21 AMAZING TOURS in Munich [For all Budgets!]

Munich, Bavaria’s beautiful capital, is a fascinating city! This German treasure blends Baroque architecture with world-class museums, fun activities, peaceful green spaces, and incredibly rich culture. There is a wide variety of things to see and experience in Munich, making it a completely unique destination! Whether…

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11 AMAZING Boutique Hotels in Munich

Beers, art, and history, what more could you possibly want out of your vacation? With its centuries-old palaces, rich culture, and mouthwatering food, you may have to plan to add a couple more days to your vacation in Munich to experience everything this city has to…

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Wondering Where to Stay in Düsseldorf? [2022!]

Düsseldorf is a major German city located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. A vibrant and multicultural hub, the city is best known for its eclectic nightlife and fascinating cultural events! This über-modern gem perfectly showcases Germany’s contemporary atmosphere. As a major city, figuring out where to…

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