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Updated - September 7th 2020

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It’s not every day you come across a travel-focused site that’s been around for well over a decade. That said, offers a lot of stuff travelers will like (and sorry, travellers, but I’ll stick to the American English unless referring to the site or its URL). Peter and Samuel, the site’s founders, first discussed the creation of the site in 2002. The site is about the “people, and the experiences, memories, emotions and feelings which are created whilst travelling.”

I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this site before. If I had, I’d have definitely saved some time and effort mapping out travels, doing some basic research, and maybe even meeting up with people. While everything is offered for free with some ads on the site, becoming a ‘Supported Member’ for a whole $3 a month removes said ads from both your viewing experience and your blog readers.

Start with the travel forums — since the site is tightly (and solely) focused on travel by real travelers, you’re not fighting the same sort of issues seen on Facebook groups or on Reddit. People come here specifically to socialize and talk travel, so the smaller number of replies and comments means there’s less crap to wade through.

A simple accommodation page linked to — go a little further down and get one-click access to budget, mid-range, and top-end places in ten popular cities. It may not replace all your research, but it’s a fine place to start.

A nice, modern overview of the pricing and geography, along with an easy-to-use slider to fit your budget. Feels a lot like Airbnb. Click a price for more info to open a new window, confirm prices and availability.

This travel planner is one of the site’s highlights. Let’s take a closer look…

OK, so for the purpose of this review I opted to added in a few of my most recent stops over the last several months. I’ll note, of course, that this sort of travel planning can be as generic or as specific as you like. If you’re the sort that maps out exactly where you want to go and when, this looks to handle it just fine. If you’d rather just point out the cities and plug in the approximate dates you have in mind, it’ll handle that as well.

Planning a trip with your friends? Yep, that map exports — and embeds. Click this link to see the map above, or look below to see the embed using the embed code:

Pretty cool.

For some general, basic overviews, the ‘Travel Guide’ sections covers continents, countries, and cities around the world.. It looks like it was copied or forked from Wikitravel, but any edits made to Wikitravel since the copy was made aren’t made here, and vice versa. I’d take these resources with a grain of salt, though all have an ‘edit’ button for you to add your own thoughts and updates.

And then there’s your very own chance to start a travel blog for free. This is a pretty simple setup with ten templates available, and a perfect way to blog in minutes without worrying about the whole WordPress or Blogger setup. You’ll need to verify your e-mail address (a way to prevent spammers from joining), and your blog will be a subdomain of the Travellers Point website.

The good

  • Modern, speedy system for booking and researching hotels.
  • Dedicated community of travelers (travellers)

The bad

  • Travel Guides aren’t always completely up-to-date.

The final verdict

Whether you’re traveling abroad for the first time or you’ve already collected lots of frequent flier miles, Travellers Point offers an excellent place to research, connect, and book your travels.


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