7 [AMAZING!] and BEST Hostels in Granada (2022)

Known for its gorgeous hilltops, elegantly designed buildings, iconic promenades and scenic overlooks, Granada is one of Spain's most picturesque travel destinations. The city is also packed full of culture and history with a mixture of North Africa and Europe influence creating stunning architecture and making…

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25 Best Places to Visit in Spain [2022]

While Spain is stereotypically known for its Mediterranean beaches, delectable cuisine, and dazzling matadors, it’s rich historic past is infused with a variety of cultures and religions. This diversity has influenced Spain in everything from architecture to gastronomy, which makes this country a historic and exciting…

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17 Best HOSTELS NEAR Barcelona Airport

A cultural gem, Barcelona boasts stunning architecture, fascinating museums and art galleries, beautiful beaches, terrific shopping, and more. It’s no surprise that the Spanish city is a magnet for all types of travelers of all ages. Barcelona Airport is Spain’s second-busiest airport and among the top…

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