Galapagos for First-timers: Tips for a Safe & Enjoyable Trip

Galapagos is every tourist’s dream destination. If you are a fan of wildlife and nature, Galapagos should be part of your to-do list. This Island has amazing and unique wildlife that can hardly be found anywhere else on earth. This Archipelago of 18 islands was the center point of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1978. On the Galapagos, you see amazing creatures like land and marine Iguanas, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and Galapagos Penguins, amongst others.

While visiting Galapagos for the first time comes with so much excitement, nothing should catch you off guard so you can have an exciting and thrilling trip.

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Tips For First-Timers On The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are mesmerizing, and it is very easy to get lost in them and not take care of some little details that can make your happy tour go sideways. Here are some of the things you should take note of.

Choose The Best Tour For You; Boat Or Road?

As minute as this simple decision might seem, it is very important. You have to plan out what parts of the islands you want to see and the best way to see them. Cruising is your best option to see the hinterland and even more remote places of the Island. Cruising on boats is also very secure compared to staying on land. Note that staying in a Galapagos hotel, mixing with the locals, and getting to experience the Galapagos Islands by road is a great option. However, Galapagos boat tours allow you to enjoy the Island’s beautiful scenery on a more intimate level.

Sun Safety

You will be directly on the equator when you are on the islands. This means lots and lots of sun. This is why you must be prepared and come with as much sunscreen as possible; SPF sprays and sunscreens, bring them all. You should go with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses too. You can also decide to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants.

From December to May, the weather is warm, and many tourists are scampering to the Galapagos. Remember to apply your sunscreen as many times as possible to prevent your skin from being damaged by the sun. There are also frequent showers, so the sun’s effects are less.

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Wildlife Safety

You are on the Galapagos to bask in nature’s beauty and mingle with the wildlife. Nothing should stop you from achieving this utmost desire. It is okay to want to swim and dive into the deep blue, but you also have to look out for yourself. While enjoying a good time with the sea lions, you should look out for the bulls, who tend to be aggressive

While watching out for your safety, do your best to also watch out for the animals. Make sure you are not polluting the water or the land. The Galapagos wildlife is to be preserved as this is essential to the sustenance of the Island.

Safety Tips For The Water

Whether swimming, diving, or snorkeling, you must do so with utmost care. You must pay attention to the safety rules. Listen to your guide and stay around places other people can see you. It is advisable to dive and swim in groups. You should also watch out for currents, tides, and rips. They can easily sweep you into the ocean if you are not careful. This is why it is sometimes suggested to have a personal location device on so you can be easily located in case you get washed away. When snorkeling, make sure your equipment is clean and functioning properly.
If you have children with you, you should be more careful. Make sure they have an adult with them at all times. You should also ensure they do not swim too far away from the bank.

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Health Safety On The Galapagos

If you are touring the Galapagos on a cruise ship, you must take care of your health. This is because you will spend many hours on the water, traveling for hours. This might cause you to get seasick. If you are vulnerable to motion sickness, make sure you take some preventive medicines to control them. You can keep your mind distracted, keep your fluid level up and follow other medical advice on managing motion sickness.

You should also know that medical care is scarce on the Islands. Any severe medical case will require the patient to be taken to the Ecuadorian mainland or the U.S., which can be expensive without insurance.

You Will Have Less Internet Time And More Nature Time

The Islands have minimal cell service and wifis. This is why you should focus less on the internet and focus more on your camera and nature. There are so many activities to keep you busy on the Island. Spend your time on the Island connecting with nature and making the most of your time and money. By all means, take as many pictures as possible to help you relive every moment on the islands. If you have an underwater camera, it will be one of your most important assets on the islands. Do bring it along.

Why Wait?

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from exploring the Galapagos Islands. As far as you take note of these safety tips, you are good to go. The Galapagos Islands have so much in store for you. You can be sure it will be worth your time and money.


Clair Ricketts