5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

Greece gets plenty of hype for being one of the world’s best destinations for a honeymoon. Home to over 6,000 islands and having some of the world’s most stunning beaches and picturesque villages, it’s easy to see why. In Greece, you can spend time chilling at the beach, strolling hand in hand in some villages, and marvelling at romantic sunsets. Perhaps, the challenge in planning your Greek honeymoon is deciding where to go.

To give you some ideas, here are five unique honeymoon destinations in Greece.

#1 – Naxos

Naxos, Greece
Naxos, Greece

Naxos is one of the many beautiful islands in Greece. While it’s not often the first place that comes to mind for a Greek honeymoon, it’s a unique destination offering many incredible things, from historical monuments to stunning natural landscapes you can explore on a hike. Of course, there are also stunning beaches to spend some quality couple time. Plaka is an ideal area to base yourself for your Naxos honeymoon. It’s a stunning neighbourhood, offering numerous accommodation options and tourism facilities.

Check out Hora, the old part of Naxos, where you can get an insight into the time when Venetians dwell on the island. Here, you’ll find the Rocca-Barozzi Venetian Museum, housed in a tower from the 13th century.

If you are up for some adventures, climb the summit of Mount Zeus, the highest peak in the Cyclades. Once you reach the top, marvel at the breathtaking views of Naxos and the nearby islands.

The best way to chill out after your adventure is to visit one of the island’s beautiful beaches. Plaka Beach is the most popular. It’s about 5 km long, stretching from Plaka to Maragas. You’ll find a more secluded section of the beach close to the Agios Anna town, perfect for couples who want to relax in solitude.

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#2 – Paros

Paros, Greece
Paros, Greece (Photo Credit – AXP Photography)

A honeymoon in Paros offers an experience you’ll never forget. The Cycladic Island has everything couples seek for a honeymoon – gorgeous beaches, delicious food, luxury villas throughout Paros and stunning landscapes. It offers plenty of opportunities to celebrate romance, from walking hand in hand by the beach to enjoying romantic dinners.

Paros’ capital city and its main port, Parikis, is the first place you’ll likely see as you arrive on the island. Despite being a bustling cultural centre, Parikia has managed to maintain its authentic Cycladic charm, offering a lovely place to enjoy a scenic stroll with your loved one. You will be in awe of the stunning Cycladic beauty as you walk through its paved narrow streets.

The old town’s picturesque streets and the coastal area offer the perfect setting to enjoy a romantic stroll. Admire the traditional Cycladic houses and Neoclassical mansions along the way and stop by the waterfront cafes for drinks and snacks.

After a short break, continue strolling through the cobbled alleys leading to whitewashed houses with colourful bougainvillaea. You will eventually reach the Venetian castle from the 13th century standing proudly in the old town.

#3 – Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Santorini tops the list when it comes to a honeymoon in Greece. Sure, it’s crowded, especially in the peak season, but there are many good reasons to visit this island at least once. So, if you’re visiting Greece for the first time, Santorini is an ideal choice for a honeymoon. In addition, Santorini offers the perfect base for a Greek island-hopping adventure. From here, you can take ferries to nearby Cycladic islands.

Santorini is best known for its romantic sunset views and is often the reason it’s an ideal choice for a honeymoon. The villages of Fira and Oia offer the perfect spots for viewing incredible sunsets. In Fira, many hotels along the caldera feature cliffside views with infinity pools, from where you can marvel at romantic sunsets – Check out our best hostels for couples in Santorini.

Couples who love to eat will find plenty of great eateries in Santorini to indulge in delectable Greek specialities. The island’s rich culinary heritage and abundant fresh ingredients have made the island a food lover’s paradise. Treat yourselves to mouth-watering grilled octopus paired with sparkling wine – a perfect way to end your day in Santorini.


#4 – Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos, Greece (Photo Credit – Herbert Aust)

For those planning a luxury honeymoon in Greece, Mykonos has it all. Boasting a vibrant nightlife, pretty ambience, world-class restaurants, and stunning scenery, it is the perfect spot for a romantic break. Because of its popularity, getting to Mykonos is a breeze. The island has an international airport with direct flights to major European cities, making it one of the most easily accessible islands in Greece.

The main town of Mykonos is an ideal base for your honeymoon. During the day, you can stroll through its picturesque narrow streets with charming whitewashed houses, colourful balconies, and small churches. When evening comes, head to the many bars and restaurants along the waterfront. For party-loving couples, hit up Super Paradise Beach, one of the island’s most famous beach clubs.

If you want to spend romantic moments away from the crowds, seek out quieter beaches like Agios Sostis, a secluded beach at the island’s northern end. Mirsini is another isolated beach perfect for couples seeking some solitude. It has emerald blue waters with thick sand, a popular spot for nudists to relax and sunbathe.

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#5 – Antipaxos

Antipaxos, Greece
Antipaxos, Greece

Antipaxos is a small Greek island with plenty of fun things to offer for your honeymoon. Renowned for its incredibly stunning beaches with crystal-clear aquamarine waters, Antipaxos will leave you with romantic memories to treasure for the rest of your life!

Given its incredible beaches, Antipaxos is a popular spot for swimming and snorkelling. Visit Vrika Beach, relax in its soft white sands, and swim in its stunning water that will remind you of the Caribbean. The beach also has tavernas to indulge in mouth-watering Greek specialities. Voutoumi Beach, the largest on the island, is another place to bond and enjoy some romantic moments. It boasts soft powdery white sands and stunning blue waters.

You will also find several smaller beaches around Antipaxos that are not too crowded, perfect if you want some privacy. On the northwest coast, you’ll find Bay Antipaxos, a quiet bay accessible from a small path.

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