31 BEST Things to do in Stockholm [2020!]

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Stockholm, the magical capital of Sweden encompasses 14 islands that are connected together by over 50 bridges. The archipelago has a long and beautiful history hidden in its 13th century cobbled streets and ancient buildings.

There are an incredible amount of Stockholm points of interest that are easy to explore and make for the perfect adventure. Finding the best things to do in Stockholm, Sweden has never been easier! We’ve compiled a list of the very best Stockholm attractions that are sure to satisfy your travel hunger.

If exploring concert halls, palaces, art galleries, or museums doesn’t sound quite exciting enough for you, then taking a cruise around the islands just might. There is plenty of adventure to be had in this wonderful archipelago that over 900 000 people call their home.

Here are some of the top things to do in Stockholm for even the most traveled tourist!

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Stockholm

When choosing accommodation, you want to be somewhere close to the best Stockholm things to do in order to cut down on travel time (and costs)! Here are some of our favorite places to stay in Stockholm.

Generator Stockholm Hostel

The Coolest Hostel in Stockholm

Generator Stockholm Hostel
Generator Stockholm Hostel is our pick for the coolest hostel in Stockholm
  • 24-hour check-in at reception
  • Free wifi

The Generator Stockholm offers spacious social areas like their ground floor chill-out lounge, restaurant, and bar. Make use of the GenStore which sells a variety of products perfect for those who forgot their toothbrush at home, or didn’t pack a travel journal.

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Rex Petit Hotel

A Great Budget Hotel in Stockholm

Rex Petit Hotel
Rex Petit Hotel is our pick for a great budget hotel in Stockholm
  • Situated in the heart of Stockholm
  • Located in a 19th-century building

This wonderful hotel is located in the heart of Stockholm, just a 10-minute walk from the nearest shopping and entertainment center. Breakfast is served at the hotel every morning and there are a multitude of other restaurants nearby to make your travels all the more convenient!

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At Six Hotel

The Best Luxury Hotel in Stockholm

At Six Hotel
The best luxury hotel in Stockholm is At Six Hotel
  • Centrally located
  • 24-hour gym

At Six is a luxurious hotel that offers an overwhelming variety of facilities. Cocktail bars, restaurants that serve international cuisine and live music are all activities that will keep you thoroughly entertained!

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#1 – Visit the ABBA Museum

Visit the ABBA Museum
Things to Do in Stockholm This Weekend
  • Walk in the footsteps of ABBA
  • Become the 5th member
  • Enjoy an interactive experience

Visit the incredible ABBA museum on the island of Djurgarden in Stockholm for an interactive experience like you’ve never seen before!

Listen to an audio guide in which Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, and Frida share their personal stories and memories from throughout their careers.

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Heading to Stockholm? Save some money with our guide to the coolest hostels in Stockholm!


#2 – Explore Gamla Stan

One of the Best Free Things to Do in Stockholm

  • Where Stockholm began
  • Cobblestone streets
  • Historic island

Walk the old cobblestones streets as you explore in between the houses, restaurants, and shops that are all painted a variation of gold. Don’t forget your camera at home for this activity as you’ll be provided with a multitude of different picture-worthy scenes.

Squeeze through the famous tiny alleyway, Marten Trotzigs Grand, that measures only 90 centimeters wide!


#3 – Cruise Through the Archipelago

Cruise Through the Archipelago

  • 5-hour sightseeing tour
  • Ride a classic archipelago ship
  • Enjoy food and refreshments onboard

See the absolute best of Stockholm from the perspective of the canals as you cruise through the archipelago! As you go, your knowledgeable guide will tell you all about the different sights you pass.

This is the perfect activity if you’re looking to do some unique Stockholm sightseeing.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#4 – Visit the Viking Exhibition

Visit the Viking Exhibition
One of the Best Things to Do in Stockholm with Kids
  • See artifacts and relics
  • Experience 10th-century life
  • Learn about Viking beliefs

Spend the whole day exploring the Viking Museum that contains relics and artifacts from the 10th century.

You’ll learn about life as a Viking and about their interesting beliefs and methodologies. You’ll also see sculptures of what Vikings looked like.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#5 – Ride an Amphibious Bus

Ride an Amphibious Bus
One of the Best Things to Do in Downtown Stockholm
  • Unique transportation
  • 75-minute tour
  • Land and water tour

This tour starts with a drive through the historic center where you’ll learn about the past of Stockholm before your bus takes a plunge into the canal! You’ll tour the canals while being entertained by your guide.

This is a very unique way to experience some of the best Stockholm tourist attractions!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#6 – Visit the Vasa Museum

  • Ship from the 17th century
  • 64 gun warship
  • Sunk in 1628

In 1628, the Vasa 64 gun warship sunk on its very first voyage and was left on the seafloor until 1961. It was then lifted to the surface and restored so that interested locals and tourists could view it at their leisure.

Learn about this wonderful warship and how it met its fateful end at the Vasa Museum.


#7 – Stroll Through the Skansen Open-Air Museum

Stroll Through the Skansen Open-Air Museum
A Very Cool Thing to Do in Stockholm
  • World’s first open-air museum
  • Learn Swedish customs
  • Founded in 1891

The museum features 150 historically interesting houses and farmsteads that you’re free to browse at your own pace.

You’ll learn about the different conditions in which people lived between the 16th and 20th centuries.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price

Have some time? Get out of the city with these epic day trips from Stockholm!


#8 – Visit the Modern Art Museum

Great Experience for Art Lovers!

  • Skeppsholmen island
  • Started in the 1950s
  • Modern and contemporary art

Visit the incredible art museum on Skeppsholmen island and see a variety of modern and contemporary art.

See artworks from famed artists such as Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, and Salvidor Dali. After viewing the museum, stop for lunch at the lovely on-site restaurant!


#9 – Ride a Bike Around the City

Ride a Bike Around the City

  • 3-hour tour
  • Explore the many islands
  • Pedal off the beaten track

Take a guided tour of the archipelago and discover some of the hidden gems that Stockholm has to offer.

You’ll visit areas of the city not accessible by car and enjoy picturesque views that many tourists miss during their time in Stockholm.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#10 – Walk Through Stockholm Palace

Architecture Fan? You’ll Love This

  • One of the biggest palaces in Europe
  • Over 600 rooms
  • 5 museums

Visit the Stockholm Palace complex and spend the whole day exploring the 5 museums that span the complex.

The palace is not just a historical relic as the King still stays in the 18th-century castle!


#11 – Discover Old Town by Foot

Discover Old Town by Foot

  • Experience early life in Stockholm
  • 90-minute tour
  • See 1600s landmarks

Take a walking tour through the historic Old Town in Stockholm while listening to colorful stories and legends.

You’ll pass palaces and many places of historical significance in the city while learning from your knowledgeable guide about the history of Stockholm!

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Sweden is incredible! These are the most spectacular places to visit in Sweden!


#12 – Go Mountain Biking in Stockholm

Go Mountain Biking in Stockholm
One of the More Unique Things to Do in Stockholm
  • 4-hour mountain biking trail
  • Bike through the forest
  • Enjoy picturesque views

Take a 4-hour mountain biking trail through the mountains and forests of Stockholm.

You’ll enjoy a great variety of landscapes, views, and trail types during your ride, and you’ll get the chance to go for a swim in the lake when you’re all hot and sweaty!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#13 – Kayak Through the Archipelago

Kayak Through the Archipelago

  • Explore Stockholm by water
  • 2-hour tour
  • 1 or 2-person kayak

Paddle around the famous canals of Stockholm whilst learning the history of the area.

Choose between a single or a two-person kayak that is loads of fun if you’re traveling with a friend or loved one.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#14 – Visit City Hall

A Must Do For History Buffs!

  • 106-meter tower and spire
  • Nordic National Romantic style
  • Inaugurated in 1923

The City Hall is one of the buildings that makes Stockholm the city that it is!

It took over eight million bricks to build the impressive building. The inside is absolutely fascinating, it’s no wonder the National Banquet is held in the City Hall every year!

Editor’s note: Save a bit of cash in Stockholm with our guide to budget hostels in Stockholm!


#15 – Explore the City by Segway

Explore the City by Segway

  • 2-hour tour
  • Scenic views
  • See the 3 Crowns Palace

Take in picturesque views of the city as you travel along Stockholms many waterfront streets.

You’ll pass the 3 Crowns Palace which is the official home of the Royal family of Sweden. You’ll then explore some of the 14 islands that make up Stockholm.

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#16 – Spend an Exciting Day at Grona Lund

One of the Best Fun Things to Do in Stockholm

  • Sweden’s oldest amusement park
  • First opened in 1883
  • Concerts in the park

This state of the art amusement park opened all the way back in 1883 but is still very much up-to-date. In fact, a new roller coaster is unveiled every few years.

Concerts are often played in the park and some of the most famous artists of all time have played there. Among them are Paul McCartney, ABBA, and Bob Marley.

Don’t stop the party! Read up on Stockholm’s best party hostels too!

#17 – Learn About the Ghosts of Stockholm

Learn About the Ghosts of Stockholm

  • 5-hour night tour
  • Admire the medieval town
  • Hear ghost stories

As you stroll Stockholm’s narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards, you’ll be told tales of murder, myths, mysteries, executions, assassinations, diseases and ghosts.

You’ll explore the dark streets that make up the very oldest portion of the city because it really is one of the best places to visit in Stockholm!

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#18 – Skate on Natural Ice

Skate on Natural Ice
A ‘Cool’ Thing to Do in Stockholm in Winter
  • 5-hour tour
  • Learn how to skate
  • Experience different locations

Spend the entire day traveling to different natural ice skating locations. You’ll learn techniques for skating on natural ice and all equipment is provided for you.

This is a great activity for anyone wanting to get a little active on their vacation!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#19 – Indulge in a Lunch Aboard a Cruise to Vaxholm

  • 3-hour lunch cruise
  • Chef prepared meal
  • Swedish cuisine

Climb aboard the classic ship that sails the canals of Stockholm before indulging in a delicious chef-prepared lunch!

You’ll sail toward the wonderful island of Vaxholm and see its many wooden houses nestled in between the luscious trees.


#20 – Take Part in Sport Fishing

Take Part in Sport Fishing
The Perfect Activity for Fishing Fanatics
  • 4-8 hour tour
  • Safe fishing boat
  • Equipment provided

If you love the ocean then take a sport fishing trip around the archipelago.

If you’ve never fished before, your guide will help you learn the ropes so that you can enjoy the thrill of the chase during your fishing experience!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#21 – Go on a Wildlife Safari

Go on a Wildlife Safari

  • 4-hour excursion
  • Sunset tour
  • See Swedish wildlife

Take off on this incredible excursion as the sun sets over Sweden. You’ll travel 20 minutes from Stockholm city to the wilderness where you’ll see moose, wild boars, and roe deer herds.

You’ll take a short hike through the forest to enhance your chances of seeing wildlife!

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#22 – Stroll Through the Nordic Museum

One of the Best Cheap Things to Do in Stockholm

  • Learn about Sweden
  • 16th century onwards
  • Learn about Sami

Take a walk through the Nordic Museum where you’ll learn about the history of Sweden and it’s only indigenous culture – the Sami culture.

You can expect to see traditional costumes, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, folk art, and furniture.


#23 – Visit Fotografiska

Visit Fotografiska
A Great Experience for Photography Lovers!
  • Center of contemporary photography
  • World-class exhibition
  • Buy a souvenir

Visit the famous Fotografiska, an exhibition center that displays contemporary photography. Once you’ve paid the entrance fee, you can wander around at your own pace and also enjoy drinks and live music until late at night.

Be sure to buy a print of your favorite artwork at the gift store.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price

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#24 – Shop-til-you-drop at Stockholm’s Best Shopping Locations

Shop-til-you-drop at Stockholm's Best Shopping Locations

  • 2-hour tour
  • VIP shopping experience
  • Guided by a fashion expert

If you love to shop, this is going to be a great activity to take part in. You’ll visit luxury boutiques, designer brands, Scandinavian fashion stores, and vintage shops.

Your guide will customize your shopping experience to suit your taste in fashion to make sure you’re making the most of your day!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#25 – Taste Your Way Through Stockholm City

Taste Your Way Through Stockholm City
Very Romantic For Couples
  • Visit the city’s food markets
  • 4-hour tour
  • Sample traditional Swedish food

Stockholm is famous for its many food markets, and on this tour, you’ll get to explore them and sample some of Sweden’s best traditional food!

You’ll sample local cheeses and meats before tasting some of Sweden’s specialty treats.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#26 – Explore Stortorget Square

One of the Most Important Sites in Stockholm

  • The oldest square in Stockholm
  • The highest point on Gamla Stan island
  • The square is filled with historical significance

Stortorget Square was the first place in Stockholm that building started taking place. The square has seen a fair bit of drama in its day. In the square, you’ll be able to learn about the Stockholm bloodbath of 1520, when 90 people were executed in the square by Danish forces.

You’ll also find a cannonball lodged in the wall in the corner of the square, which is also said to be from the same time period.


#27 – Learn About Viking Culture

Learn About Viking Culture
Fun For the Whole Family
  • 5-6 hour tour
  • See the Swedish countryside
  • Professional guide

At the start of your tour, you’ll venture out into the beautiful Swedish countryside to see some of the most famous Viking sites in the country.

You’ll visit a Viking parliament, grave field, bridge and the historic Viking town of Sigtuna.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#28 – Browse the Stockholm Public Library

  • Opened in 1928
  • No entrance fee
  • Many English books

The Stockholm Public Library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It’s a gigantic hall encircled with walls of books that create an absolutely magical setting.

It was the first library in Stockholm that allows readers to browse the shelves without having to consult a librarian and is one of the best things to see in Stockholm.


#29 – Go on a Swedish Pub Crawl

Go on a Swedish Pub Crawl
A Great Experience for Wine Lovers!
  • 7-hour tour
  • Experience Stockholms nightlife
  • Make new friends

Spend the night indulging in one of the best pub-crawls in Stockholm.

On the tour, you’ll visit 3 bars and a club where you can enjoy 3 free cocktail shots, as well as 20% off all beers, ciders, and wines that you buy during the evening.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#30 – Take an Instagrammable Tour of Stockholm

Take an Instagrammable Tour of Stockholm

  • Camera friendly tour
  • Guided by an Instagram influencer
  • Visit stunning locations

On this tour, you’ll be led around the city to some of the most Instagrammable locations.

Take pictures of beautiful landscapes, incredible viewpoints that will take your breath away, and Stockholm must-see hotspots that are trending around the city.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#31 – Explore Sodermalm Island by Foot

Explore Sodermalm Island by Foot
All Ages Will Love This
  • 5-hour tour
  • Discover restaurants and cafes
  • Learn about its tormented history

Take a guided tour of Sodermalm Island which is now home to the biggest hipster community in Stockholm.

You’ll learn about the witch trials and executions that took place in the area and explore the cute restaurants and cafes that the locals frequent every day.

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to do in Stockholm, you can start planning your very own Stockholm itinerary! If you’re a lover of interesting culture and rich history, you’re sure to have a fabulous time exploring the fascinating archipelago.

We hope you have a better idea of what to see in Stockholm after reading this article and make a list of your favorite Stockholm places to visit!

It’s time to book your flights and start packing for an archipelago adventure! There are so many Stockholm sights waiting for you. We hope you’re ready for the ultimate Swedish vacation!

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