21 AWESOME Tours in Bali [Hidden Gems!]

Renowned for its volcanic mountains and picture-perfect rice paddies, Bali is a backpackers dream!

With coral reefs teeming with life, long white-sand beaches, and beautiful temples, there is so much to see and do on the Indonesian island. The best way to see the highlights without a hassle is to take a Bali tour!

Bali has many exciting tours, and they are all geared towards budget travelers. Find the perfect one for you. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover, or just here for a good time, there’s something incredible for everyone.

• The 21 Best Tours in Bali •

#1- Bali All Inclusive: Ubud Rice Terraces, Temples & Volcano

Bali All Inclusive Ubud Rice Terraces, Temples & Volcano
The best day tour in Bali, Indonesia
  • $$
  • 9 hours
  • Explore Bali’s top attractions on an all-inclusive day tour
  • Learn about Balinese history and culture from your knowledgeable guide

This incredible day tour of Bali is one of our all-time favorites! Enjoy a buffet lunch overlooking the active volcano of Mount Batur. Visit a royal palace, sacred temples, forests, and rice terraces! All the best of what Bali has to offer is packed in to a tour to remember.

The tour is perfect for those who want to learn a little more about the local culture while they explore.

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#2 – Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and Natural Hot Spring

Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and Natural Hot Spring
The Best early morning tour Bali
  • $$
  • 11 hours
  • Watch the sunrise from the iconic Mount Batur
  • An early morning hike and visit to an active volcano

This is the perfect tour for those backpackers who enjoy active holidays! Work off those Balinese cocktails and get in some early morning exercise. The payout makes it well worth it – a phenomenal sunrise over the mountains, seen from up high!

At the top of Mount Batur you will enjoy a great breakfast before moving on to a natural hot spring. Finally, you’ll visit the coffee plantation in the village of Temen, and experience the best of rural Bali.

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#3 – ATV Jungle Buggy Adventure

ATV Jungle Buggy Adventure
The perfect adventure tour in Bali
  • $$$
  • 4 hours
  • Explore the Bali jungle with an adrenaline kick
  • Adventure and fun combine in this high-energy tour

Start your engines and experience Bali’s only purpose-built ATV track on a high-end jungle buggy. Loads of fun with friends and family, the course is challenging and incredibly exciting.

The tour includes a lunch, professional guides, and of course, use of the vehicles! Get your blood pumping, before relaxing at the pool, chatting about your newest adventure.

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#4 –  Best of Ubud: Waterfall, Rice Terraces & Monkey Forest

Best of Ubud Waterfall, Rice Terraces & Monkey Forest
The best tour of Ubud
  • $$
  • 10 hours
  • Experience Bali’s spiritual and cultural heritage
  • Visit monkeys and explore the lush nature

There is so much beauty and excitement packed into this full day tour! Visit the phenomenal traditional Batuan Temple and stroll through the Ubud Monkey Forest to admire the local macaques.

The Bali tour also takes you through the traditional market where you can find the perfect gifts to take home, and some interesting local foods. Finally, you’ll see the iconic Tegalalang rice terraces!

Be sure to bring your camera. One of the most popular tours in Bali, this is a day you’ll want to document!

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#5 – Bali Instagram Tour: The Most Scenic Spots

Bali Instagram Tour The Most Scenic Spots
The Best photo tour in Bali
  • $$$
  • 8-10 hours
  • Visit the most iconic and picturesque places in beautiful Bali
  • Take all the best pictures for Instagram

Learn about Balinese culture from your local guide while you visit the island’s most beautiful destinations! This tour is perfect for aesthetes and digital nomads looking for those perfect travel shots.

You’ll visit a Bali temple, waterfall, rice field, and jungle swing, among others! Enjoy endless seascapes and exotic jungle on a tour to remember. Keep in mind there’s a decent amount of walking, so bring sunglasses and walking shoes. And don’t forget your camera!

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#6 – Swim with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida

Swim with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida
Our favorite ocean adventure
  • $$$
  • 9 hours
  • Swim with manta rays and exotic marine life
  • Explore the natural beauty of Bali’s famous coastline

All ocean lovers, this is the tour for you! Swim and snorkel in Bali’s famously beautiful blue water and visit the marine life that call it home. You’ll get to swim with the majestic manta rays and stop at Manta Bay.

One of the most scenic places in the world to snorkel, this is the adventure of a lifetime! Explore the diverse reefs and discover a magical underwater world.

You’ll snorkel at three different locations, and enjoy a beachside lunch! It’s really one of the best things to do in Bali.

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#7 – Lake Bratan, Handara Gate, Waterfall & Swing

Lake Bratan, Handara Gate, Waterfall & Swing
The Best combination tour in Bali
  • $$$
  • 10 hours
  • Explore iconic monuments and natural wonders
  • Take photos at Balis most photogenic spots

This is another idyllic tour for those Instagram influencers and searchers of beauty! Visit Bali’s loveliest sites, such as Handara Gate, a waterfall and a hillside swing.

You’ll learn about Balinese culture from your friendly guide while you snap photos!

They also have an optional Polaroid add-on, so that you can take home some memories in physical form.  

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#8 – Elephant Sanctuary Bali: Elephant Jumbo Wash

Elephant Sanctuary Bali Elephant Jumbo Wash
An ethical elephant tour – the best Bali experience
  • $$$
  • 3 hours
  • Experience a unique opportunity to connect with these gentle giants
  • Wash, scrub and hug happy elephants

Get up close and personal with Bali elephants on this wonderful and ethically run tour! You’ll get the unique opportunity to wash them and care for them, rather than use them. If you’ve always wanted to do something good with these gentle creatures, this is the right tour for you.

You also get to enjoy a buffet lunch with a view over the elephants bathing lake! It makes for an incredibly feel-good day, and gives you a whole new appreciation for these animals.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#9 – Downhill Bike Tour with Rice Terraces and Meal

Downhill Bike Tour with Rice Terraces and Meal
The Best bicycle tour in Bali
  • $
  • 6 hours
  • Explore Bali wilderness slowly, with time to appreciate everything
  • Get the blood pumping on a mostly downhill cycle

Enjoy magnificent views and all the little details on a cycling tour of Ubud, our favorite neighborhood in Bali! You’ll cycle down the green slopes of Kintamani volcano before riding around the rice terraces.

On a bicycle, you have plenty of time to observe the rice plantation practices while your guide explains them in detail and points out the beautiful processes. You’ll also tour the craft villages of Ubud, with plenty of time to stop and explore.

With a meal included and a great tour price, this half-day tour is one of our favorites!

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Let’s simplify this! Here are our favorite areas to stay in Bali!

#10 – Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and Hidden Waterfall

Mount Batur Sunrise Hike and Hidden Waterfall
Beautiful sunrise and waterfall combo tour
  • $$$
  • 10 hours
  • Witness the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur after a moonlit hike
  • Swim and explore the hidden Kanto Lampo waterfall

This full-day Bali tour combines the incredible sunrise hike with a trip to a hidden waterfall. This gorgeous location is a fantastic place to swim, relax, and take some photos.

It’s a private group tour, so you can go with just your friends, and make a memorable day of it.

You’ll climb the mountain before sunrise, and watch as the sky lightens from the top of Mount Batur, before enjoying a well-deserved breakfast!

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#11 – Telaga Waja: White Water Rafting with Lunch

Telaga Waja White Water Rafting with Lunch
A river rafting tour for the adventurers
  • $
  • 6 hours
  • White river raft down the Telaga Waja river
  • Get the blood pumping as you pass beautiful sites and nature

Another great Bali adventure activity, white river rafting is a brilliant way to see more of the island wilderness! Navigate the river on this thrilling tour as you pass decorated Hindu shrines and tropical forests.

This tour takes you far from civilization, allowing you to explore Bali as if you were the first ones here! Prehistoric cliffs and jungles rise up to greet you, and your helpful guides can point out the best of the sights. An Indonesian buffet is included!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#12 – UNESCO Sites: Bedugul, Jatiluwih and Tanah Lot Full-Day Tour

UNESCO Sites Bedugul, Jatiluwih and Tanah Lot Full-Day Tour
The Best Bali temple tour
  • $$
  • 10 hours
  • Learn about Balinese gods and history
  • Explore the island’s temples and monuments

This tour is for those travelers who want to see all of Bali’s most beautiful and historical temples! Packed with interesting history and culture, these temples alone are worth visiting Bali. A day spent exploring them is really memorable.

You’ll enjoy lunch overlooking the rice terraces, and finally, watch the sunset from the Tanah Lot Temple!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


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#13 – Monkey Forest, Rice Terrace & Tanah Lot Private Tour

Monkey Forest, Rice Terrace & Tanah Lot Private Tour
The greatest Bali day tour
  • $$
  • 10 hours
  • Includes culture, history, and nature in one day
  • It’s a private guided tour, so you can enjoy it with your small group

Another great combination tour, this trip combines a wide range of Bali’s top attractions! It’s the perfect tour for those doing Bali in a weekend or even a day.

You’ll visit the sacred monkey forest and meet some furry friends! You will also tour Ubud and discover Bali’s thriving art scene. Following this, the tour goes through some of Bali’s magical craft villages where you can watch artisans at their craft!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#14 – Bali Sunset: Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Bay

Bali Sunset Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Bay
The Best cultural Kecak dance tour
  • $$
  • 6 hours
  • Watch the sunset over the Indian ocean with an optional seafood dinner
  • Enjoy a traditional ‘kecak’ fire dance performance

This half-day tour is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the locals and learn more about their culture, contemporary experience, and rich history!

You’ll have the opportunity to attend a traditional fire dance ceremony with a small group. This takes place in the evening as the Uluwatu Temple, perched on the seaside cliffs. The backdrop is phenomenal, and the experience truly one-of-a-kind.

You can also join an optional barbeque seafood dinner at the bay. We suggest you do!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#15 – North Bali Sunrise Tour with Dolphins, Waterfalls & Temples

North Bali Sunrise Tour with Dolphins, Waterfalls & Temples
Perfect for couples!
  • $$
  • 10 hours
  • Spot dolphins leaping out of the water and the sunrise on the ocean
  • Travel by boat to a waterfall and a temple

Take in a mesmerizing sunrise over the open ocean on this early day tour! You will have a great chance of spotting dolphins, as the local pods are playful and friendly.

One of the best day trips from Bali, your tour will also take you to the gorgeous Gitgit waterfall, and Ulundanu Bratan Temple! All before lunch, allowing you to relax for the rest of the day.

It’s a super early start to the day, at 03:00, so this one is not for the faint-hearted! But it is well worth it, and a great chance to beat the crowds.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#16 – Full-Day Spiritual Cleansing and Shamanic Healing Tour

Full-Day Spiritual Cleansing and Shamanic Healing Tour
The perfect spiritual experience
  • $$$$
  • 8 hours
  • A spiritual cleanse with Balinese healers
  • Learn traditional healing techniques and rejuvenate at the temple

For the spiritual among us, this is an incredible opportunity to go to the source. The full day healing tour brings you to the Bali Holy Spring Temple at Tirta Empul. Here you will learn Yagna, Yatra and Mantra healing techniques.

The healer is one of Bali’s most famous, Cokorda Rai. He provides Shamanic healing and counsel to purify your mind and soul!

This tour is not for everyone, but we certainly think it’s interesting.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#17 – Tulamben: USAT Liberty Shipwreck Full-Day Snorkeling Trip

Tulamben USAT Liberty Shipwreck Full-Day Snorkeling Trip
A fantastic tour for history and ocean lovers
  • $$
  • 9 hours
  • Explore the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, sunk in 1942
  • Spend the whole day snorkeling and relaxing on the beach

This tour is one of our favorite Bali adventures! Explore the wreck just 120 meters off the beach, covered by coral and home to hundreds of species of colorful fish!

The snorkeling is beach-entry, which means you can spend the day alternating between beach time and snorkeling fun! See how much you can discover in this underwater paradise.

A complimentary lunch is served between your snorkeling missions, rounding it out to an absolutely perfect day!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#18 – From Ubud: Evening Firefly Tour in Taro Village

From Ubud Evening Firefly Tour in Taro Village
Great for couples and cultural enthusiasts
  • $$
  • 4 hours
  • Discover a remote and peaceful Taro village
  • Spend the evening watching fireflies

This evening tour is no raucous party night. Spend the evening with local Balinese families, drinking hot drinks and watching fireflies dance.

On the tour, you will walk through rice fields and learn about Bali’s famous irrigation system from a local. You’ll also enjoy dinner in the middle of a rice field! This is a beautiful experience, and one very few have.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price

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#19 – From Ubud: Balinese Cooking Class at an Organic Farm

From Ubud Balinese Cooking Class at an Organic Farm
The perfect way to learn Balinese cooking
  • $
  • 5 hours
  • Learn Bali’s culinary secrets on an organic farm
  • Visit a local market where you’ll pick out your supplies

If you can’t get enough of Bali’s unique and wonderful cuisine, learn to make it yourself!

This half-day tour allows you to pick your own fresh food ingredients at an organic farm, and shop at a local market.

You’ll learn to cook an authentic Balinese meal in this hands-on class, learning from your enthusiastic chef as you go along! You’ll then enjoy your meal together, and get a free recipe book.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#20 – Mount Batur: Private Volkswagen Jeep Volcano Safari

Mount Batur Private Volkswagen Jeep Volcano Safari
A great high-energy adventure tour
  • $$$$
  • 8 hours
  • Spend the day exploring Mount Batur and Bali in an open-top Jeep
  • Ride in style while you tick stops off your bucket list

One of the best ways to explore Bali is in a Jeep! The open-top hardy vehicles are perfect on the mountainous terrain, and allow you to see perfectly while on the move. It’s like a safari!

This private tour takes you to the rice paddies, the volcano, and the hot springs, where you can rejuvenate. It includes a lunch buffet, and is the perfect adventure tour for a day in Bali!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#21 – Ubud: 3-Hour Walking Tour with Lunch

Ubud 3-Hour Walking Tour with Lunch
The best Bali traditional tour
  • $
  • 3 hours
  • A much more traditional way to see Bali, there’s something special about a walking tour
  • Discover the Bali countryside and rural landscape

Stretch out those muscles and take part in this three-hour walking tour! This authentic tour takes you through Balinese villages, to experience rural life in Ubud.

You’ll walk through rice terraces and coffee plantations, while seeing how daily life is lived working these fields. You’ll also enjoy an Indonesian lunch in the home of a local, with views over the rice fields.

This is the perfect Bali tour for those looking to understand Bali life and culture, without much time to spare!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price



How do I book a Bali tour?

Since Bali is such a popular destination, it’s easy to find tours on the island! You can choose between booking online with Getyourguide, or you can book a tour once you reach Bali. This is a bit risky, especially in summer, as all the good tours may be booked out.

What should I pack for a tour in Bali?

While some of the Bali excursions are different, the best things to pack are a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a shawl for temples. Many of the tours combine multiple stops, so this is the best way to prepare for them all! Good walking shoes are also always a valuable addition.

How much money do tours in Bali typically cost?

Bali is popular as a budget travel option, and the tours reflect this! Prices range from about USD $20 to $90 for a full-day tour. These usually include breakfast or lunch, and all entrance fees, making it a fantastic deal.

How long do tours in Bali last?

If you’re short on time you can choose a tour that lasts as little as three hours! However, most Bali tours last the day, ranging between 8 and 11 hours. They’re the perfect way to spend a whole day exploring Bali, before taking to the beach for the week!


With such a wide range of tours in Bali, there’s something for everyone. The trick is choosing between them – you may want to do them all!

Swim with manta rays or spot dolphins, walk, cycle or drive up Mount Batur, and see the iconic rice paddies! We love how many of the Bali day tours combine culture, history and natural beauty into super-tours for every type of person!

You’ll also find that the food is delicious, and the weather is perfect. Nothing left now but to book your flight tickets, find a budget hostel, and pack your bags!

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