Are these the 19 BEST HOSTELS in Rome? [2023!]

Best Hostels in RomeRome is ‘The Eternal City’ – and for good reason. Not only does the Italian capital boast 3,000 years of being continuously inhabited, it’s also exerted unfathomable influence on the Western world, helping to shape our society as we know it today.

The Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Basilica di San Giovanni – the list goes on. But being such a premium spot for famous sights, it’s true that Rome doesn’t come cheaply.

Thankfully there are loads of hostels to help keep costs down when exploring this storied city – and we are have categorised the best hostels in Rome so you can find the one that’s right for you.

But which one do you pick? Let’s take a peek into the coolest hostels in Rome, Italy!

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Quick Answers – The Coolest Hostels in Rome

#1 Best Overall Hostel in Rome – The RomeHello Hostel
#2 Best Party Hostel in Rome – The Yellow
#3 Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Rome – Dreaming Rome Hostel
#4 Best Hostel in Trastevere – Hostel Trustever
#5 Best Hostel near Vatican City – Comics Guesthouse
#6 Best Hostel near Fiumicino Airport – Generator Rome
#7 Best Hostel near Rome Termini Station – Palladini Hostel Rome
#8 Best High-end Hostel in Rome – Blue Hostel
#9 Best Budget Hostel in Rome – Legends
#10 Best Hostel with a Private Room in Rome – La Controra Hostel


#1 – The RomeHello Hostel

Best Overall Hostel in Rome

Why we like The RomeHello Hostel…
This place features a whole host of weekly activities – think pasta nights, wine, foosball, general gatherings and get-togethers – making it very social; the staff are also great and conducive to an atmosphere of sociability as well as being helpful; plus its all very stylish. This all adds up to the best overall hostel in Rome.

The RomeHello Hostel is perfect for…
This hostel will suit anyone from a solo traveller looking to meet some new people, to digital nomads looking for a stylish space in which to do a spot of remote working. Besides being one of the coolest hostels in Rome, it also benefits from being well run, well organised, and with great facilities, making it a prime spot for backpackers.

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#2 – The Yellow

 Best Party Hostel in Rome

Why we like The Yellow…
We love that this award-winning hostel is a no-holds-barred party place: the bar is amazing, the fun, youthful atmosphere is strong, and the amount of events going on, including live music, make it a place that never gets boring, easily placing it as the best party hostel in Rome. Plus we love the industrial chic of its dorms.

The Yellow is perfect for…
Party people! Quite without equal in Rome, this is the premiere party hostel that Rome has to offer. Hands down. And, even better, if you’re a student you’ll find a lot of like-minded people here just looking to let their hair down and have a good time; it’s definitely the place to come if that sounds like you!

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#3 – Dreaming Rome Hostel

 Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Rome

Why we like Dreaming Rome Hostel…
We love a good atmosphere and there’s certainly one of those going on at this top hostel in Rome. It’s easy to see why: the staff are amazing, making you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door with a complimentary glass of wine. After that all the communal pasta nights make this the best hostel for solo travellers in Rome.

Dreaming Rome Hostel is perfect for…
Looking for somewhere to meet new people? Or want somewhere you can have a fun time? Well, you can do both at Dreaming Rome. The staff pride themselves on making people feel welcome and the small, intimate common areas are great places to get to know fellow travellers.

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#4 – Hostel Trustever

Best Hostel in Trastevere

Hostel Trustever best hostels in Rome
Hostel Trustever is the best hostel in Trastevere in Rome

Why we like Hostel Trustever…
Hostel Trustever’s location in the cool, laid-back district of Trastevere is a great example of a hostel mirroring its surroundings: that’s right, this top hostel in Rome is very cool and – with its eclectic decor and effortless style – quite possibly the coolest hostel in Rome. It’s easy to like for that reason alone!

Hostel Trustever is perfect for…
For the best hostel in Trastevere – an area that eschews the main sights and iconic landmarks of ‘eternal city’ Rome for craft beer and an interesting nightlife – look no further than this place. When it comes to cool hostels in Rome, this one’s up there – so hipsters, take note!

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#5 – Comics Guesthouse

 Best Hostel near Vatican City

Comics Guesthouse best hostels in Rome
Comics Guesthouse is the best hostel near Vatican City in Rome

Why we like Comics Guesthouse…
The thing we love the most about this Rome backpackers hostel is its obsession with comics. The pages from comics plastered on the walls, images of famous characters – from the Simpsons to the Marvel universe – the bright and colourful comic-book-style decor – everything adds up to a unique stay that’s also very near a world-famous place.

Comics Guesthouse is perfect for…
Comic fans! Most definitely those who enjoy comics will love this place the most. On top of that it’s also the best hostel near Vatican City – just a short metro ride and a few minutes’ walk will take you to the Catholic microstate itself and all the storied Renaissance treasures that decorate the elegant, breathtaking buildings inside.

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#6 – Generator Rome

 Best Hostel near Fiumicino Airport

Generator Rome best hostels in Rome
Generator Rome is the best hostel near Fiumicino Airport in Rome

Why we like Generator Rome…
Being located so close to Rome Termini station also means being able to get to Rome’s airport very easily – we like that a lot; what we also like is that this is a branch of hostel chain Generator, meaning a mark of fun, trendy, hip quality has been stamped on this place. It’s one of the top hostels in Rome.

Generator Rome is perfect for…
Those looking for stress-free travel to the airport will love staying here. Because this place is so great, we’d also say it’s the best hostel near Fiumicino Airport; not because it’s actually near, but because getting there is so convenient from this effortlessly cool Rome backpackers hostel. The staff are also very helpful, which is a plus in a big city like Rome.

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#7 – Palladini Hostel Rome

Best Hostel near Rome Termini Station

Palladini Hostel Rome best hostels in Rome
Palladini Hostel Rome is the best hostel near Rome Termini Station in Rome

Why we like Palladini Hostel Rome…
Just 300 metres away from Rome’s railway station, we love the fact that this budget hostel in Rome is so conveniently placed in the city. Being the best hostel near Rome Termini Station doesn’t just mean it’s close – it also features bright, modern decor that makes a change for hostels located near train stations.

Palladini Hostel Rome is perfect for…
If being near a transport hub is something that makes you feel better when it comes to the pursuit of stress-free travel, then staying at Palladini is probably the best choice for you. And not only is it right near Termini, but there are also many sights besides to explore in the nearby area, making it a good base for city exploration.

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#8 – Blue Hostel

 Best High-end Hostel in Rome

Blue Hostel best hostels in Rome
Blue Hostel is the best high-end hostel in Rome

Why we like Blue Hostel…
Housed in a former 17th-century convent, this hostel is absolutely stunning. Not only is it set in this beautiful old building, but it’s also been recently renovated, meaning that all of its rooms are new and contemporary – yet with antique features that make it easily one the coolest hostels in Rome.

Blue Hostel is perfect for
Couples! Of course, those looking to get away from it all and stay somewhere with a bit of history and atmosphere without having to pay the exorbitant prices that Rome is known for will love this place. This is the best hostel high-end hostel in Rome, being more like a boutique hotel than a hostel, and those on a romantic getaway will appreciate that.

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#9 – Legends

 Best Budget Hostel in Rome

Legends best hostels in Rome
Legends is the best budget hostel in Rome

Why we like Legends…
Whilst the social atmosphere – helped by wine nights and staff who get involved in the merriment themselves – is something that we like about this Rome backpackers hostel, we also really like the price of this place. In fact, we’d say it’s the best budget hostel in Rome; value for money means a lot of extras for no extra cash.

Legends is perfect for…
Budgeteers! If you’re looking for somewhere to meet people, have a good time, and save a little bit of money while doing it, then here’s the place for you. The free croissant and coffee every morning is also a nice touch, giving you enough fuel to get out and into the streets of Rome in search of more delicious food!

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#10 – La Controra Hostel

Best Hostel with a Private Room in Rome

La Controra Hostel best hostels in Rome
La Controra Hostel is the best hostel with a private room in Rome

Why we like La Controra Hostel…
We love the style of this cool hostel in Rome – clean lines, minimalism mixed with eclectic decor. It’s everything we love in a place. Not only that, but the private rooms on offer here are like something you’d see in a design magazine; they’re seriously stylish and that’s why it’s our choice for the best hostel with a private room in Rome.

La Controra Hostel is perfect for…
If you’re looking for a hostel experience that isn’t necessarily one where everyone has to get along and do nightly activities together – more like a hotel or housemate-like stay where you can get to know people if you want, this Rome backpackers hostel may be the one for you. It’s also very clean and spacious, making it a slice of luxury for non-luxury prices.

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More Best Hostels in Rome

#11 – Orsa Maggiore

Orsa Maggiore best hostels in Rome
Orsa Maggiore

Why we like Orsa Maggiore…
Orsa Maggiore is Rome’s first female-only hostel, which is something we love. It means no creepy guys in the dorm rooms, no macho merrymaking in the common areas, and we’re absolutely fine with that. What we also love about this place is the pastel colours, bright aspects, newly renovated rooms and antique features – very cool.

Orsa Maggiore is perfect for…
Being a female-only hostel, it’s obvious whom this hostel is perfect for: females! But more specifically anyone looking for a safe, comfortable environment to stay in whilst in the eternal city will enjoy this recommended hostel in Rome. Also if you’re looking to be within comfortable walking distance of most of Rome’s top sights, here’s the spot!

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#12 – Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar

Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar best hostels in Rome
Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar

Why we like Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar…
We like the fact that this is another great party hostel in Rome – the rooftop bar is great for having a few drinks and getting to know your fellow travellers. Nightly events, like ‘Aperitivo and Italian Pizza’ night, and various happy hours mean that the atmosphere never falls below the realm of very fun, which – of course – we love.

Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar is perfect for…
This is another hostel primed and ready for party people to come and stay. Anybody who loves the idea of chilled rooftop drinking, an alternative perhaps less young party atmosphere to that of The Yellow (just around the corner from this hostel) and staff who’ll show you a good time should think about staying at this youth hostel in Rome.

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#13 – Freedom Traveller

Freedom Traveller best hostels in Rome
Freedom Traveller

Why we like Freedom Traveller…
Far from being just another Rome backpackers hostel located near Termini Station, we love that this place keeps a traditional hostel vibe going strong rather than merely being a place to rest your head at night. At Freedom Traveller there’s also a great fun, social vibe which we really appreciate.

Freedom Traveller is perfect for…
Looking to make friends? This place will suit you. With a beer garden to chill and socialise in, free wine every night for an hour (or two), and staff that make it an awesome, welcoming place to stay, you’ll have no complaints if you’re here to meet and mingle with fellow travellers.

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#14 – Meininger Roma Termini

MEININGER Roma Termini best hostels in Rome
MEININGER Roma Termini
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – Via San Martino della Battaglia, 16 – 00185 Roma
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like Meininger Roma Termini…
We very much enjoy just how new this hostel really is: it was opened in early 2018, making it one of the newest on Rome’s hostel scene and accordingly clean and cutting-edge. In addition, being a branch of Meininger means you know what you’re getting with the whole hostel-hotel crossover, which is a nice seal of reliability on an establishment.

Meininger Roma Termini is perfect for…
If what you’re looking for isn’t necessarily a hostel experience, but rather something more like a modern hotel (but for the price of a budget hostel in Rome) then this one is for you. It’s cool, Rome-themed and makes staying in a hostel feel more like you’ve booked yourself a place in a boutique hotel.

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#15 – Roman Holidays

Roman Holidays best hostels in Rome
Roman Holidays

Why we like Roman Holidays…
Not only is this recommended hostel in Rome located quite near to Termini Station – making travel both around and in/out of the city simple – but it’s also an intimate, cosy space that makes a welcome change to all the large hostels out there that feel a little bit too hotel-esque. We also loved the unexpected pastries at breakfast!

Roman Holidays is perfect for…
If being near a main transport hub gives you peace of mind, here’s a great place for you. Equally, if a more cosy setting of a youth hostel in Rome – complete with friendly, welcoming staff – sounds more like your thing than somewhere uber-trendy, this is probably a strong choice for you, too.

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#16 – Sandy Hostel

Sandy Hostel best hostels in Rome
Sandy Hostel

Why we like Sandy Hostel…
Being able to walk to some of the most killer sights in Rome – for example, the Colosseum – is a great boon to any hostel, so this place has it made when it comes to a great location. We also really like that this place has been serving travellers since 1990 – they’re doing something right!

Sandy Hostel is perfect for…
If location is something that you swear by when you’re looking for somewhere to stay, then you’ll be impressed with where this budget hostel in Rome is located. There are affordable restaurants and cafes all around this area and top sights are easily walkable: culture-fiends and foodies rejoice!

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#17 – Hostella

Hostella best hostels in Rome

Why we like Hostella…
Though it isn’t the coolest hostel in Rome, what we do like about this place is that it features a very welcoming and homely vibe that we love. It’s not easy travelling by yourself, so when you get somewhere and feel instantly accepted and accommodated it makes all the difference; that’s the case here.

Hostella is perfect for…
Independent travellers will enjoy this more ‘traditional’ hostel. Of course, backpackers will also love being able to stay a little further out of the centre of the city with its tourist hotspots, historical sights and hipsters. That said, it’s easy to travel around from this location if you want to see more of what Berlin has to offer.

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#18 – Hostel Lodi

Hostel Lodi best hostels in Rome
Hostel Lodi

Why we like Hostel Lodi…
We really like the location of this budget hostel in Rome: set in the San Giovanni district means that there’s a lot of history as well as eating-and-drinking establishments to explore on your doorstep. The oldest church in Rome is in this district – as is the oldest (and most famous) gelateria, Fassi, established in 1880!

Hostel Lodi is perfect for…
Foodies and culture-lovers will love this hostel’s location in the area of San Giovanni; there’s a lot to explore – and a lot to eat – in this storied district of Rome, meaning you’ll barely be focusing on the iconic sights of Rome – but the Colosseum can wait if there’s the best tiramisu in Rome to be had at Bar Pompi, can’t it?

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#19 – The Beehive

The Beehive best hostels in Rome
The Beehive

Why we like The Beehive…
The Beehive is a slice of chilled homeliness – and that’s mostly why we love this top hostel in Rome. It’s helped by their cafe to which you can wander down barefoot for your morning coffee, the helpful, friendly staff, the general non-party atmosphere which makes it like a genuine oasis in what can be a very chaotic city.

The Beehive is perfect for…
If you’re looking to party, or even to have a beer with fellow travellers in the evening, this isn’t the place for you. However, if you’re looking to stay somewhere low-key in a neighbourhood that features many hidden gems in a city of quite obvious tourist sights, then this recommended hostel in Rome is a good choice for you.

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How Much are Hostels in Rome?

On the cheap end dorm rooms will cost around $15 per night, or up to $30 for a nicer spot. If you prefer your personal space, you can get a private room usually between $40 and $70.

What are Hostels in Rome Like?

You'll get a great blend of art, history, and contemporary style. Most hostels have nice, spacious rooms and communal lounges or terraces to meet and socialize with other guests. With so many travelers coming to Rome, you can find a great variety of hostels for every travel preference!

How Safe are Hostels in Rome?

Generally very safe! Rome is considered a very secure place to travel, even for solo travelers. Most hostels have great security features and are located in safe neighborhoods.

How to Find Hostels in Rome?

Check out all the options using HostelWorld or other online search platforms! If you're traveling to other places in Italy, you can probably get tips from travelers or ask for a recommendation at your current hotel or hostel.



The RomeHello Hostel

  • Free city maps, free wifi, bar
Check Best Price

The Yellow

  • Free wifi, bar
Check Best Price

Dreaming Rome Hostel

  • Free breakfast, free city maps, free wifi
Check Best Price

Hostel Trustever

  • Free city maps, free wifi, free city tour
Check Best Price

Comics Guesthouse

  • Free city maps, free wifi, towels included
Check Best Price

Generator Rome

  • Free city maps, free wifi, bar
Check Best Price

Palladini Hostel Rome

  • Free city maps, free wifi, bar
Check Best Price

Blue Hostel

  • Free wifi, towels included
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  • Free breakfast, free wifi, free city maps
Check Best Price

La Controra Hostel

  • Free city maps, free wifi
Check Best Price


Conclusion to the coolest hostels in Rome

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So, that’s that! There are a lot of cool places in Italy that we’ve found for you to choose from, some homely and warm, some cutting-edge cool, others suited to female travellers, still more in very convenient locations.

From being able to walk to the Colosseum, to being within sight of Vatican City, wherever you choose to stay there’s a good metro system here making it easy to get where you want to be.

And dotted throughout the city you can get a cup of coffee sitting on the terrace whilst people watching; some delicious ice cream at a gelateria; and, most famously of all, a slice or two of Roman pizza.

If you’re still finding it difficult to make a decision, there’s always our top choice: The RomeHello Hostel is the best overall hostel in Rome. So grab a cappuccino and we’ll meet you on the Spanish Steps!

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