OSPREY ATMOS AG 65 Review [2023!]

Here’s the deal…

If you are looking for an AMAZING backpack, this Osprey Atmos 65 review will blow your mind! The Atmos 65 is a dream-bag for the right person and is easily one of the best backpacks on the market.

But the question is… are YOU the right person?

That’s exactly why we put together this review! In this ultimate buyers guide we show you every pro and con of this backpack so you’ll easily be able to find out whether or not it’s the perfect bag for you.

Let’s jump into the best Osprey Atmos 65 review on the web!

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Ultimate Osprey Atmos AG 65 Review

Osprey Atmos AG 65

Quick Answers – The Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack IS PERFECT for you if…

  • You’re planning a first time backpacking trip – Osprey, as we all know, has a certain standard of quality that you’re going to want if you’re travelling around Southeast Asia or South America for the first time ever. You don’t want a bad bag for your first trip away. Alternatively, if somebody you know is planning a trip then why not treat them to this? It makes the perfect backpacking gift.
  • You like trekking The Osprey Atmos AG 65 strikes a balance between capacity and comfort that means you’ll be able to carry it long distances. Not only that but it’s built for these sorts of activities, being water resistant and all.
  • You want something that’s going to last Again, Osprey is a brand that’s all about quality, so you can count on the Atmos AG 65 to be super durable. It won’t be breaking on you anytime soon. There’s also a mad good guarantee.
  • You’re all about the comfort This backpack is ULTRA comfortable. It’s padded, got a crazy cool suspension system (AntiGravity: that’s what the ‘AG’ is all about) meaning the weight is distributed well. It’s actually fun to carry.
  • You plan on camping – The Atmos AG has a dedicated sleeping bag compartment, special slots for trekking poles, and all sorts of other stuff that make it perfect for outdoorsy adventuring.

Quick Answers – The Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack IS NOT for you if…

  • You only do short trips – Let’s be honest, you really don’t need a 65 litre outdoors-oriented backpack if you’re all about weekend breaks and maybe a week away in the sun somewhere. Really unnecessary. If you need something smaller, check out the Osprey Farpoint 40 or the Nomatic Backpack.
  • You’re female Yes, that’s right, the Atmos is male-only. However, Osprey do have the option of a female version of this range: the Osprey Aura.
  • You’re looking for a clamshell-opening bag With all of its amazing plus points, the Atmos AG 65 doesn’t exactly win points for its standard top-loading opening. This means you’ll have to dig through to find stuff you want. Sound annoying? Check out the Minaal 2.0 instead.
  • You’re a digital nomad There is no dedicated space at all for laptops or specialised electrical gear on the Atmos AG 65. If you are a Digital Nomad – the Nomatic Travel Pack was made for you. 
  • You want something less travel-y This backpack just looks exactly the way you’d expect a backpacking bag to look. It’s not for city breaks, it looks very outdoorsy. If you want to blend in more, check out the Tortuga Setout.


Different Osprey Backpacks

The Osprey Atmos AG may sound good and all, but maybe it’s not for you. Don’t worry though, Osprey have literally so many other backpacks to choose from.

Some of them are specialised for mountaineering and snowboarding, others are perfect for city trips and travellers with laptops. Whatever you do, whatever kind of backpack you want, chances are that Osprey has it. So here are some of the best… 

#1 – Aether Pro / Ariel Pro

Osprey Aether Pro - Ariel Pro
Osprey Aether Pro / Ariel Pro

Whilst the Atmos AG series is good for backpacking as Osprey’s standard (but quality) travelling option, the Aether and Ariel are a neat pair for backpackers who want to carry that bit more. Whilst the Atmos values compartments, the Aether/Aeriel is all about streamlining.

PS – We did a complete review of the Osprey Aether AG 70!

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#2 – Xenith / Xena

Osprey Xenith - Xena
Osprey Xenith / Xena

If you’re a hiker or backpacker who wants to carry even MORE stuff, then you need to be looking at the his- and-hers combo of the Xenith and Xena. Both are all about capacity, with the Xenith packing a particularly crazy 105L version! No compromises on comfort.

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#3 – Levity / Lumina

Osprey Levity / Lumina
Osprey Levity / Lumina

Available as either 60 or 45 litre versions, these are Osprey’s “superultralight” packs. These are much lighter than other offerings from the brand before you start packing them out, but remain the same comfortable, durable backpacks you’d expect ‘em to be.

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#4 – Stratos / Sirrus

Osprey Stratos - Sirrus
Osprey Stratos / Sirrus

We like that this male and female tag team is available in some nice colours: simple yet stand-out. With features like raincovers and adjustable torso length, availability in a whole load of sizes from 50 to 24L, this is a versatile and budget friendly option.

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#5 – Talon / Tempest

Talon / Tempest
Talon / Tempest

Speaking of versatility, Osprey have that gap particularly sewn up with the Talon/Tempest range. If you feel like hiking, camping, backpacking, or most multi-day outdoors pursuits, it’s a good option for rugged activities. 44, 33 and 22 litre versions available.

Check out our full Osprey Talon 33 review!

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#6 – Farpoint

Osprey Farpoint
Osprey Farpoint

For the digital nomad, there’s the Farpoint. It’s a unisex offering that you can get a few cool colours, complete with laptop sleeve and clamshell opening. What’s more is that the 40 litre version is accepted as carry-on by most airlines, too: no more luggage carousel hell.

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#7 – Porter

Osprey Porter
Osprey Porter

Another of Osprey’s options for the urban traveller out there, the Porter is all about offering more space than the Farpoint with similar features: laptop pockets, tons of organisational compartments, simple design. Bonus: the 46L Porter still counts as carry-on for a lot of airlines.

Check out our ultimate Osprey Porter 46 review!

Pro Tip – if you like the size of this backpack but not the look, check out the Tortuga Outbreaker instead!

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Osprey Atmos AG 65 Features

Osprey bags are so good because they’re comfortable, durable, easy-to-use – all that sort of stuff. But it’s the features behind these good attributes that truly make Osprey backpacks what they are, and the Atmos AG 65 is no exception.

It’s packed with a whole load of genius features and things you never knew you needed. So let’s have a look at the inner workings of this awesome backpack… 

AntiGravity suspension system

AntiGravity suspension system

Not one feature in itself exactly, but a “system” of different stuff, the AntiGravity suspension is what gives the Atmos AG the ‘AG’ part of the name. It consists of the hip belt, the mesh and even the frame, so that the bag doesn’t actually ever sit directly on your back and fits the contours of your body. This makes it super comfortable to carry.

  • Pro – No aches and pains even with a decent load
  • Con – If your bag is overloaded, it will hurt (consider a bigger bag!)

Lightweight tensioned peripheral frame

Lightweight tensioned peripheral frame

Part of the AG system is that the bag itself is made up of a lightweight frame. A hangover from the days when hiking packs were made up of super heavy metal frames with canvas thrown over the top, this is the space-age version of that, basically. Helps to transfer the weight of the load and balance it equally across your back.

  • Pro – Makes the whole thing more comfortable to wear
  • Con – However lightweight it’s STILL an extra weight

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Moulded padded shoulder straps

Moulded padded shoulder straps

Osprey is a brand known for its comfort, and the easiest way to tell if there’s been some REAL quality thinking (and materials) used in making comfort a top priority is to check the shoulder straps.

Cheap ones are foamy and thin and end up rubbing and digging in to your shoulders. Painful. But the Osprey Atmos AG 65 ones are wide, seriously thick and – with the hip belt – help to distribute the weight away from your shoulders.

  • Pro – Extra comfort fit and means you can wear the bag for quite a while 
  • Con – If the bag is overloaded (say past 40lbs) these will still hurt your shoulders

Adjustable torso height

Adjustable torso height

Another thing for the Osprey’s comfort credentials is being able to adjust the torso height of the Atmos AG 65 – that’s by 4 inches, either up or down. What this means is you can actually move the harness up and down (thanks to easy-release cames behind the harness yoke) and find the sweet spot for your height. Nice one.

  • Pro – Makes for a more customisable fit
  • Con – Could be more specialised 

Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment

Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment

This is a great little addition. If you’re hiking or trekking overnight somewhere and you need to use your hands for something other than holding your trekking poles, like scrambling, or holding onto something, you can quickly stash the pole away with this “Stow-on-the-Go” feature. That’s pretty handy.

  • Pro – Nice to have a dedicated spot for a trekking pole
  • Con – Could get really annoying because it’s right under arm!

Dual access stretch mesh side pockets

Dual access stretch mesh side pockets

The Osprey Atmos AG 65 has a handy pocket located on each side of the bag. In these you can stash things like a water bottle, a map, a pair of flip-flops – whatever you fancy. The stretch mesh means you aren’t too limited in the size of the item you can fit in here (within reason, obviously). They have zippers, so you can store your things in relative safety, too.

  • Pro – It’s just great to have extra space to stash things
  • Con – The zippers can be SUPER frustrating to use

Removable floating top lid

Removable floating top lid

This one sounds technical, we know, but it’s actually a pretty simple bit of design on the part of Osprey. Basically, the top lid of the bag can be extended or removed altogether; extending it means being able to fit in oversized times, whilst removing it means you can maximise on the empty space left by smaller loads.

  • Pro – You can literally make the bag lighter
  • Con – Seems a bit fussy

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Top lid pockets

On that lid, if you haven’t chosen to take it off the backpack, you’ll find a couple of zippered pockets. For easy access to things like a map, or a torch, or a guidebook, something that you want to grab on a bus journey or in your hostel room at night. Having these sizeable pockets just means you won’t have to be digging through the main compartment of your bag. We love the easy-access.

  • Pro – Great bit of functionality to what is basically a bit of fabric on top of the bag
  • Con – If your bag is packed full, they can be a bit harder to access

Top loading

Top loading

The Atmos AG 65 is a classic hiking backpack and therefore has the good old fashioned feature of being a top loading option. This means you can pack quickly and unpack just as easily, too. However having a top loading option means that a backpack can be more slimline on your back, which helps to balance the weight.

  • Pro – Lightens the load of having a zippered clamshell opening style
  • Con – If you’re not organised things can get super messy up in here

Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt

Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt

Another Osprey invention, the Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt allows for yet more body-type customisation. It’s a fancy way of saying that you can extend or retract the hip belt pads on both sides of the back within the bounds of 5”. Just another cool thing about the custom-fit options of this bag.

  • Pro – It means that the fit can be really tailored to your size
  • Con – Again, there’s extra weight being added to the bag here

Zippered hip belt pockets

Zippered hip belt pockets

Another feature of the hip belt is the pockets you’ll find on them. These are a great added extra to your bag. You may not think much of them, but it’s a good place to put things you need to reach easily – your phone,train tickets, a compass, sunglasses, those all important snacks. Plus they’ve got zippers so things won’t fall out.

  • Pro – It’s good to have easy-access pockets
  • Con – They feel small, fiddly and ultimately pointless

Front stretch mesh pockets

Front stretch mesh pockets

More pockets! These ones are located on the front of the Osprey Atmos AG 65 and are a good way to separate some larger items from the load in your main compartment, things like shoes or maybe some laundry you’ve been planning to do, waterproof gear; just about anything you feel like!

  • Pro – More opportunities to compartmentalise your stuff shouldn’t be sniffed at
  • Con – Add unsightly bulk to the front of the pack

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Internal hydration reservoir sleeve

Internal hydration reservoir sleeve

If you’re heading out on a long, multi-day trek or something that involves walking with your backpack on the whole time, this is an awesome idea. Situated inside the main body of the bag, between the frame and where you actually put your stuff, there’s a special sleeve a rehydration reservoir or bladder. Vital on long journeys!

  • Pro – Fits not only Osprey bladder types
  • Con – Feels like it should come with a complimentary reservoir!

Inside and outside compression straps

Inside and outside compression straps

Situated inside the bag itself, there are compression straps that you can cinch in to keep all your stuff in place. But not only that – this backpack comes with compression straps on the outside as well. The external ones are quite comprehensive and help to reduce bulk properly and even help distribute weight evenly around the bag.

  • Pro – Means you pack it with bulky, soft items without too much worry
  • Con – The inside straps in particular feel a bit flimsy

Sleeping bag compartment

Sleeping bag compartment

The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is for outdoor adventures and this specific feature really plays up to that. Yes, it’s a sleeping bag compartment. Right at the bottom of the backpack there’s a zipper compartment, perfect for your sleeping bag. Of course, this could also double up as a pocket to stow medium-sized items like a change of shoes, or a travel pillow.

There’s also a removable divider between the sleeping bag compartment and the main pocket of the bag, meaning you can use it as an extra access point, or a separate compartment altogether. 

  • Pro – As we always say, extra organisational capabilities are always welcome
  • Con – If you pack it with something heavier than a sleeping bag it could disrupt the pack’s balance

Comes in three sizes

This backpack is a pretty good option for customisation according to body size, but it’s better than just being able to adjust things once you have the bag. You can actually choose a small, medium or large version of the Atmos AG 65 to fit your back, mainly in terms of width.

  • Pro – You can really get yourself a backpack that’s a good fit for your body
  • Con – Only three categories to fit millions of unique human beings’ bodies

Water resistant

Water resistant

Being water resistant is definitely a good thing. The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is most likely going to keep your stuff relatively dry during a quick shower as you make your way from hostel to bus station, for example. That’s better than nothing, right?

  • Pro – Means your stuff won’t get absolutely drenched
  • Con – It’s not water PROOF though (and doesn’t come with a raincover either)

Durable fabric

Top loading

Osprey is all about quality, so of course the fabric is going to be top notch. This stuff is made from high tenacity nylon, meaning the chance of wear after short use, or ripping, is very unlikely. Not only that but the buckles used on the straps are very rugged, too.

  • Pro – More durability in a bag = more worth buying
  • Con – It may be durable fabric, but it’s not waterproof!

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Selection of colours

different colors atom AG 50

This may not seem like a feature, but trust us: colour makes a big difference. It’s the first you see, after all. The fact that you can get three different colours means that your pack can be more distinct; Atmos AG is a popular range, so it would be stupid for Osprey to only make it available in ONE colour.

Colours available are: Rigby Red, Abyss Grey, Unity Blue. Nice names, right?

  • Pro – More versatility is always a good thing (even with colour)
  • Con – For such a popular pack, it could do with more colours. Why not 5? Why not 10?!

Sternum strap and safety whistle

AntiGravity suspension system

Part of what makes the Osprey Atmos AG 65 very comfortable to carry, the sternum straps may seem like a pretty regular addition, but they are hiding a secret: a safety whistle! Yep.

One of the buckles itself doubles up as an emergency whistle that you can blow on… in an emergency, obviously. You know, just in case. The straps themselves help to take the weight off the shoulders and make the bag feel more part of your back.

  • Pro – The whistle! We love the whistle! (More secure fit, too)
  • Con – May take the weight off, but after a few miles the straps RUB (painful)

Mesh back and padding

Dual access stretch mesh side pockets

The mesh back and padding on this backpack is very handy. What it eliminates the best is the chances of a sweaty back occurring – and we all know how horrible that is. There’s the foam pads, that line the edges of the back panel, and then there’s the mesh on top of that, giving a little space for at least a bit of air to circulate.

  • Pro – Comfy! And most certainly lessens the sweatiness of carrying a backpack
  • Con – Won’t help the sweat situation in a humid country

Dual ice tool loops

Just to show off how versatile this backpack is, Osprey have included these little loops to stow away ice tools – things like ice axes, stuff like that. To say this bag includes them means that, well, it can be used in situations where you’d need ice axes, which is pretty cool.

And if you don’t use them for that, you can attach something to them, like a portable mosquito coil holder, or a cute plushie – whatever takes your fancy!

  • Pro – Good to have an extra place to hang your accessories
  • Con – If we’re being really pernickety, they add extra, unnecessary weight (however small that is)

All Mighty Guarantee

Any damage or defect that the Osprey Atmos AG 65 you own comes to, like all Osprey products, will be sorted out for free by the company. That’s definitely something cool about this backpack. This company is always striving to be the best for outdoorsy backpacks and knowing what’s gone wrong with your backpack is in their interests, too – of course!

  • Pro – How can you NOT like the “All Mighty Guarantee”?
  • Con – None really, although they’re the ones who decide what’s “defective”… 

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Final Thoughts on the Osprey Atmos AG 65

This is seriously one of the most popular backpacking bags out there, and one of Osprey’s top sellers, so it’s no wonder that we’re pretty big fans of the Atmos AG 65.

It’s not a specialised bag; it’s not fully rugged for adverse terrains, nor is it 100% waterproof, and it isn’t low capacity for that carry-on capability, and it’s not got the high capacity that some may want for a long-term travel trip.

What it is, on the other hand, is a totally awesome all-rounder for backpacking. You want to spend three months travelling from Vietnam to Thailand, you’ve never done it before, and you need a backpack? We’d recommend this one.

It’s perfect for first timers because, without being overly geared towards particular types of outdoorsy travel, it does basically everything you want it to do. And the last thing you want is for a bag to break on you or annoy you a week in to your backpacking adventure. The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is very, very unlikely to do either of those things.

This is basically the everyman of the backpacking and hiking world. It’s Osprey, it’s quality, and it’s built to last.

Trust us: whether you’re into things like hiking the UK’s southern coast, or you’d rather be your way on a trip to Central America, you’re going to get to go on a fair few adventures with this backpack!

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