The One Weird Globe Story

One Weird Globe started as a blog about all things South Korea but quickly developed into a worldwide resource – and now is one of the most visited travel resources on the web!

Today, One Weird Globe focuses on helping travelers explore new and exciting areas. Whether it’s the best hotels in Lima or the coolest things to do in Mongolia – One Weird Globe is here to help you travel the world! 

The OWG philosophy

Travel changes us for the better. When we travel, we become more open minded, which makes the world a better, more tolerant place. We want to contribute to this cause as much as possible


About our future

OWG is committed to becoming one of the world's most dependable travel resources. All of our content is crafted to teach you how to travel the world cheaply, responsibly, and with love


Aaron Radcliffe

Editor in Chief at One Weird Globe. Aaron is a marketing entrepreneur, and travels the world while running his many online projects.

Aiden Higgins

Aiden travels for two things - food and sports! An avid football-fanatic, Aiden eats his way through Europe while catching every football he can manage! When he is not chasing matches around the continent, Aiden lives in Birmingham, UK.


Clair Ricketts

Clair is a travel addict and a staff writer for One Weird Globe! A Nomad since birth, Clair has lived all over the world, calling home wherever she is in the moment. Having traveled half the world, Clair is working on a memoir about her experiences in hopes to inspire others to travel and experience this amazing planet!

Ami Leung

Born in Shenzhen, but raised in Vancouver - Ami is the newest writer for OWG! Ami's expertise is budget travel, especially through Asia (where she is currently eating her way through right now!).


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