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Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania and the main gateway to the stunning scenery of Northern Tasmania. Sitting at the base of the Tamar River, Launceston is surrounded by great wineries and also has some intriguing historical attractions!

As it has quite a small population and is spread across a wide area, finding the best place to stay in Launceston can be tricky. Each area has its own unique charm and something different to offer visitors.

That’s why we’ve created this guide! We have collected information from locals and previous visitors to the city to compile a guide to where to stay in Launceston. Whether you’re looking for easy-going nightlife or good access to the countryside, there is an area of Launceston that is perfect for you.

So let’s get started!

Quick Tips – Where to Stay in Launceston

Where to Stay in Launceston

Looking for a specific place to stay? These are our highest recommendations for places to stay in Launceston.

Two Bedroom Cottage
  • Extremely clean
  • Just metres away is St.Georges Square park, two cafes, the local butcher, a retail shop & hairdresser.
  • The backyard has a grassy courtyard & vegetable beds for your enjoyment.
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Best VRBO in East Launceston
Two Bedroom Cottage
  • Extremely clean
  • Just metres away is St.Georges Square park, two cafes, the local butcher, a retail shop & hairdresser.
  • The backyard has a grassy courtyard & vegetable beds for your enjoyment.
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You will feel just like a local in this immaculately decorated cottage! With natural light coming through the windows, spacious rooms, and comfort that will make you feel right at home, this is the kind of property that will have you considering moving to Tasmania for good!

Pod Inn
  • Free WiFi
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Air Conditioning
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Best Hostel in Launceston
Pod Inn
  • Free WiFi
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Air Conditioning
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The Pod Inn might be Launceston’s newest hostel, but they offer excellent facilities and a good balance between privacy and community! The pod beds give you your own little space to sleep in, whilst the large common room has great facilities and a social atmosphere. They also offer free WiFi to keep you connected.

Aberdeen Court Apartments
  •  Family rooms
  •  Non-smoking rooms
  •  Airport shuttle
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Best Budget Hotel in Launceston
Aberdeen Court Apartments
  •  Family rooms
  •  Non-smoking rooms
  •  Airport shuttle
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Despite being in the budget category, Aberdeen Court is a great step-up if you are looking for privacy thanks to their large apartments! Located in East Launceston, it is in a residential area giving you a peaceful place to sleep whilst still being within walking distance of the attractions in the city centre.

Peppers Silo
  •  Non-smoking rooms
  •  Facilities for disabled guests
  •  Family rooms
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Best Luxury Hotel in Launceston
Peppers Silo
  •  Non-smoking rooms
  •  Facilities for disabled guests
  •  Family rooms
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As the only five star hotel in the city, Peppers Silo has to take the top spot for splurge options! The ultra-modern hotel is second to none for its great facilities and high levels of service. The on-site restaurant only serves local ingredients, helping you to discover the best of Tasmanian cuisine.

Launceston 7 Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the five best neighbourhoods in Launceston. Each caters to different interests, so be sure to pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

Neighborhood #1 – East Launceston

 Best neighbourhood in Launceston for your first time!

East Launceston

East Launceston is a truly amazing neighborhood for your first time in Launceston!

  • COOLEST thing to do in East Launceston – stroll down the High Street to discover local shops and restaurants
  • BEST place to visit in East Launceston – head to Launceston Leisure and Aquatic Centre, which has an outdoor water park and indoor spa facilities

East Launceston is one of the major historic neighbourhoods in the city! The streets are lined with classic Victorian style houses, harking back to the early days of Tasmanian history. The High Street also runs through the area, offering some great local boutiques and typical Australian cafés – perfect for enjoying brunch.

Though it is mostly a residential area, there are some great tourism facilities throughout East Launceston including tour companies and independent hotels. The quieter atmosphere gives it a very local feel, helping you to feel welcome within the local community! For a first visit to Launceston, this is the perfect balance between tourist convenience and local life.

More Awesome Things to do and see in East Launceston
  • Want to take a tour to other areas of Northern Tasmania? There are a few great tour companies based along Hornsey Avenue
  • Browse local arts and crafts at Greenoaks Gallery – a quaint creative space where you can also purchase some of your favourite pieces
  • Visiting during the festive season? Design Inn has a great Christmas shop with locally produced decorations and a great atmosphere
  • Enjoy some of Australia’s famous casual dining scene at Relish Everyday Cafe with top-notch coffee and a great food menu
  • Breath of Fresh Air is Tasmania’s major film festival based within small cinema theatres across East Launceston every May

Best Budget Hotel in East Launceston

Lovely Budget Vegan Homestay

Lovely Budget Vegan Homestay is our top pick for the best budget hotel in East Launceston

A small homestay-style hotel in East Launceston, this is a great place to stay for those sticking to a tight budget and want a welcoming and cozy place to lay their heads for the night. The hotel also offers a free vegan breakfast every morning, which is a tasty selection of fruits, bread, coffee, and condiments.

Best Mid-range Hotel in East Launceston

Hotel Launceston

Hotel Launceston is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in East Launceston 

A sleek and modern hotel in East Launceston, The Hotel Launceston provides deluxe and comfortable facilities for its guests at reasonable prices. On-site at the property, you will also find the Titanium Lounge Bar, private balconies, along with a spacious lobby area. 

Best Luxury Hotel in East Launceston

Kurrajong House

Kurrajong House is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in East Launceston

This boutique B&B is located within a restored Victorian-era manor with classical finishes and modern touches! The complimentary breakfast uses only the freshest ingredients from local producers, giving you a high-quality dining experience. There is a south facing terrace on-site as well as communal gardens.

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Neighborhood #2 – Launceston CBD

 Where to stay in Launceston close to everything!

Launceston CBD
Want to be close to all the action? Launceston CBD is your neighborhood!
  • COOLEST thing to do in CBD – enjoy an action-packed game of paintball at Revolution in the north of the CBD
  • BEST place to visit in CBD – visit QVMAG Art Gallery to browse the collections of classical and modern art

Launceston CBD is the main hub of the city and where most of the major tourist attractions are based. If you are relying on public transport to get around, most buses depart from the CBD to take you around Northern Tasmania and even as far as Hobart!

Situated on the banks of the Tamar River, Launceston CBD offers great views towards the Tamar Valley, and a few great wine tours depart from the area. It also offers modern restaurants and cafés inspired by Australian and international cultures! The CBD is, by all measures, the beating heart of Launceston.

More Awesome Things to do and see in Launceston CBD
  • Take a brewery tour and sample local craft beers at the James Boag Brewery Experience – one of the best in Tasmania
  • Learn about the classic cars and vintage motorcycles that have shaped Australian culture at the National Automobile Museum
  • Pick up local delicacies, fresh ingredients and vintage clothing at the Harvest Market just off Cimitiere Street
  • Enjoy local art exhibitions and interactive displays at Sawtooth ARI – a local creative initiative that funds projects across the city
  • Launceston has been shaped by the large concentration of Italian immigrants to the city – sample some of the Italian Australian fusion cuisine at Cuccina Cafe Restaurant


Best Budget Hotel in CBD

Leisure Inn Penny Royal

Leisure Inn Penny Royal
Leisure Inn Penny Royal is our pick for the best Budget Hotel in CBD


This hotel is a national heritage property, letting you experience the quaint architecture of Launceston during your stay! They offer standard hotel rooms, as well as apartments and large suites. Its location next to the riverside allows for picturesque views towards the Tamar Valley. Guests are provided with 1GB of WiFi per day.

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Best Mid-range Hotel in CBD

Pod Inn

Pod Inn is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in CBD

A unique capsule-style hotel just outside the CBD district, Pod Inn provides guests with boutique and modern facilities. Each of the capsule beds at the hotel has its own privacy blind or door and is fitted with deluxe beds where you can lay your head after a long day exploring the city.

Best Luxury Hotel in CBD

Art Hotel on York

Art Hotel on York is our top pick for the best luxury hotel in CBD

This is one of the most popular hotels in Northern Tasmania thanks to its creative atmosphere and great location! It is situated within a renovated heritage building and decorated with artwork from local and international artists. They provide high-standard breakfasts cooked by an on-site chef every morning with great barista coffee.


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Neighborhood #3 – West Launceston

 Where to stay in Launceston for nightlife!

West Launceston
Looking for a bit of night time fun? West Launceston is the best neighborhood for that!
  • COOLEST thing to do in West Launceston – take a ride on the Gorge Scenic Chairlift for spectacular views of the local scenery
  • BEST place to visit in West Launceston – visit the many bars along Bathurst and Wellington to enjoy the reserved nightlife

West Launceston is a large area in the city that stretches from the scenic South Esk River area right to the nightlife hotspots of Bathurst Street and Wellington Street. This varied area allows you to embed yourself in the local bar and restaurant culture, as well as head out to the calmer areas to discover nature.

Just west of the CBD and South Launceston, and connected by bridge to Trevallyn, West Launceston is well connected for discovering other areas of the city – and there are even a few tour companies that offer trips to other parts of Northern Tasmania! This truly diverse area is great both for party-goers and people looking for a relaxing getaway.

More Awesome Things to do and see in West Launceston
  • Enjoy a relatively easy trek through the local nature at Zig Zag Reserve and Hiking Trail, with a great lookout at the end
  • Head to the Cock ‘n Bull British Pub – one of the most popular bars in the city offering local beers and British style pub grub
  • Looking for a more sophisticated nightlife experience? Morty’s Coffee and Wine Bar offer tastings for both of the titular beverages
  • Cure your hangover at S’Presso 101 offering top quality coffee culture imported from Melbourne and delicious brunch dishes
  • Pick up some unique souvenirs and browse at local crafts at Cool Things Australia, located between West and South Launceston

Best Budget Hotel in Area 3

Centennial Inn

Centennial Inn is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in West Launceston

Located right on Bathurst, this hotel is perfect for heading out to Launceston’s best nightlife venues! The renovated heritage hotel is fully kitted out with modern facilities including flat-screen TVs and high-end coffee making equipment. They offer free parking and are within easy walking distance of the CBD.

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Best Mid-range Hotel in Area 3

Auldington Hotel

The Auldington Hotel is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in Area 3

This gorgeous hotel is contained within a renovated convent from the 19th century! All of the rooms are fully air-conditioned, and many come with views across the city. The high ceilings and decorative verandas transport you back to Launceston’s Victorian roots, providing a calm setting within a boutique hotel.

Best Luxury Hotel in Area 3

The Dragonfly Inn

The Dragonfly Inn is our top pick for the best luxury hotel in Area 3 

Our favorite thing about The Dragonfly Inn is the custom-designed rooms! Each room has a completely unique design with cool features but all of which are boutique and luxurious. It is also located in a heritage-listed Victorian mansion in beautiful grounds in the hills of West Launceston making it a tranquil and peaceful place to stay.

Neighborhood #4 – Trevallyn & Riverside

 Best neighbourhood in Launceston for families!

Trevallyn & Riverside
Traveling as a family? You’ll definitely want to stay in Trevallyn & Riverside
  • COOLEST thing to do in Trevallyn & Riverside – hike through Cataract Gorge Reserve for stunning views of the city and river
  • BEST place to visit in Trevallyn & Riverside – visit Trevallyn Dam to learn about hydroelectric power in Tasmania

Trevallyn & Riverside are located to the north of the CBD and West of Invermay. These quiet areas have a very secluded feel and are the perfect base for families looking for a relaxing getaway close to the city! The area is packed with great viewpoints and hiking trails where you can discover nature.

As they are also more residential areas, Trevallyn & Riverside have a great community feel and locals are happy to help out visitors and share their hidden gems in the city. Restaurants and cafes have a very family friendly atmosphere, keeping kids and adults alike happy with their varied menus!

More Awesome Things to do and see in Trevallyn & Reverside
  • Learn how to row – or practice your skills – at Tamar Rowing Club who offer services for adults and children on the Tamar River
  • Admire the magnificent views of the Tamar River joining the South Esk River on the Victorian heritage King’s Bridge
  • Looking for family-friendly tours to other areas of Tasmania? Wow Tasmania Tours, in the heart of Trevallyn, offer some excellent packages
  • Taste local interpretations of the classic British Fish and Chips dish at Kero’s Fish Shop, located close to the riverfront
  • Enjoy a round of golf, or simply make good use of the clubhouse facilities, at Riverside Golf Club

Best Budget Hotel in Trevallyn & Riverside

Nightcap at Riverside Hotel

Nightcap at Riverside Hotel is our top pick for the best budget hotel in Trevallyn & Riverside.

The Nightcap at Riverside Hotel has some incredible facilities and very budget-friendly prices. This includes an on-site bistro restaurant, deluxe bedrooms, and a spacious sun terrace area where you can enjoy a drink in the beaming Tasmanian sun. It is also just a 10-minute drive to Launceston city center.

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Trevallyn & Riverside

Tamar River Villas

Tamar River Villas is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in Trevallyn & Riverside.

Tamar River Villas is a collection of self-contained apartments located in Riverside on the banks of the Tamar River! Each apartment comes with a kitchen, private bathroom and basic facilities. There are also apartments with balconies providing views of the river. There is an on-site restaurant serving local food, beer and wine.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Trevallyn & Riverside

‘Mr Wooden Box’ – Bush Retreat 5 minutes from CBD. Parking and WiFi

Mr Wooden Box is our top pick for the best luxury hotel in Trevallyn & Riverside.

Trevallyn & Riverside isn’t home to any luxury hotels, however, this luxury apartment is one of the coolest places to stay in all of Launceston. The boutique and modern home has a stunning open-plan layout with sleek furnishings and lavish add ons including a flat-screen TV and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Neighborhood #5 – Invermay

 Where to stay in Launceston on a budget!

Traveling on a budget? Invermay is an awesome neighbrohood to save some cash
(Photo Credit: http://www.vivowallpaper.com/)
  • COOLEST thing to do in Invermay – enjoy a game of Aussie Rules Football at the University of Tasmania Stadium
  • BEST place to visit in Invermay – visit Heritage Forest for great hiking trails and romantic picnic areas

Located just across the river from the CBD, Invermay is the student district in Launceston. Though still quite pricey, the large student and international population keep prices lower than in other parts of the city, making it the best option if you are looking to save on spending!

There are some great dive bars and independent boutiques throughout Invermay allowing you to experience the local culture. The area is also packed with sports facilities, making it a fantastic choice if you want to keep active during your trip to Launceston!

More Awesome Things to do and see in Invermay
  • Discover Tasmanian heritage and art at Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, housed within an old railway building on the riverfront
  • Pick up a cheap brunch and sample hearty Australian grub at Swamp Cafe – popular with students and families alike
  • Take a bike tour of the city with On Your Bike Tours, who offer a number of different themed activities throughout the week
  • Sample locally produced delicacies from the Tamar Valley with Tasmanian Wine & Cheese Tours in the north of Invermay
  • Pick up a bargain on vintage clothing, homewares and souvenirs at Tullochs Auctions, a local institution!

Best Budget Hotel in Invermay

Mowbray Hotel

Located in the north of Invermay, this hotel is ideal if you are wanting a more secluded option in the budget area of the city! Facilities are basic, however, the modern decor gives the hotel a creative atmosphere. There is a small on-site restaurant offering classic Australian food and cheap drinks.

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Best Mid-range Hotel in Invermay

Peppers Seaport Hotel

Peppers Seaport Hotel is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in Invermay 

Just outside of Invermay, situated on the site of an old dry dock, lies this beautiful 4-star hotel. Peppers Seaport Hotel is equipped with stylish and contemporary rooms and has an outer building in the shape of a ship, giving it a distinct nautical ambiance. Along with being nearby Invermay, it is also just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Best Luxury Hotel in Invermay

Peppers Silo

Peppers Silo is our top pick for the best luxury hotel in Launceston.

Peppers Silo is the only five star hotel in Launceston! This ultra-modern hotel has slick interiors and great facilities available for guests. There is a fitness centre on-site with an adjoining spa to unwind in after your workout. The restaurant offers magnificent cuisine using locally sourced ingredients, and there is a buffet breakfast every morning.

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Neighborhood #6 – Tamar Valley

 Best neighbourhood in Launceston for couples!

Tamar Valley
Tamar Valley is an AWESOME neighborhood for traveling couples!
  • COOLEST thing to do in Tamar Valley – take a tour of vineyards and sample local wine at one of the many wineries across the region
  • BEST place to visit in Tamar Valley – visit Beaconsfield and learn about the state’s gold mining heritage at the Walk of Gold

Tamar Valley is a large region just north of Launceston connecting the city with the Northern Tasmania coast. The area is known for its wide concentration of wineries, making it a popular destination for couples hoping to sample Australia’s world famous wine!

Though most of the attractions centre in George Town, the entire valley consists of quaint villages and towns offering their own unique attractions. This is a great destination if you want to get up close with Australia’s rural culture and traditional way of life! There are also some great secluded beaches along the north coast.

More Awesome Things to do and see in Tamar Valley
  • Visit George Town to discover historic buildings, independent art galleries and exhibits dedicated to Tasmania’s seafaring culture
  • Head to Beechford, a small resort town on the Northern Coast with secluded beaches and quirky, locally owned cafés
  • Go to Seahorse World in Ilfraville for a unique insight into the area’s marine life and of course to get up close to the seahorses
  • Iron Pot Bay Vineyard in Rowella is the most popular winery in the region, offering a variety of tastings and tours
  • Visiting in June? The annual Steampunk Festival is based just outside of George Town, offering an insight into the popular subculture and great concerts

Best Budget Hotel in Tamar Valley

Riverwalk B&B

Riverwalk B&B
Riverwalk B&B is our pick for the best Budget Hotel in Tamar Valley


Located in Robigana, Riverwalk B&B boasts spectacular views across the river and provides access to the secluded Paper Beach! A large breakfast, and great Melbourne style coffee, is provided every morning. There is a communal dining and lounge area where you can mingle with other guests and prepare meals.

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Best Mid-Range Hotel in Tamar Valley


Hazelcreek Cottages is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in Tamar Valley

Tamar Valley isn’t home to any mid-range hotels, but these beautiful cottages are an incredible alternative for places to stay in the region. The property is home to multiple different cottages, all of which have a homely design with oak furnishings and custom-designed added touches.

Best Luxury Hotel in Tamar Valley

Domescapes in the Vines

Domescapes in the Vines is our top pick for the best luxury hotel in Tamar Valley

A beautiful and luxury glamping-style hotel in the heart of the Tamar Valley, Domescapes in the Vines, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway in Launceston. The tents are equipped with boutique facilities and have the most breathtaking views of the nearby grasslands. This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Neighborhood #7 – Scottsdale

 Best neighbourhood in Launceston off the beaten path!

Consider yourself a culture vulture? It doesn’t get any more authentic than Scottsdale!
(Photo Credit: http://www.ourtasmania.com.au/)
  • COOLEST thing to do in Scottsdale – enjoy the barbecue facilities and forest walks at the Myrtle Grove Arboretum
  • BEST place to visit in Scottsdale – visit Bridestowe Lavender Farm, a popular attraction with visitors to the area offering tours and beautiful nature

Though a little out of the way, Scottsdale is a great place to visit outside of Launceston if you are looking to get out of the city and further into the Tasmanian countryside. The small town is located within the mountains and volcanic scenery of Northern Tasmania, offering a picturesque setting for a short getaway!

The main attraction of the area is by far the gorgeous nature, but Scottsdale also offers some excellent cultural attractions. The restaurants and cafés are mostly locally owned and are great places to mingle with the community. There are also some small art galleries and creative spaces showcasing local work and offering unique souvenirs.

More Awesome Things to do and see in Scottsdale
  • Climb Mt Stronach and Mt Scott for sweeping panoramas across Northern Tasmania and even as far as the Bass Strait islands
  • Visit the local art galleries – the one on Alfred Street is particularly popular featuring local talents and emerging artists from across Australia
  • Pick up some local cuisine at Poole’s Pies & Pasties – the curly and flakey pasties are Scottsdale delicacies
  • Enjoy a drink amongst the marvellous scenery and friendly locals at Lords Hotel on King Street
  • Learn about local conservation and forestry work at Forest EcoCentre – a great option for environmentally conscious travellers
  • Try out some fishing at Blackman’s Lagoon

Best Budget Hotel in Scottsdale

Pump Jack B&B

Pump Jack B&B
Pump Jack B&B is our pick for the best budget Hotel in Scottsdale


Pump Jack B&B boasts a magnificent terrace with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains! They offer regular rooms as well as an apartment if you are looking for something a bit more private. A continental buffet breakfast is provided every morning, and the reception has connections with local tour companies and activity providers.

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Best Mid-range Hotel in Scottsdale

Bella Villa

Bella Villa is our top pick for the best mid-range hotel in Scottsdale.

Bella Villa provides guests with a unique experience of staying amongst nature, with cute cabin-style rooms surrounded by a tropical paradise of greenery. The hotel also has cozy outdoor deckings, equipped with sun shades and decking chairs which is the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring. 

Best Luxury Hotel in Scottsdale

Anabel’s of Scottsdale

Anabel’s of Scottsdale
Anabel’s of Scottsdale is our pick for the best Luxury Hotel in Scottsdale


Anabel’s is located within a lush garden certified by the National Trust! The boutique hotel offers standard rooms and apartments and has a traditional atmosphere whilst still providing modern conveniences. It is close to hiking trails and rainforest areas, making it a great splurge option for discovering local nature.

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Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Launceston?

Launceston is a unique destination in Tasmania that allows you to experience small-town life in Australia whilst still enjoying the conveniences of a city. The community atmosphere is infectious and you will feel very welcomed during your time in the city!

For the best area, it has to be Launceston CBD! Most of the major attractions are based in the City Centre, and some of the best features of neighbouring districts are located within walking distance.

Nevertheless, each neighbourhood has something unique to offer, whether you are looking for vineyards, history or top-notch cuisine. We hope this guide has helped you to plan your itinerary for Launceston.

Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments!

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