The 7 Best Hostels in Banff cost HOW MUCH?

No one travels to Canada for the urban sprawls of Toronto or Vancouver. It is the breathtaking scenery in the mountains which captivates the minds of many travelers and inspires them to book that plane ticket to the Canadian wilderness. Banff showcases all of the rustic beauty that Canada has to offer, while still being accessible from most major cities. With some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, Banff is a pilgrimage site for both your high-end luxury travelers as well as backpackers.

With a city which prides itself for being on the doorstep of the great outdoors, you will find little in terms of cheap backpackers hostels. Many luxury resorts and hotels have claimed large swaths of land, thus finding a perfect home away from home can take quite a bit of research.

Your escape to the great Rocky Mountains just got a lot easier with our one-stop guide! Bringing together all of the best hostels in Banff, you will find yourself hiking and rafting your heart out in no time!

The rustic charms and wildlife await you on the trail! Your Canadian adventure is just a few clicks away!

Quick Answers – The Coolest Hostels in Banff

#1 Best overall hostel in Banff: Samesun Banff
#2 Best budget hostel in Banff: Hi Banff Alpine Centre
#3 Best luxury hostel in Banff: Hi Lake Louise
#4 Best hostel for solo travelers in Banff: YWCA Banff Hotel
#5 Best hostel with private rooms in Banff: HI Castle Mountain
#6 Best hostel near Downtown: Banff International Hostel
#7 Best hostel off the grid: HI Mosquito Creek


#1 – Samesun Banff

 Best overall hostel in Banff

Why we like Samesun Banff…
Day or night, something is always going on at Samesun Banff! This trendy youth hostel will have you jumping out of bed every morning to a free breakfast with views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. After downing that last sip of coffee, explore the Canadian wilderness of horseback or on the river! End your perfect day by cracking open a cold one at Samesun’s own onsite bar!

Samesun Banff is perfect for…
If you are looking for a hostel which will check all of the boxes, then Samesun Banff is perfect for you! With ample space to relax in, an amazing breakfast and bar, as well as activities which will have you exploring the Rockies for weeks, Samesun is your perfect hub for experiencing everything Banff has to offer!

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#2 – Hi Banff Alpine Centre

 Best budget hostel in Banff

Why we like Hi Banff Alpine Centre…
Just because you are a bit strapped on cash, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of the Canadian Rockies! With discount tours and even free bus tickets, Banff Alpine center will have their guests saving money and spending it where it truly matters! Top it all off with an onsite bar and games room, and you will be living the high-life while still having a fat wallet!

Hi Banff Alpine Centre is perfect for…
those backpackers traveling on a shoestring, Hi Banff Alpine Centre will have you stretching out your money while still having the time of your life! With all the discounts and freebies as well as the stellar bar and lounges around the hostel, staying at the Alpine Centre is a no brainer!

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#3 – Hi Lake Louise

 Best luxury hostel in Banff

  • Cost – $$
  • Location – Village Road, Box 115 Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Alberta
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like Hi Lake Louise…
This hostel is nothing short of being called a paradise for backpackers. Hi Lake Louise pampers weary travelers with vaulted ceilings, a sauna, a crackling fireplace, an outdoor patio, and even an onsite restaurant. Once you finally break away from the comfort of this luxurious hostel, explore the many surrounding trails which snake through the breathtaking Canadian Rockies!

Hi Lake Louise is perfect for…
those travelers looking to strike a balance between both luxury and ruffing it will find that Hi Lake Lousie seamlessly blends the two methods of travel. Despite all of the luxuries within its doors, Hi Lake Louise still maintains that indescribable backpackers atmosphere with its shared kitchen and lounges. Even as a youth hostel, Hi Lake Louise raises the bar and gives you all the perks of a hotel, but at a hostel’s price!

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#4 – YWCA Banff Hotel

Best hostel for solo travelers in Banff

YWCA Banff Hotel
YWCA Banff Hotel is the best hostel for solo travelers in Banff

Why we like YWCA Banff Hotel…
Although they may call themselves a hotel, YWCA offers both cheap private rooms as well as dorms for all kinds of travelers. With the hostel’s spacious lounges and large dining rooms, you are getting a hotel experience at a backpackers price! With a shared kitchen, travelers looking to ditch the hotel experience can brew up their own concoctions. No matter how you may like to travel, the YWCA has a bed for you!

YWCA Banff Hotel is perfect for…
those travelers looking for a bit of everything will find themselves right at home at YWCA Banff Hotel. With cheap beds, an excellent location, hospitable staff, and even large lounges to mix with other travelers, the YWCA takes all of a backpacker’s needs and satisfies them all at YWCA Banff Hotel!

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#5 – HI Castle Mountain

Best hostel with private rooms in Banff

HI Castle Mountain
HI Castle Mountain is the best hostel with private rooms in Banff
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – Box 1358, Banff, T1L 1B3 (Banff National Park)
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like Hi Castle Mountain…
Located smack in between Banff and Lake Lousie, Hi Castle Mountian gives you all the ruggedness of sleeping in the wilderness while still providing all the comforts of a city! With large lounges and a welcoming fireplace, you will find yourself not wanting to leave you mountain oasis! While you will get all of the excitement of roughing it in the mountains, Hi Castle still has you covered with comfortable beds, hot water, and staff that will see to it that you have the time of your life!

Hi Castle Mountain is perfect for…
No matter if you are looking to mix with other backpackers or maybe take a break and retire to your own private room, Hi Castle Mountain has a bed just for you! With their perfect location, relaxing mountain vibes, and trails brimming with adventure, your Rocky Mountain experience starts at Hi Castle!

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#6 – Banff International Hostel

Best hostel near downtown in Banff

Banff International Hostel
Banff International Hostel is the best hostel near downtown in Banff

Why we like Banff International Hostel…
Wanting to experience the Rocky Mountains but not wanting to leave all the action of the city behind? Banff International  Hostel is as close as you can get to all of the restaurants, bars, and clubs in town. Once you get sick of strolling down Main Street you can still find plenty of buses taking you all throughout the mountains, from hot springs to hiking trails, Banff International connects you to all the best sites in the Rockies!

Banff International Hostel is perfect for…
those travelers who want to get away from it all but still want to find a place to go out at night. Banff International puts their guests nearby all of the coffee shops and restaurants downtown while still opening up the entrance to all of the Rocky Mountains. With bars around the corner and hikes just a bus ride away, you are never going to have two days be exactly the same while staying at Banff International Hostel!

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#7 – HI Mosquito Creek

Best hostel off the grid

HI Mosquito Creek
HI Mosquito Creek is the best hostel off the grid
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – Highway 93, c/o PO Box 1358, Banff, Alberta
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like HI Mosquito Creek…
No one travels to the Rockies to be plugged into WIFI or to be staring at a TV. Hi Mosquito gets travelers back to basics by defining what roughing it truly means. Take away the electricity, running water, and phones and substitute it for hiking, cycling, and some of the best friends you could ever imagine meeting on the road! Located in the heart of Banff National Park, Hi Mosquito makes living off the grid look like a cake walk!

HI Mosquito Creek is perfect for…
those travelers looking to truly get away from it all and have that authentic Rocky Mountain cabin experience will hear Hi Mosquito Creek calling their name. With so many trails to hike and mountains to climb, you will never have a dull moment at this rustic hostel. Top it all off with meeting other like-minded travelers looking to get off the beaten path, and you are sure to have an adventure for the books!

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How Much are Hostels in Banff?

A dorm room is usually between $20 and $30 per night, while private rooms start around $50. It's a bit more expensive than some backpacking locations, but you can expect great amenities!

What are Hostels in Banff Like?

Expect natural, earthy vibes and plenty of cabin-style decorations! Banff is an outdoor enthusiasts' dream, and the hostels definitley cater to the hiking and backpacking crowd which is attracted to the amazing natural beauty of Banff.

How Safe are Hostels in Banff?

In general, very safe. Banff is a popular vacation destination in Canada, and a very safe place to visit. Hostels typically have great security features and the town is not known for crime. Just watch out for grizzly bears!

How to Find Hostels in Banff?

Check out online search platforms like HostelWorld to compare your options. If you're traveling to other places in Canada like Vancouver or Toronto, you can ask for a recommendation from your current hotel or hostel.

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Samesun Banff

  • Free Breakfast, Free WiFi, Towels Included
Check for Best Price

Hi Banff Alpine Centre

  • Free WiFi, Outdoor Terrace, Book Exchange
Check for Best Price

Hi Lake Louise

  • Free WiFi, Towels Included, Late check-out
Check for Best Price

YWCA Banff Hotel

  • Towels Included, Hot Showers, Airport Transfers
Check for Best Price

HI Castle Mountain

  • Self-Catering Facilities, Common Room, Late check-out
Check for Best Price

Banff International Hostel

  • Free WiFi, Self-Catering Facilities, Luggage Storage
Check for Best Price

HI Mosquito Creek

  • Free Parking, Common Room, Luggage Storage
Check for Best Price



The mountains are calling your name! From the highest peaks to the deepest lakes, the Rockies showcase a diverse range of landscapes before your eyes! Spend your days paddling down the river or hiking through the wilderness, no matter what strikes your fancy, you can find it in Banff!

This mountain refuge has everything from relaxing saunas to rustic cabins suiting all kinds of travelers! Although you may find the luxury resorts outnumber the youth hostels, you will still find no shortage of backpackers making the treck up to Banff!

If you find yourself up in the Canadian Rockies be sure to stay at Samesun Banffan extremely well-rounded hostel and our pick for the best youth hostel in Banff!

Get your paddles ready or your skies on! The first step on the trail leading you to a vacation full of adventure in Banff starts here!

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