The 15 BEST HOSTELS in Queenstown Are So Cool! [2023]

Nowhere else in New Zealand or even the world can knock your socks off as Queenstown can. The stunning beauty of the Milford Sound set against the Southern Alps creates a scene which can only be found in the likes of fairy tales. With mountain biking, bungee jumping, or even skydiving, Queenstown is sure to get your heart pumping!

The romantic landscapes of Queenstown don’t come without a price. The few hostels which can be found along the shores of Lake Wakatipu may have you second-guessing your trip altogether!

There is no need to pull out your hair! We got you covered with the best and cheapest hostels Queenstown has to offer!

Pack your bags and get ready to hike to the most breathtaking destination New Zealand has to offer!

Quick Answers – The Coolest Hostels in Queenstown

#1 Best overall hostel in Queenstown: Adventure Queenstown Hostel
#2 Best budget hostel in Queenstown: Nomads Queenstown
#3 Best party hostel in Queenstown: Base Queenstown
#4 Best high-end hostel in Queenstown: Absoloot Value Accommodation
#5 Best hostel for solo travelers in Queenstown: The Flaming Kiwis
#6 Best hostel with private rooms in Queenstown: Qbox
#7 Best hostel near Downtown: Adventure Q2 Hostel
#8 Best hostel near Lake Wakatipu: YHA Queenstown Lakefront
#9 Best pod hostel in Queenstown: Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel


#1 – Adventure Queenstown Hostel

Best overall hostel in Queenstown

Why we like Adventure Queenstown Hostel…
This rather exclusive hostel in Queenstown keeps its bed number low to ensure that backpackers will feel as if they are part of a close-knit family by the time they hit the door of Adventure Hostel! With a lounge, balcony, and a cozy kitchen, you will be lounging and feasting with like-minded travelers in no time!

Adventure Queenstown Hostel is perfect for…
Those travelers who are looking to mix with other backpackers not only by chilling in the lounges but also by partaking in Adventure Hostel’s nightly games and activities are sure to have the time of their life! With an onsite tour desk and an atmosphere which will have you hiking New Zealand’s stunning mountains in no-time, Adventure Hostel is the best place in Queenstown to base yourself out of!

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#2 – Nomads Queenstown

Best budget hostel in Queenstown

Why we like Nomads Queenstown…
Those backpackers traveling on a shoestring can rejoice, there is actually a hostel in Queenstown where you can have a great experience without spending an arm and a leg. At Nomads you will find so much more than just a cheap bed. This youth hostel will hook you up with a movie room, lounge, fireplace, and even a sauna!

Nomads Queenstown is perfect for…
If you are a bit strapped on cash, Nomads is your gleaming castle of the hill. You are not only getting some of the best prices on the whole island, but you are about to have an experience that you can’t put a price tag on! With views of the snow capped mountains and just minutes away from the shore, you are truly getting the most bang for your buck at Nomads!

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#3 – Base Queenstown

 Best party hostel in Queenstown

Why we like Base Queenstown…
If you are not planning on sleeping then Base Queenstown is just for you. Throughout New Zealand, Base has a reputation for attracting party animals who’d rather be leaning against the onsite Cantina Bar, throwing back cheap drinks, and dancing to live DJs than getting a quiet nights sleep.

Base Queenstown is perfect for…
Those travelers who are looking to drink and dance their way down the hiking trails of Queenstown will find themselves among friends at Base Hostel! With an onsite restaurant and bar serving cheap drinks and Mexican food, Base brings the party straight to your dorm bed!

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#4 – Absoloot Value Accommodation

 Best high-end hostel in Queenstown

Absoloot Value Accommodation
Absoloot Value Accommodation is the best high-end hostel in Queenstown

Why we like Absoloot Value Accommodation…
Absoloot has proclaimed itself the go-to hostel for flash-packers, backpackers, and value seekers alike. This boutique hostel provides its guests with service which is second to none as well as a lounge decked out with a flat-screen TV, video games and board games! With gorgeous views of New Zealand’s prized lake and mountains, you are sure to have the best Kiwi experience possible!

Absoloot Value Accommodation is perfect for…
Those travelers wanting to add a little class back into their backpacking experience will find that Absoloot is their new home away from home. You couldn’t ask for a better location, being minutes away from the shoreline and downtown Queenstown! WIth chill lounges and excellent staff, you might as well click that “book” button now!

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#5 – The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers

 Best hostel for solo-travelers in Queenstown

The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers
The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers is the best hostel for solo-travelers in Queenstown

Why we like The Flaming Kiwi…
After traveling on your own through New Zealand, it’s nice to walk into a hostel and instantly make new friends. The Flaming Kiwi will have you doing just that by tossing around the frisbee, cycling around the lake, or just exchanging stories around the barbeque pit. Mixing and socializing it the name of the game at The Flaming Kiwi!

The Flaming Kiwi is perfect for…
Weary backpackers that want to sit around and chew the fat with other travelers will find that The Flaming Kiwi is the place to go to kick-back, relax add socialize. Situated just minutes from Queenstown’s downtown all the best bars and restaurants are at your fingertips. With the amount of fun you will be having at The Flaming Kiwi, it isn’t too hard to believe that you will hardly find time to explore at all!

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#6 – Qbox

 Best hostel with private rooms in Queenstown

Qbox is the best hostel with private rooms in Queenstown

Why we like Qbox…
Ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in a trailer? Now you can experience it for yourself! These rectangular cabins beat any private room a hostel could ever offer. Complete with a heater, garden, and patio, you are sure to fall in love with Qbox’s bite-sized houses!

Qbox is perfect for…
Travelers who are wanting the thrill of camping but without all the hassle will discover that the budget rooms (boxes rather) will exceed all of their wildest expectations. With an onsite lounge and access to barbeque facilities, you will be enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your room! Top it all of with only being 15 minutes from downtown, you get all the convenience of staying in the city but with the beauty of the great outdoors!

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New Zealand is great! New Zealand’s hostels are great too!

#7 – Adventure Q2 Hostel

 Best hostel near downtown Queenstown

Adventure Q2 Hostel
Adventure Q2 Hostel is the best hostel near downtown Queenstown

Why we like Adventure Q2 Hostel…
Out of all of the hostels in Queenstown, Adventure Q2 Hostel has established itself as being the head of the pack when it comes to creating that perfect backpacker’s atmosphere. With nightly activities such as Mario Kart and Movie nights, you are getting so much more than just a comfortable nights sleep!

Adventure Q2 Hostel is perfect for…
If you are looking to raise the bar of what a perfect backpackers hostel should be, Adventure Q2 is here to rewrite the rulebook! With free bikes, great staff, and a location that puts you right in the heart of Queenstown, you are sure to never have a dull moment for as long as you stay at Adventure Q2!

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#8 – YHA Queenstown Lakefront

 Best hostel near Wakatipu Lake

YHA Queenstown Lakefront
YHA Queenstown Lakefront is the best hostel near Wakatipu Lake

Why we like YHA Queenstown Lakefront…
The truth is that no traveler goes to Queenstown to stay in the CBD to be close to the restaurants and bars, what we are seeking is that pristine lake and dramatic alps whose snow-white caps are beautifully reflected in the water. There is no better place to truly soak in all the beauty of Wakatipu Lake than at YHA Queenstown Lakefront!

YHA Queenstown Lakefront is perfect for…
Those travelers seeking the tranquility of natural beauty of Queenstown should look no further than the dorm beds of YHA! No matter if you are looking to ski across the placid waters or just take a leisurely cruise around the lake, you can do it all just within a few steps of YHA Queenstown Waterfront!

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#9 – Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel

 Best pod hostel in Queenstown

Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel
Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel is the best pod hostel in Queenstown

Why we like Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel…
Looking for that hostel experience but with a little bit of added privacy? Sir Cedrics was the first pod hostel to be opened in Queenstown and set the standard both for quality and comfort. Other than feeling snug in your own personal pod, get out and hang out with other travelers on the balcony or the TV lounge!

Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel is perfect for…
Those travelers who like to meet other backpackers but still enjoy their own privacy will fall in love with Sir Cedrics! With cozy couches, a barbeque pit, and even a free breakfast, guests will sure to be extending their stay at this pod hostel night after night! The cherry on top is being just minutes away from both the lake and the CBD, meaning you are getting the best of both worlds!

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Other best hostels in Queenstown

#10 – Juicy Snooze Queenstown

Juicy Snooze Queenstown
Juicy Snooze Queenstown

Why we like Juicy Snooze Queenstown…
While most backpackers travel to Queenstown for the sleepy lakeside hamlets and the soothing breeze that plays through your hair as you look out upon the towering mountains, mix things up a bit by staying in one of the futuristic pods of Juicy Snooze! This quirky backpackers hostel offers you so much more than just the added privacy in your bunk, but you will also get access to Juicy’s very own rooftop bar and cafe!

Juicy Snooze Queenstown is perfect for…
The name of the game at Juicy Snooze is both convenience and comfort. After sliding into your pod, you may never want to leave. With a cafe and bar within the walls of the hostel, you will find Juicy Snooze the perfect place to just relax and be lazy for a few days before finally strapping on your boots and hitting the trails!

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#11 – Southern Laughter

Southern Laughter
Southern Laughter

Why we like Southern Laughter…
Run by a team of expert travelers, Southern Laughter is sure to pamper their backpackers with the sheer amount of perks that come along with staying at this youth hostel. Complete with a kitchen, lounges, decks, and even its very own spa, Southern Laughter can be considered the 5-star stay amongst hostels!

Southern Laughter is perfect for…
If you are a traveler who is looking for a lot of added perks that comes along with your hostel, then you came to the right place! Other than the lounges and the enticing spa, Southern Laughter will make you feel right at home with free soup every night, discount drink specials, and even the opportunity to send you on your way to enjoy some of the most extreme sports that Queenstown has to offer!

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#12 – YHA Queenstown Central

YHA Queenstown Central
YHA Queenstown Central

Why we like YHA Queenstown Central…
YHA Queenstown Central is by far one of the best centrally located hostels in all of Queenstown. You will be just a stone’s throw away from some of the town’s best restaurants, bars, and clubs. Once you get the partying out of your system, let YHA be your guide to taking part in some of New Zealand’s extreme sports!

YHA Queenstown Central is perfect for…
Those travelers looking for the perfect place to base themselves out of while exploring all of the natural wonders of Queenstown as well as their roaring nightlife will want to seize the opportunity to book themselves into YHA Queenstown Central! YHA will have you hanging from a bungee rope or jumping out of an airplane before you know it as they act as your guide to all of the best sites in Queenstown!

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#13 – The Black Sheep Backpackers

The Black Sheep Backpackers
The Black Sheep Backpackers

Why we like The Black Sheep Backpackers…
In terms of having a great view of Queenstown’s breathtaking surroundings, no hostel can quite hold a light to The Black Sheep Backpackers. Boasting a 360 view of the snow-capped mountains, you will be staring in awe for hours on the hostel’s balcony! Claiming to be the quietest hostel in town, The Black Sheep is the place to go for those looking to get back in tune with nature!

The Black Sheep Backpackers is perfect for…
If you are wanting top-class comfort and postcard views, then The Black Sheep Backpackers is speaking your language! Other than the gorgeous mountain views, The Black Sheep pampers weary travelers with three gardens, a barbeque pit, a deck, and even a spa pool! Top it all off with just being a few minutes from Queenstown CBD and you have, by far, one of the best hostels in town!

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#14 – Pinewood Lodge

Pinewood Lodge
Pinewood Lodge

Why we like Pinewood Lodge…
Putting you only a few minutes walk away from Queenstown’s CBD, Pinewood Lodge is located in its own rustic refuge meaning you get all the joys of the great outdoors without being too far from all of the restaurants and bars downtown. With both dorms beds and cheap private rooms to choose from, you are sure to be getting some of the best deals in town!

Pinewood Lodge is perfect for…
Those travelers who are wanting to get a bit more of an authentic Queenstown experience will find that Pinewood Lodge gets you back in touch with nature without sacrificing the convenience of downtown Queenstown. What will really have you click that “book” button is the lodge’s own spa which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to hit the hiking trails again in no time!

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There’s so much to do in New Zealand! So you won’t run out of things to do in New Zealand!

#15 – Haka Lodge Queenstown

Haka Lodge Queenstown
Haka Lodge Queenstown

Why we like Haka Lodge Queenstown…
With a limited amount of beds but three stories to spread out in, you are sure to have an intimate experience without having to deal with crowds of backpackers constantly tromping to and fro. At Haka Lodge, you will feel right at home with there, not one, but two kitchens, inviting lounges, and comfy bunks complete with privacy curtains. The staff will be your guides to making the most out of your holiday in Queenstown and will have you bungee jumping before you know it!

Haka Lodge Queenstown is perfect for…
Those travelers looking for a more personal experience while traveling through Queenstown will discover Haka Lodge is part of their long lost family. With the perfect backdrop to meet other travelers and hit the trails together, you will more than likely be calling Haka Lodge home for much longer than you originally expected!

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How Much are Hostels in Queenstown?

Most dorm rooms are around $25 to $35 in Queenstown. If you're wanting a private room, set your budget for at least $60 and often more than $100 per night.

What are Hostels in Queenstown Like?

Known for its stunning scenery and adventure sports, most hostels play off of these themes in Queenstown! You can expect spacious rooms, many hostels have a nice view, and often you can book tours and travel plans for Queenstown right from your hostel.

How Safe are Hostels in Queenstown?

Usually very safe! Queenstown is known as a safe tourist destination, and most hostels have great security features. You should always exercise normal precaution though when traveling!

How to Find Hostels in Queenstown?

Look at your options using HostelWorld or other online search platforms. Be warned, accommodation in Queenstown can fill up quickly, so it's a good idea to book well in advance to make sure you get a good spot!



Adventure Queenstown Hostel

  • Free WiFi, Common Room, Security Lockers
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Nomads Queenstown

  • Free WiFi, 24 Hour Reception, 24 Hour Security
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Base Queenstown

  • Free WiFi, 24 Hour Reception,Free Breakfast
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Absoloot Value Accommodation

  • Free WiFi,Housekeeping, 24 Hour Security
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The Flaming Kiwis

  • Free WiFi, Parking, Common Room
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  • Free WiFi, 24 Hour Reception, 24 Hour Security
Check for Best Price

Adventure Q2 Hostel

  • Free WiFi, Common Room, Luggage Storage
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YHA Queenstown Lakefront

  • Fax Service, Airport Transfers, 24 Hour Security
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Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel

  • Free WiFi, Free Breakfast, Housekeeping
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Between both of the two islands of New Zealand, it is Queenstown which captures the hearts and imaginations of all the travelers who venture to its shores. With its crystal clear lake, mystical mountains adorned with crowns of snow, and some of the best hiking trails in the world which perfectly showcases New Zealand’s mountain beauty, you will be wanting to call Queenstown home for much longer than just a few mere days!

With so many great hostels to choose from, it is Adventure Queenstown Hostel that takes the cake for guaranteeing its backpacker’s with the best Queenstown experience possible!

We hope you are ready to either skydive out of a plane or tramp your way up to the top of the alps, your Queenstown adventure is just a few clicks away!


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