unusual museums on the island, Alive Museum can transport you around the world (not literally). There are 5 different types of art on display, but one of the most popular things to do is get your photo taken in a Venetian gondola!

#19 – Camelia Hill

  • Lose yourself in the biggest arboretum in Asia
  • Over 500 species of trees
  • Admire plants from all over the world

If you’re into horticulture at all, then don’t miss Camelia Hill when you travel to Jeju. Not only are the trees beautiful, but there are traditional Korean houses throughout the park and lots of areas to sit with a tea, coffee, or snack!

#20 – Olle Trails

A must do for nature lovers

  • 26 trails that criss cross the island
  • Trek to volcanic cones and forests
  • Lead to many of the hidden gems of the island

One of the main reasons that so many people come to Jeju is for the hiking and awesome natural beauty. The Olle trails consist of 26 paths which will help you get to many of the most evocative natural sights on the island!

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#21 – Mysterious Road

  • Challenge the laws of physics
  • Cars and buses can travel uphill with the engine switched off
  • An awesome optical illusion

This truly is one of the most unusual attractions on Jeju. Thanks to the high surroundings, it appears that the road (which travels slightly downhill) is going up. So, when you drive or push something round along it, it gives the illusion of moving uphill without any assistance!

#22 – Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

  • Another of Jeju’s incredible waterfalls
  • Take the subtropical path alongside the falls
  • Awesome at night when lit up

We mentioned earlier than Jeju has a lot of beautiful waterfalls. We simply had to include Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, where it looks like the water is coming directly from the sky! At night, the waterfalls only become more beautiful due to the way they’re subtly lit!

#23 – Seogwipo Submarine

One of the best fun things to do in Jeju

  • A real once in a lifetime experience
  • See a shipwreck on the bottom of the seabed
  • Come face to face with tropical fish

If you’ve always wanted to get down to the seabed, but are afraid of diving, or just don’t want to get wet, we’ve found a solution! The Seogwipo Submarine will take you 40 metres down to the seabed where you’ll see Jeju’s marine life, as well as a shipwreck!

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#24 – Hallim Park

  • A popular park with 9 themed zones
  • Gorgeous subtropical botanical gardens
  • Cool off in lava caves if it’s too hot

Another of the most popular spots on Jeju Island, Hallim Park has plenty to offer the whole family. The 9 themed zones are packed with plants, trees, and flowers from all over the world. If that’s not enough, Hallim Park also boasts the only two-dimensional cave in the world. And you can visit!

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#25 – Gimnyeong Maze

A fun day out for everyone!

  • A great idea for some budget outdoor entertainment
  • Try not to get lost in the maze
  • Viewing platforms throughout

One of the cheapest attractions on the island, you can spend as much time as you like in Gimnyeong Maze for less than $5 per person. For most people, it will take between 5 and 50 minutes. However, if your sense of direction is really bad, who knows how long it’ll take?!

#26 – Ecoland

Fun for all the family

  • Explore Jeju’s forests
  • Take a 19th century steam train
  • One of the most popular destinations on the island

This awesome theme park is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Gotjawal – the primitive forest on Mount Hallasan. There are 5 stations throughout the park which you can access by a 19th century steam train which chugs around the park!

#27 – Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

  • Made up of 3 waterfalls
  • Great spot for photographers
  • Also known as the “Pond of God”

Don’t worry, we’re not losing our minds. Not to be confused with Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls, this group of 3 waterfalls is one of the prettiest spots on the island. There’s a path between all 3 of the waterfalls which will enable you to get some awesome shots!

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#28 – Yongmeori Cliff

  • Visit Dragon Head Cliff
  • The oldest volcanic crater on Jeju Island
  • Buy a sea cucumber from one of the Haenyos

Along the coastline from Sanbangsan Mountain, you’ll find another ludicrously beautiful natural attraction. The Dragon Head Cliff is named as it looks like a dragon diving into the water. Pick up some snacks from the Haenyo ladies along the path!

#29 – Oedolgae Rock

  • Perfect spot to watch the sunset
  • Rock rising 10 metres from the water
  • Another awesome natural wonder

If you’re a fan of Korean TV, you may recognise Oedolgae Rock as it was one of the filming locations in Dae Jang Geum. There’s a two hour hiking trail around the coast that will open up several great photo angles to snap this wonder from!

#30 – 1100 metre Road

  • Kilometre long boardwalk
  • Trek through a wetland 1,100 metres above sea level
  • Beautiful whichever season you visit

Whatever time of year you visit, this place will be gorgeous. Yellow and orange in autumn, sparkling white in winter, you name it. Because you’re so high up, the views of Jeju and its surroundings are second to none as well!

#31 – Udo Island

  • Named Cow Island – it looks like a cow lying down
  • 5km off Jeju’s east coast
  • Rock, white, and black sand beaches

Said to be a compact and more relaxed version of Jeju, Udo Island is less commercialised than its larger neighbour. There are a number of beaches, mountains, and lovely landscapes on Udo Island, and it’s definitely worth a visit if you have the time!

Final thoughts on the best things to do in Jeju

So, there we have it. There are the 31 best things to do in Jeju. We’re sure that armed with our list, you’ll find it much easier to plan your holiday on Korea’s largest island. In fact, the only thing you might have trouble with is fitting all these exciting activities in!

For great seafood, awesome hiking, and a number of other outdoor activities look no further than this charming island bobbing in the Yellow Sea!

If you think we’ve missed anything off our list, let us know in the comments below. We hope you have an incredible holiday in Jeju!

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