31 AMAZING Things to do in Krakow [2023!]

Krakow is an astonishing, yet underestimated travel destination in Europe! This UNESCO-listed World Heritage city was the throne of the Polish monarchs for hundreds of years before the 17th century.

There are many things to see in Krakow! The city is rich in history and culture and filled with fascinating sites that have barely changed since the 13th-century ransacking by the Mongols, after which the town was built anew.

This was when Krakow was at the height of its powers and Casimir III the Great built many of the districts and buildings you’ll find standing today.

If you are planning on visiting this fairytale city and wondering what to do in Krakow or looking for all the best Krakow attractions – look no further!

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This centrally located hotel in Krakow offers easy access to the historic Old Town to visit the best sites and monuments. The rooms are bright and have working space as well as a modern bathroom. Guests are served with a buffet breakfast each morning.

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This elegant hotel boasts a 24-hour front desk to assist guests with any needs. Hotel Grodek is a 3-minute walk from St. Mary’s Basilica and many cafés and restaurants around the Main Market Square. They also serve a buffet breakfast at the hotel each morning.

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• The 31 Best Things to Do in Krakow •

#1 – Wander Around The Old Town

One of the best free things to do in Krakow!

  • Explore Stare Miasto, the oldest quarter of the city
  • Marvel at the churches and old squares of the town
  • Take a historical journey through Krakow’s past

The oldest part of Krakow was drawn up in 1257, just after the Mongol invasion had destroyed the city as is a fascinating walk through time.

One of the best things to do in Krakow is to wander through the old squares and see the incredible churches and old shops and cellars!

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#2 – Discover the Auschwitz Museum

Discover the Auschwitz Museum
One of the most important sites in Krakow
  • Visit one of the most significant places in Poland
  • Learn about the history of the camp
  • Gain a deep understanding of the holocaust

Spend a day taking an informative journey into the gloomy past of Poland and commemorate the victims of the Nazi’s at this museum and Birkenau camp.

Listed as one of the top things to do in Krakow, you’ll visit the important sites and learn about the dark history of Poland.

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#3 – Explore The Main Square

  • Wander around the largest Medieval square in Europe
  • See the central marketplace of Krakow
  • Take a historical journey through Krakow’s past

Spend some time exploring the commercial, social and administrative focal point of the city since the mid-13th-century.

You’ll see the sheer size of the grand plaza and get to understand this enduring piece of Medieval urban design of Rynek Główny.


#4 – Discover The Salt Mine

Discover The Salt Mine
A very cool thing to do in Krakow!
  • Discover an incredible underground world
  • Take an unforgettable guided 3km walk
  • Marvel at the 20 chambers in this historic underground city

The Wieliczka Salt Mine was built hundreds of years ago and dates back to medieval times, with a history of about 9 centuries of salt exploitation!

Discover all of the underground chambers as you take an interesting walk through history.

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#5 – See The Wawel Castle

See The Wawel Castle
One of the best things to do in downtown Krakow!
  • Discover the burial site of famous kings
  • See the famous Sigismund Bell
  • Learn about the old rulers of Poland

This incredible cathedral is a sight to see in downtown Krakow. The UNESCO-listed Wawel Castle is perched on a hill above the Old Town.

You’ll get to see some incredible architecture of every style from Romanesque to Baroque and learn about the seat of the King of Poland from the 13th century to the 17th century.

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#6 – Marvel at St. Mary’s Basilica

Marvel at St. Mary’s Basilica
Architecture fan? You’ll love this!
  • Visit one of the most important churches in Krakow
  • See the architecture from the 14th century
  • Admire the basilica’s Veit Stoss Altar

This famous church in Krakow is a fascinating architectural feat from its time. Marvel at the stained glass windows and the largest Gothic altarpiece in the world.

This is a fascinating outing for both history and architecture fans in Krakow!

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#7 – Visit Schindler’s Factory

Visit Schindler’s Factory

  • Visit the most popular museum in Krakow
  • Learn more about Nazi-occupied Krakow
  • Experience the exhibitions at the museum

This is one of the most famous museums in Krakow that has many fascinating exhibitions to discover.

Learn about the story of Oskar Schindler and discover more in-depth information about Krakow in the past!

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#8 – Wander Around Kazimierz

Wander Around Kazimierz

  • Discover the district that was a separate city for 500 years
  • Find out why it was called the Royal city
  • Experience the atmosphere of the town

South of the Old Town in Krakow you’ll find an interesting district where Casimir III the Great founded, and Schindler’s List was filmed.

You’ll get to experience where there was a division between Jewish and ethnic Poles and feel the Jewish flavor of the neighborhood.

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#9 – Explore Krakow in an Electric Car

Explore Krakow in an Electric Car
One of the more unique things to do in Krakow!
  • Learn about Krakow’s culture, lifestyle, and history
  • Quick and easy journey
  • Take part in an electric car adventure

Understand the magic and beauty of Krakow as you explore the city in a heated electric car!

This is a great way to learn about the city’s history and cover the most important and interesting spots in a short time period.

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#10 – See The Franciscan Church

  • See Krakow’s brick and sandstone architecture
  • Marvel at the churches and old squares
  • Take a historical journey through Krakow

Discover the way this church took shape after the Mongol Invasion and how the typical architecture in Krakow began.

You’ll see amazing stained glass windows, murals, and beautiful floral motifs!


#11 – Discover The Famous Art in Krakow

Discover The Famous Art in Krakow
Discover The Famous Art in Krakow
  • See one of Poland’s national treasures
  • Discover Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting
  • Marvel at the masterpiece

In Krakow, you’ll find Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, Lady with an Ermine. The subject is the mistress of Ludovico Sforza and it’s one of Poland’s national treasures!

Art lovers will enjoy admiring the artists’ skill and knowledge of human anatomy!

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#12 – Visit Kościuszko Mound

Visit Kościuszko Mound
One of the best cheap things to do in Krakow!
  • Visit Kościuszko Mound
  • Get a panoramic view of the city
  • Learn about one of the greatest Polish historical figures

Tadeusz Kościuszko was a Polish national hero who was lauded for his resistance efforts against Prussia and Russia as they divided up the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Discover the 34-meter-high mound where his body was buried in the style of rulers from Poland’s distant past.

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#13 – Explore The Cloth Hall

  • See a renaissance monument from the 1500s
  • Explore one of the symbols of Krakow
  • Wander through the market

The Cloth Hall was a trading hall for 800 years and shows Krakow’s important position in Central Europe’s Medieval commercial network.

It’s still a market today, and you can wander around the many different types of stalls to find souvenirs.


#14 – Wander Around The Old Town

One of the best free things to do in Krakow!

  • Explore Stare Miasto, the oldest quarter of the city
  • Marvel at the churches and old squares of the town
  • Take a historical journey through Krakow’s past

The oldest part of Krakow was drawn up in 1257, just after the Mongol invasion had destroyed the city as is a fascinating walk through time.

Wander through the old squares and see the incredible churches and old shops and cellars around the main square.


#15 – Discover The Underground Museum

Discover The Underground Museum
A must-do for history buffs!
  • Discover a mysterious underground world
  • Enjoy multimedia shows and exhibits
  • Discover the city’s historical past

Explore the secret treasures found beneath the Main Market Square as you learn about the city’s Medieval history as a major trading city.

You’ll find ancient roads, reconstructed huts, and a blacksmith’s workshop, as well as the foundations of the first Cloth Hall from the early medieval period.

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#16 – Visit An Amusement Park

Great thing to do in Krakow with kids!

  • Have fun at one of Europe’s biggest theme parks!
  • Ride Europe’s second-fastest rollercoaster!
  • A great day out with kids

Energylandia is one of the biggest theme parks in Europe and offers a fairytale-like place for kids and adults to have fun!

Whiz down exciting rides and roller coasters and enjoy spectacular shows. There’s fun to be had for the whole family!


#17 – See a Chopin Piano Recital

See a Chopin Piano Recital

  • Hear an icon of Polish music
  • Visit the Chopin Concert Hall
  • Experience the wonderful sounds

Music lovers will love seeing a Chopin piano recital at the incredible Chopin concert hall in Krakow.

You’ll get to really appreciate the genius of Chopin’s compositions in a delightful setting in Market Square!

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#18 – Explore Manggha Museum

An interesting thing to do in Krakow!

  • Experience Japanese culture in Krakow
  • Explore the museum
  • See the incredible collection of art

This museum across the water from Wawel was the initiative of film director Andrzej Wajda who was enamored with Japanese art.

Discover the 7000 pieces of artwork including woodcuts, paintings, ceramics, furniture, and samurai armor!


#19 – Enjoy a Pub Crawl

Enjoy a Pub Crawl
Things to do in Krakow this weekend
  • Enjoy Krakow’s nightlife
  • Mingle with the locals
  • Make the most of unlimited drinks!

Take a pub crawl of Krakow to get to know the nightlife and the locals’ favorite hotspots for evenings out on the town!

You’ll get free welcome shots and unlimited drinks and games for an hour to get the party started!

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#20 – Visit The Polish Aviation Museum

  • Explore the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow
  • Discover where the airport once was
  • See what exhibits are on display

East of the Old Town you’ll find the museum where the old Kraków-Rakowice-Czyżyny Airport that dates back to 1912 once was.

Listed as one of the best museums in the world, you’ll get to see more than 200 aircrafts on display!


#21 – Cycle Around Krakow

Cycle Around Krakow

  • See Krakow’s most famous sites by bicycle
  • Stop at 25 interesting sites
  • Learn about Krakow’s history

Spend some time cycling around the city and discovering the most interesting sites and historical facts about the city.

You’ll learn interesting information along the journey and have many chances to take photos of your excursion.

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#22 – Embrace Some Extreme Shooting

Embrace Some Extreme Shooting
Fun for the whole family
  • Test your shooting skills in a safe environment
  • Choose from a variety of weapons
  • Compete with your friends or family

Test your shooting skills at Krakow’s extreme shooting range where you can choose from a variety of weapons in a safe environment.

You’ll get to learn how to handle and how to shoot up to 33 different types of guns at the largest shooting range in Krakow!

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#23 – Enjoy a Vistula River Cruise

Enjoy a Vistula River Cruise
One of the best fun things to do in Krakow!
  • See Krakow from a new perspective
  • Witness all the most important sights
  • Sit back and relax!

Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Vistula River while you hear about the history and legends of Krakow.

This cruise will take you past the most important sights in Krakow and allow you to see the city from a new perspective.

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#24 – Take a Stained Glass Workshop

  • Watch the skills of stained glass craftsman
  • Learn centuries-old skills!
  • Take a stained glass workshop

This stained glass museum in Krakow is where more than 200 windows in Krakow have been produced and you can see the craftsmen in action!

You can choose to participate in a workshop where you’ll learn the ancient tricks of the trade and see all the pieces being created.


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#25 – Relax in Planty Park

  • Unwind in the beautiful green park
  • Walk along the 4km landscaped belt
  • Escape from the city life

Enjoy one of the best free Krakow things to do. This park was created as a buffer between the Old Town and the newer quarters beyond and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

You’ll find a 4km stretch of beautifully landscaped gardens that is a great place for photos and sightseeing in Krakow!


#26 – Visit The Krakus Mound

  • See a real pagan tumulus in Krakow
  • Visit a site shrouded in mystery
  • Enjoy the views of the city

Another of the best kraków points of interest! We’ve already seen the 19th-century burial mound for Tadeusz Kościuszko, but if you want to see a real pagan tumulus, you’ll need to head to the south of the city near Kraków Krzemionki station.

This is said to be the 2100-year-old burial place of the Celtic King Krakus, who was the legendary founder of the city!


#27 – Soak in Thermal Baths

Soak in Thermal Baths
A ‘cool’ thing to do in Krakow in winter
  • Spend a day enjoying hot baths
  • Enjoy amazing panoramic views
  • Wander around Zakopane

This full-day adventure from Krakow will take you to Zakopane to enjoy hot baths, scenic views, and spectacular walks.

You’ll get to visit Krupówki, which is one of the most popular streets in the heart of Zakopane. Here you can experience the ambiance of the mountain region and enjoy the aromas of local foods!

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#28 – Visit the Corpus Christi Church

  • See the amazing Gothic basilica
  • Marvel at original pointed arches and vaults
  • Admire the architecture

Casimir III the Great founded this Gothic basilica in the Kazimierz district in 1335. Here, you’ll get to see architecture and design across periods of time.

Corpus Christi has some of the finest and most harmonious Baroque ornamentation in Poland and boasts an amazing altar and beautiful chapels.


#29 – Pay Respects at Ghetto Heroes Square

  • See the location of the Krakow ghetto
  • Learn about its liquidation
  • See haunting photographs from the deportations

The Ghetto Heroes Square is found in the Podgórze district, opposite Kazimierz on the right bank of the Vistula.

You’ll see the unspeakable tragedies that took place here in the past, where 70 large chairs have been installed in memory of the victims.


#30 – Visit Saints Peter and Paul Church

  • Visit the Mannerist and Baroque church
  • Marvel at 17th-century architecture
  • See the work of Italians in Krakow

This incredible church has a facade that’s fashioned from dolomite and statues of saints in its niches and on the pedestals in front.

It’s an interesting piece of Italian architecture from the 17th century and also has some amazing stuccowork in the interior to explore.


#31 – Explore Dragon’s Den

  • Explore Poland’s most famous cave!
  • Marvel at the karst formation
  • Learn about the folklore of the cave

Burrowing through Wawel you’ll find Poland’s most famous cave with its folklore dragon sculpture breathing fire.

You’ll get to venture through the three chambers measuring 276 meters high before coming out by the Vistula at the bottom of the hill.


Final Thoughts

Krakow holds much of Poland’s interesting, sometimes dark, history. It’s a fascinating place for history and architecture lovers and promises to be an unforgettable trip in Europe!

The city is loaded with incredible architectural sites and historical landmarks that portray its Medieval importance, and the full might of the Polish monarchy.

If you’re planning on visiting this fascinating city in Poland, as we have just seen, there’s so much to do and so many sights to see for people of all ages!

We hope this in-depth guide has helped you in planning what to do in Krakow, Poland, to make the most of your time there, and learn all about this fascinating piece of history in time.

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