Reasons Why You Should Spend A Summer In Spend A Summer In Australia

There is no better place in the world to be during summer than Australia. Whether you are choosing to spend the warm months in Queensland, Victoria, or New South Wales – there is so much to discover and enjoy in summer. If you have a family or group of friends that are looking outside of Australia for a summer holiday, then here are 6 reasons why you should consider spending the summer in Australia.

Spend A Summer In Australia

Incredible Modern Hotels

The sheer amount of development happening across Australia means that new hoteliers are entering the scene, bringing new and existing hotel chains to every corner of the country. In time past, travelers would not think of Australia as the destination of choice for luxury hotels, but that is exactly what you can expect in Australia. If you are looking for hotels that are modern and chic but very eco-friendly, there is a market for hotels like this. If you are looking for an independent hotel that is heritage listed, you can also find this in every state, or even find a chain hotel that accepts loyalty points. Take a look at the hotel experiences available during summer and start planning your holiday.

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Home To The Best Beaches In The World

Australians are not overstating facts when they declare having the best beaches in the world. The pristine sands and clear water attract millions of visitors each year, and you can find these stunning beaches in all different states. Queensland deserves a special mention here as holder of the best beaches, with Whitsundays one of the most beautiful spots in the state. Fraser Island and Stradbroke Island are also home to fantastic beaches, and you find areas of these beaches that are relatively untouched and private. If you enjoy a traveling holiday, you may want to beach-hop from Queensland to New South Wales this summer!


Family-Friendly Fun

Australia is the ideal spot for family holidays, and how could it not be when there are so many theme parks and outdoor adventure destinations? Each state of Australia has its respective kids’ areas, and camping at camping and caravan parks is another great way to spend the summer. Camping sites that are next to a beach or a body of water can make for great memories as you spend time in the sun watching your little ones play in the water.

If your family prefers to be located in the heart of a bustling city, then Melbourne is a great destination for families in summer. There is Luna Park, SEALIFE aquarium, arcades and so many other indoor spaces for children. You may also wish to take on the bike paths that wrap around Yarra River or plan some picnics at the botanic gardens.


Incredible Galleries And Cultural Experiences

Australia is home to a great number of artists, which has allowed each state to flourish in its artistic offering with galleries and cultural experiences on offer. In recent years, Tasmania has become the cultural epicenter with the arrival of MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). The state also offers annual events and festivals like Dark Mofo, and while some of these do not take place in summer, it sets the scene for a rich cultural experience with many exhibits available to view all year long.


The Shopping Capital

Shopping in Australia is fun to enjoy at any time of the year, and summer is no expectation. Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Sydney are some of the top shopping destinations in Australia, showcasing independent boutiques and also large department stores. There are also discount shopping destinations in Melbourne if you are looking for a bargain, with DFO Southbank, DFO Essendon, and other outlet shopping in and around Melbourne. If your summer holiday coincides with Boxing Day sales, you are in for a big day of shopping so make sure you have enough extra baggage for the journey home.


A Climate For Everyone

While Australia gets the reputation of being one of the hottest places in the world, that is not to say that there are not subtle nuances in the weather of each state. Tasmania and Victoria are not going to be as hot as Queensland, Northern Territory, or Western Australia. South Australia and New South Wales might fall somewhere in between. There is a climate and activity for all comfort levels, making Australia a truly accommodating summer destination.


Final Thoughts on Reasons Why You Should Spend A Summer In Australia

If you were looking for a reason to visit Australia this summer, there are six reasons! The diversity of this stunning country makes Australia an ideal destination to get sun, enjoy cultural experiences, discover the outdoors, relax in luxury – or maybe even enjoy all of these things! Start planning your summer in Australia and get to know what areas offer something special for you.

Clair Ricketts