11 BEST Packing Cubes [2023 Guide!]

Packing cubes are a true godsend, helping compress and organize baggage whether you travel with a wheely suitcase, duffle, or backpack and whether you’re a minimalist packer or someone who takes a whole load of kit just in case.

Though simple in concept, a huge array of packing cubes have made it onto the market in recent years, making it tough to know which you should opt for.

Here we outline the very best packing cubes around with the aim of making your final decision a whole lot easier!

Quick Summary: The Best Packing cubes (60,000)


PRO Packing Cubes 4-Piece Set

  • Lifetime warranty, Range of colors and sizes
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Flight 001 Spacepak

  • Differing colors, carry handles
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AmazonBasics Packing Cubes

  • Machine washable, see-through top panel
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LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes

  • Helps reduce wrinkles, good styling
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Shacke Pack Packing Cube Set

  • Water resistant, Mesh window
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Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set

  • Dedicated garment folder, also compresses
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Zero Grid Packing Cubes

  • Durable, set of four
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#1 PRO Packing Cubes 4-Piece Set

Best overall packing cubes

PRO packing cubes 4-piece set
PRO packing cubes 4-piece set is our pick for the best overall packing cubes

Made from a high-end ultra-lightweight ripstop nylon comparable to the higher priced Eagle Creek Specter ($13-$15 higher AND you get less cubes) and containing one large, medium, small and extra small cube – PRO Packing Cubes are awesome!

The large is perfect for sweaters, pants, light jackets and towels. Shorts, shirts and blouses can go in the medium. The small is great for gym gear & smaller items. The extra small can store socks and underwear and doubles up as a tech essentials kit pouch for cables, adapters, and power banks. 

The high-tech ripstop nylon means they’re ultra-lightweight yet durable. Double stitching allows you to stuff them to max capacity and save space in your bag with the compression offered by air escaping through mesh panels (that make it easy to quickly see what’s inside as well).  

Each cube has a convenient grab-n-go handle, color coded paracords, and premium YKK zippers. A lifetime warranty protects your investment.

  • Premium features at a budget-friendly price
  • Durable lightweight ripstop nylon & YKK zippers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Range of colors and sizes
  • Not waterproof
  • No structure when empty
  • 4-piece set
  • No laundry bag

Are the Pro Packing Cubes for you?

Amazing price-point for the quality – you’ll need to spend a lot more money on brands like Eagle Creek to find anything comparable, that’s why it’s an easy pick for our favorite packing cubes. Lightweight, premium build quality & backed by a lifetime guarantee – these come highly recommended!

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#2 – Flight 001 Spacepak

Best overall packing cubes (second option)

Flight 001 Spacepak is our pick for the best overall packing cubes


Making it really easy on the organization front, the Flight 001 Spacepak packing cubes are differentiated both by bright non-confusable colors and by purpose. The three packs are graduated in size, with the smallest intended for toiletries, the middle size for shoes, and the largest size in the grouping for your clothes.

There are even images on the top of the cubes should you have a lapse in memory. Zippered for secure closing when on the move, each packing cube has a handle to make them easy to grab and removable from the depths of a bag.

But what we really love about the Flight 001 Spacepak (apart from the cool color palette of course) is the double compartment in the interior of each of the cubes which helps to keep dirty and clean separate by unzipping.

  • Very cool look
  • Differing colors
  • Carry handles
  • Interior double compartment
  • Only three cubes
  • Dedicated purposes may not fit every traveler
  • Price
  • Not for business travelers

Are the Flight 001 Spacepak cubes for you?

If the colors and cool design aren’t enough to have you lusting after the Flight 001 Spacepak packing cubes, then surely the super neat interior double compartment will – unzipping to ensure dirty and clean items are always kept separate. Very clever!

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#3 – AmazonBasics Packing Cubes

Best budget packing cubes

AmazonBasics Packing Cubes
AmazonBasics Packing Cubes is our pick for the best budget packing cubes

If budget is key, then the AmazonBasics four-piece packing cube set is a great choice. Containing two large and two medium sized packing cubes the set provides an excellent range of packing options, with blazers and jackets fitting folded into the larger cubes and shirts and blouses in the medium versions.

The 100% polyester construction is fully machine washable, which is great for refreshing the cubes on your return from your vacation, and the cubes also comprise a double zipper for speed of access.

A mesh fabric upper panel means spotting the contents while the cubes are still closed is very easy, while each cube also has a mesh handle.

  • Great price
  • Four-piece set
  • Machine washable
  • See-through top panel
  • Only two sizes
  • Material can deform if over packed
  • Polyester
  • Not as stylish as others

Are the AmazonBasics Packing Cubes for you?

For a very tempting price, you get four machine washable packing cubes! How can you fault that? These packing cubes are also good sizes for the average traveler, and make it really easy to spot contents because of the mesh upper panel – which also helps with breathability too.

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#4 – LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes

Best packing cubes for compression

LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes
LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes is our picks for the best packing cubes for compression

Organization is only half the battle when it comes to packing and using packing cubes. The other half of the battle is making sure everything fits, which can be much harder than it sounds.

Its always surprising how much additional space compression of your kit can create, so using a packing cube set which also compression your luggage is well worth considering.

Coming in a set of three – with small, medium and large packing cubes each with the same depth of four inches – the Compression Packing Cubes by LeanTravel have another trick up their sleeve. An additional external zipper can reduce the depth of each from that four-inch initial offering to an incredible one inch!

  • Compresses and organizes
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Good styling
  • Have anti-catch zippers
  • Cubes may be too small for some
  • Close to 600g in weight
  • Polyester construction
  • Grey

Are the LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes for you?

With the ability to compress as well as organize, the LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes set is sure to be of benefit to any traveller. The graduated sizing makes it easy to enclose (and compress) everything from underwear to trousers, and the ability to reduce down to a quarter of their depth is an incredible one indeed!

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#5 – Shacke Pack Packing Cube Set

Best packing cubes for organization

Shacke Pack Packing Cube Set
Shacke Pack Packing Cube Set is our pick for the best packing cubes for organization

A long-standing bestseller, the Shacke Pack packing cube set is an incredible option for staying organized because of the fact the pack contains a set of four packing cubes, each of which is a different size. A laundry bag that can double as a shoe bag is also thrown into the mix for good measure.

The cubes themselves are made from tough water resistant nylon specifically designed to withstand all the rigors of travel, with x-design stitching reinforcing the each cube’s upper panel to help prevent any deformation taking place. Each cube has a small mesh window to help identify contents more easily, and are hand washable.

  • Four different sized cubes
  • Additional laundry bag/shoe bag
  • Water resistant
  • Mesh window
  • Not water proof
  • Hand wash only
  • Single depth of 4 inches
  • Mesh window could be larger

Are the Shacke Pack Packing Cube Set for you?

When you need help with organizing your baggage there’s really only one place to turn – the Shacke Pack Packing Cube Set! Comprising four different sizes, you’ll find the right space for all your clothing and other items, and will be able to spot them easily thanks to the addition of the mesh window on each one.

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#6 – Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set

Best packing cubes for business

Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set
Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set is our pick for the best packing cubes for business

We haven’t chosen the Eagle Creek Pack It starter set as our best packing cubes for business because they are a self-proclaimed starter set, but because of their combination of appropriate looks and utility.

Coming in a set of three, the set comes with two double zippered traditional packing cubes of differing sizes and a ‘garment folder’ which is perfect for anyone trying to keep business wear free of creases while traveling.

The set is also designed to be able to compress a minimum of eight shirts without them creasing. Of a sturdy construction, they have mesh windows in each for identification of belongings and a very business-like appearance.

  • Look the part
  • Set of three items
  • Dedicated garment folder
  • Also compresses
  • Not for backpacking
  • Weighty
  • Only two packing cubes
  • Not water proof

Is the Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set for you?

The Pack It Starter Set by the people at Eagle Creek are ideal packing cubes for a business trip. Not only do they look they part, but the set also includes the special garment folder to keep all your business wear crease free as you travel!

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#7 – Zero Grid Packing Cubes

Best packing cubes for backpacking

Zero Grid Packing Cubes
Zero Grid Packing Cubes is our pick for the best packing cubes for backpacking

Designed to endure all that frequent travel might end up throwing at them, these packing cubes from Zero Grid are equally at home in the rough and tumble world of the backpacking fraternity, where bumps and scraps are part of everyday life.

Nice and lightweight, which is all important when carrying your own kit on your back, the Zero Grid cubes are still durable.

The tough zippers that seal in your clothing and other travel necessities have grippy ties to make opening and closing the cubes easy even with sweaty or greasy hands, while the fact there are four in the set seems to us to be the perfect balance between cubes offering too much and too little space.

  • Great for backpacking
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Set of four
  • All four cubes the same color
  • A little small for some backpackers
  • Grippy ties might catch
  • Only available in UK

Are the Zero Grid Packing Cubes for you?

Backpacking has its own challenges, not least among them the need to keep clothing and other kit in tip top condition sometimes in trying circumstances. The Zero Grid Packing Cubes help keep this a reality rather than a pipe dream thanks to their own sturdy construction!

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#8 – TRANVERS Waterproof PVC Packing Cubes

Best of the rest

TRANVERS Waterproof PVC Packing Cubes
TRANVERS Waterproof PVC Packing Cubes is our pick for the best of the rest

For some reason no one can explain successfully, it can be really difficult to find the item you’re desperately searching for even in a packing cube simply by looking.

And though mesh windows or mesh upper panels certainly helps, why not go the whole hog and create a PVC packing cube that’s clear enough to see all the way around? Well, that’s exactly what TRANSVERS have come up with!

The PVC material used also has the added advantage of being water proof to ensure your kit will remain dry whatever the circumstances, or of course use them to store towels and other items that haven’t dried before you need to move on.

  • Great visualization
  • Water proof
  • Graduated sizes
  • Durable double zippers
  • Not compressing
  • Not very breathable
  • No carry handles
  • A little plasticky in touch

Are the TRANSVERS Waterproof PVC Packing Cubes for you?

We think these packing cubes are a great solution to the age old problem of trying to find that specific item without emptying out an entire packing cube. Small enough to pretty much see everything inside, but large enough to be useful, the TRANSVERS Waterproof PVC packing cubes would make a great addition to anyone’s baggage.

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#9 – Uncharted Ultra-Light Packing Cubes

Uncharted Ultra-Light Packing Cubes
Uncharted Ultra-Light Packing Cubes

Packing cubes offer the chance to compress and organize your luggage space more effectively to make traveling easier and find space where you didn’t think there was any space to find.

However, if you start using a lot in a large suitcase, on for example a vacation for a family of four, they can begin to add a significant weight. If this is the case for you (no pun intended), you should try these Ultra-Light packing cubes from Uncharted.

Made from very lightweight nylon each cube weighs in at just 4 ounces, while still managing to be strong and durable. The stylish design includes a large mesh window for contents viewing, and metal double zippers that aren’t going to bust any time soon.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Stylish
  • Zipper closures
  • Cuboid rather than cubes
  • Not water proof
  • No additional compression
  • Some users might need more cubes

Are the Uncharted Ultra-Light Packing Cubes for you?

Why carry more weight around than you have to? In which case, why opt for anything other than the Ultra-Light packing cubes made by Uncharted? At just four ounces each you won’t even notice these guys are there – except of course for the supremely organized suitcase!

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#10 – eBags Packing Cubes Set

eBags Packing Cubes Set
eBags Packing Cubes Set

The ebags Packing Cubes Set comes as a set of three rectangular packing cubes graduating in size from small to medium and large.

Made from a nylon material, these packing cubes are both lightweight and durable and come with a nice choice of colors that are a little funkier and out of the ordinary than other packing cube sets out there on the market.

Strong double zippers help keep everything enclosed, while a large area of mesh across the upper panel surface makes spotting items a breeze. However, the thing that sets eBags packing cubes out from the crowd is probably their spring-loaded support, which means they’re able to keep their shape even when they’re not stuffed full.

  • Graduated
  • Lightweight nylon
  • Mesh upper
  • Spring-loaded support
  • Set of three
  • No additional compression zipper
  • Not water proof
  • Probably not for business travel

Is the eBags Packing Cubes Set for you?

Need a set of three graduated and funky packing cubes for your next vacation? Look no further than the eBags Packing Cubes Set! Maintaining their shape even when not full to exploding, these lightweight packing cubes will add definite utility as well as color to your luggage.

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#11 – Dot & Dot Medium Packing Cubes Set

Dot & Dot Medium Packing Cubes Set
Dot & Dot Medium Packing Cubes Set

This four piece set of medium-sized packing cubes by Dot & Dot is great for anyone who wants to compartmentalize their luggage into sections for ease of access without going overboard with different sizes and functions.

To help distinguish each cube from the next, the team at Dot & Dot supply four very different colors in each set (as well as plainer sets), while a large panel mesh window in the top helps differentiate the content.

Like many other of the packing cubes we’ve reviewed, these by Dot & Dot are made from lightweight and durable nylon, so you’ll face no issues there. Styled a little like a vintage wireless radio, we really rate the look too.

  • Four piece set
  • Differentiated by color
  • Mesh window
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Each cube is the same dimensions
  • Not water proof
  • No compression zipper
  • Not for business travel

Is the Dot & Dot Medium Packing Cubes set for you?

Its true that some travelers may prefer having a set of packing cubes of different or graduating sizes. That aside, these colorful and nicely designed packing cubes from Dot & Dot will help keep your bags in order without the intricacies of worrying about what should go where.

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#12 – Bago Travel Packing Cubes

Bago Travel Packing Cubes
Bago Travel Packing Cubes

This four piece set from Bago contains two different sizes of packing cube, two medium and two large, making it easy to divide your luggage into smaller and larger items.

Looking something like a miniature suitcase, each cube whether of the medium or large size has a double zipper on the edge of the upper panel, a mesh window to see the contents inside, and a basic webbing handle on the narrower side to make shifting the packing cubes about hotel rooms a little easier.

Comprised of ripstop nylon fabric, you shouldn’t face any issues with durability, even if you’re a frequent traveler.

  • Comes with two sizes
  • Mesh window
  • Handle
  • Constructed with ripstop nylon
  • No smaller size
  • Four piece set
  • Not water proof
  • Can lose their shape

Are Bago Travel Packing Cubes for you?

Offering a very sensible option of two medium and two larger packing cubes, this Bago set will be the right preparation for pretty much any traveler looking to organize their luggage more successfully. The ripstop nylon means the cubes are safe from accidental snags, while the handle makes life on the road just that little bit easier!

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The very best in packing cubes

Packing no longer needs to be a chore thanks to this huge array of packing cubes! Whether you’re traveling on business, a backpacker, have a serious need for compression, or need help when it comes to organization, we’ve highlighted the very best in packing cubes for you!

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