5 Unique Animal-inspired Adventures Perfect for Travel Couples

For couples with a soft spot for wildlife, consider an animal-inspired adventure on your next romantic vacation. These adventures take you to incredible places with captivating nature, home to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Seeing them roam free in a natural setting is a magical experience, especially if you share it with someone you love!

So, if you’re planning your next romantic break and looking for inspiration, here are the five unique animal-inspired adventures for travel couples.

#1 – Tortoises in the Galapagos

Tortoises in the Galapagos
Tortoises in the Galapagos

Seeing the giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands is on the bucket list of many animal lovers. Considered the most iconic animal in the Galapagos archipelago, these creatures spend the most time on land, preferably in the lush climate conditions in the highlands of the Galapagos, such as around volcanoes.

Santa Cruz Island is the perfect place to see the giant tortoises. You will find numerous farms in the highlands of Santa Cruz, home to free-ranging giant tortoises. While they closely monitor the tortoises, these cute creatures are free to roam anywhere. As you explore the farm, you could stumble upon them munching on their favourite meals of fruits, leaves, flowers, cactuses, and grasses. Thanks to the plentiful food, the farms offer the perfect conditions for the tortoises to thrive and find a mate.

You can also visit El Chato Reserve on Santa Cruz Island, a visitor site that allows visitors to see the giant tortoises unguided. The reserve is located on the outskirts of Puerto Ayora, easily accessible from Santa Rosa. Be careful with hiking through the trails since they can be slippery and potentially dangerous. Ask around for advice or hire a local guide for safety.

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#2 – Dog-Friendly Glamping in the UK

Dog-Friendly Glamping in the UK
Dog-Friendly Glamping in the UK

Couples who want to take their four-legged friends on a romantic break should consider dog-friendly glamping in the UK. The UK has several glamping sites that welcome pets with open ours. As you know, dogs love the great outdoors, and glamping is the best way to spend time with them in nature without sacrificing modern comforts and conveniences.

Whether hiking through lush woodlands or playing by the seafront, a glamping holiday with your dog is a fun and wonderful experience. Their curiosity and enthusiasm for their surroundings are contagious, whilst their wagging tails and abundance of cuteness never fail to put a smile on our faces.

While part of the charm of glamping is escaping everyday life and making the most of reconnecting to nature, you must also consider the amenities. If you want a glamping holiday by the beach, stay in an area with dog-friendly beaches. For instance, if planning a romantic break in Cornwall, look for glamping sites near dog-friendly beaches like Sandymouth, Daymer Bay, and Trebarwith Strand in North Cornwall. It’s also a good idea to book a place that provides sleeping facilities and play areas for your four-legged friends.

#3 – Safari in Tanzania

Safari in Tanzania
Safari in Tanzania

An African safari is the perfect adventure for animal-loving couples. So, if this is the romantic holiday you’re after, head to Tanzania, the second-largest country in East Africa and one of the region’s top safari destinations. Lying along the Indian Ocean coast, Tanzania offers some of the most incredible safari experiences, with excellent year-round game viewing, fascinating diversity of wildlife, and the iconic Wildebeest Migration.

Tanzania’s incredible diversity of wildlife is reason enough to come here for a safari. Two of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are abundant in animals, offering habitats for the iconic “Big Five” and several other unique species. Most safari enthusiasts will choose Serengeti, a diverse park offering plentiful opportunities for wildlife spotting. Serengeti is also home to luxury accommodations, from tented camps to traditional lodges and chalets.

The Wildebeest Migration is another reason to choose Tanzania for your next romantic vacation. It’s an annual phenomenon that sees millions of wildebeest and zebras chasing seasonal rains across the Serengeti and Masai Mara. Witnessing the mass migration is incredibly fascinating – something you’ll remember forever!

#4 – Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Seeing gorillas in the wild might be an unusual way to spend quality time with someone you love. But for adventurous couples who love wildlife, gorilla hikes in Rwanda provide an exciting activity that will leave you and your loved one with memories to cherish for the rest of your lives!

Rwanda’s lush jungles are home to majestic gorillas, and trekking through these jungles to catch a glimpse of these fascinating creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although trekking can be strenuous, your efforts will be worth it upon seeing the gorillas up close in their natural habitat

You will be with a local guide who is an expert in the jungle and will ensure your safety throughout the trek. Before you trek, you will gather at the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park for a safety briefing and to meet your guide.

They will group you according to your trekking skills and abilities before you head out for your trek. Your group will hike at a steady pace throughout the excursion. Once you reach the area, you can observe in a crouch-down position so as not to threaten and startle the giant primates.

#5 – Penguins in Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica
Penguins in Antarctica

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing penguins in the wild, consider a romantic break to Antarctica. Seeing these endearing birds up close in the icy landscapes of Antarctica is an incredible experience, especially if you have your loved one beside you.

Six of the world’s penguin species dwell permanently in the Antarctic region. The most popular among them are the emperor penguins. They are the largest of all penguin species, often standing over a metre tall. Emperor penguins spend the harsh winter huddled together on the open ice.

You can visit the Weddell Sea to see the penguins up close. While cruises to these regions are rare, some cruise companies offer excursions to the emperor penguin colony on Snow Hill Island. Aside from the emperor penguins, you’ll also see the cute Adelie penguins on your visit to Antarctica.

Aiden Higgins