5 Weird and Wonderful Destination Perfect for Students

When going on vacations, most students would prefer to venture off the beaten path in search of incredible experiences and fascinating places. Wading through familiar and touristy places is unappealing for these adventurous young travellers. They would prefer somewhere unique to show off friends or experience the thrill.

For students looking to spice up their travel itinerary, look no further than our list of five weird and wonderful destinations perfect for students.

#1 – Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

Vienna may not be as famous as London or Paris, but it has its share of historical and cultural attractions. Despite being home to almost 2 million people, Vienna feels more like a town than a large city, which makes exploring the city very manageable. Students looking for a less-crowded place to visit in Europe should consider Vienna.

Vienna offers numerous incredible things to see and do. But if you only have a day or two, you should visit some of its highlights, including the Mozart Museum, which houses artefacts, paintings, and memorability of the famous composer. The magnificent Schonbrunn Palace is also a must-see. It’s a UNESCO-listed palace with over a thousand rooms and is undoubtedly Vienna’s most visited attraction. Marvel at the original paintings and stroll through the extensive gardens.

The best place to soak up the culture is to visit a local market. So, head to Naschmarkt, a massive open-air food market that’s been around for hundreds of years and houses over a hundred stalls. Here, you can binge on delectable local foods, such as Wiener schnitzel, perfect with a glass of beer.

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#2 – Dusseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany

When going to Germany for a holiday, most tourists would head straight to Berlin or Munich. But for students seeking incredible experiences, Düsseldorf is the place to be. In addition, it’s cheaper to visit than other cities in Germany. Students can get cheap flights to Düsseldorf, perfect if they are on a budget.

Steeped in centuries of history, Dusseldorf is a delight to explore for history lovers. Walking through its picturesque streets is like travelling back in time! Visit Kaiserpfalz, the ruins of the 10th Century Castle of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. Head to the mediaeval Old Town of Altstadt and grab a drink at one of the many pubs and bars in the area. The Schloss Jägerhof and countless monuments around Dusseldorf are a witness to wars, destruction, and peace. Students fond of history will have plenty of historic sights to discover in this fascinating city.

Another reason to visit Dusseldorf is to discover its thriving art and culture scene. The city is home to some of Europe’s best museums and galleries, such as the Kunstsammlung, which has a superb collection of modern arts, and the Neanderthal Museum, showcasing a fascinating account of human evolution.

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#3 – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

With its romantic charm and fairy-tale-like castles, Budapest is a magnificent place to visit. It’s an ideal destination for students looking for an underrated place in Europe. It once consisted of two cities, Buda and Pest, with the Danube River flowing through the middle. Aside from taking in the views of the river from Buda’s Castle Hill, you will find many other fun things to do on your visit to Budapest.

When getting around Budapest, stroll across the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to get a feel of the city. Discover different blends of architectural styles, such as the magnificent House of Parliament, which sits along the Danube River’s shore. It features Neo-Gothic and Baroque architecture, renowned for its distinct red dome and almost 700 rooms.

Venture up the Castle Hill to admire the city’s panoramic views. You can climb the steps or take a funicular ride to the castle level. Dominating Castle Hill is the majestic Matthias Church, with its mosaic-tiled roof. Beside it is the Fisherman’s Bastion, with little nooks and alleyways that are fun to explore. Strolling around the bastion feels like being in a fairy-tale book.

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#4 – Berat, Albania

Berat, Albania
Berat, Albania

Albania is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets and an ideal destination for students looking for off-the-beaten places to visit. Students can enjoy small group tours in Albania, a great way to see more of the country, including Berat. Berat is a beautiful city home to ancient neighbourhoods with traditional Ottoman houses flanked by the River Osum.

Due to Berat’s picturesque location, you’ll find numerous stunning vistas in the city. Check out the Berat Castle, where you can admire the city’s panoramic views and beyond. Hike towards Gorica Hill across the scenic river and admire the majestic Berat Castle. As you wander around Berat’s cobbled streets, you’ll stumble upon beautiful mosques, centuries-old churches, and fascinating ruins.

Berat is the best place to discover Albania’s local cuisine. Albanian cuisines are incredibly delicious, with some excellent vegetarian options. Some dishes to try are Speca të mbushura and Tava e Kosit. Head to the city’s historical centre, where you’ll find top-rated restaurants to enjoy mouth-watering local foods.

While many tourists go to Berat as a day trip, it’s worth staying a day or two to make the most of your visit and explore its surrounding areas, such as the Osumi Canyon and Bogove Waterfall. If you’re into wine, check out some local wineries outside Berat.


#5 – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

A city rich in culture and tradition, Prague is an incredible place for students to visit in Europe. It’s a place where modern and traditional meets. Whether you love culture, arts, history, and beautiful scenery, Prague will delight you in many ways.

Aside from the usual must-sees like Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock, and Charles Bridge, you’ll see other hidden gems as you stroll around the city. On top of that, there are always events happening in the city, from bustling markets to light festivals and circus events. Students who love to party will find Prague a fun place to explore.

While in Prague, don’t miss out on the many attractions with historical significance, such as the Strahov Monastery, which features the best examples of Baroque interiors. You should also visit St Nicholas Church, another example of Baroque architecture.

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