Is the Osprey Farpoint 40 perfect for you? [2023]

When it comes to backpacks, only a few are NEXT LEVEL – and the Osprey Farpoint 40 is absolutely one of them!

It’s perfectly designed, has beautiful aesthetics, is durable and super comfortable.

But while this backpack is perfect… that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for YOU! Which is exactly why we’ve put together this ULTIMATE Osprey Farpoint 40 review.

In this honest buyers guide we have one goal – to go through every pro and con of the Osprey Farpoint 40 so you can easily decide if this is the backpack of your dreams.

And if it isn’t – we’ll point you in the right direction for which backpack we DO recommend for you :)

So without further delay, let’s get stuck in!

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Ultimate Osprey Farpoint 40 Review

Osprey Farpoint

Quick Answers – The Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack IS for you if…

  • You go on city breaks – That’s right. If you’re the sort of person who loves a quick weekend away (or longer) in a city and you don’t want to be pulling around a wheelie suitcase, the Osprey Farpoint 40 packs a punch for pavement pounders.
  • You like simple, functional design – Many of Osprey’s backpacks tend to be on the bright, outdoorsy, hiking aesthetic, which doesn’t exactly work in an urban environment. This one does work in the city, which is a plus. And we just think it looks cool: nice and simple.
  • You want to pack a bag full – 40 litres isn’t exactly the largest amount you could be carrying around on your back, but the internal storage pocket on the Farpoint 40 is pretty spacious. Large side compression straps mean keeping it well secured and not too bulky.
  • You’re into the idea of a carry-on backpack – This backpack has been designed to be used as a carry-on. Yep. It meets most airlines’ carry-on requirements and even has a handy back panel that stows the straps away for sleek airline feels.
  • You want a versatile bag – Although we’ve said things “city” and “urban”, this backpack is still made by Osprey, guys. It’s great and very comfortable for carrying around on a hiking trip as much as an urban safari.

Quick Answers – The Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack is NOT for you if…

  • You want to do some serious hiking – It may be ok for an excursion in the countryside somewhere, but nothing as rugged as backcountry camping or a mad bit of tea-house trekking. For that, check out our Osprey Atmos 65 review.
  • You’re about longer journeys – Unless you are a super light traveler – the Osprey Farpoint 40 might not have the sort of room that might want. Instead check out our Tortuga Outbreaker Review
  • You want something more all-weather – The Osprey Farpoint 40 is water resistant, so it might be ok for a bit of light rain, but in a downpour, your things are going to get pretty wet. This one is more about the look. Instead take a look at the Minaal 2.0 – it comes with a built in rain jacket :)
  • You’re into a cooler aesthetic – Whilst, yes, this backpack does fit the bill for something neutral in a city environment, it still isn’t amazingly cool. If you are looking for something cooler – our Nomatic Travel Pack review will blow your mind.
  • You don’t need a carry-on backpack – This bag opens up like a suitcase, the straps stow away, it’s very aeroplane-friendly. If you don’t need all that, then why pay for the extra features? 
  • You need a business backpack – Check out our AWESOME laptop business backpacks review!

Different Osprey Backpacks

Osprey is pretty much a household name when it comes to the backpack game. It’s all about their quality. They’ve got packs for hiking, packs for mountaineering, packs for jogging, little daypacks, huge backpacks for long trips, stuff for snowboarders, stuff for digital nomads – a well established back catalogue of bags.

If the Farpoint doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry: there are plenty of other bags to choose from. Here are some of the top Osprey options… 

#1 – Atmos AG / Aura AG

Osprey Atmos AG - Aura AG
Osprey Atmos AG / Aura AG

The male and female of the backpacking world, these two are Osprey’s fairly well known standard options when it comes to first-time world-travel trips. Size-wise, they’re both available as either 50 or 65-litre versions. Being Osprey, the bags have features perfect for backpackers: a nifty suspension system, for example.

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#2 – Aether Pro / Ariel Pro

Osprey Aether Pro - Ariel Pro
Osprey Aether Pro / Ariel Pro

If you’re a backpacker who wants to carry even MORE stuff, then his and hers tag team of the Aether and Ariel Pro (70 and 65 litres, respectively) are going to suit you a little better. Light and comfortable and able to fit in a ton of stuff.

Interested in the Aether? Check out our full Osprey Aether review!

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#3 – Xenith / Xena

Osprey Xenith - Xena
Osprey Xenith / Xena

You need to carry seriously heavy loads, a lot of stuff, or both? These Osprey backpacks are your jam. The Xenith tops out at 105 litres, whilst the Xena goes up to 85. Both have the same special features, tailored towards being amazing for carrying heavy packs whilst staying comfy.

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#4 – Levity / Lumina

Osprey Levity / Lumina
Osprey Levity / Lumina

Osprey call these packs “superultralight” – and they are. For those who don’t want their pack to weigh almost as much as what they put in it, the Levity/Lumina his-hers combo is the winner. These packs stay light without compromising on durability. Amazing. Get ‘em in 60 or 45L versions.

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#5 – Stratos / Sirrus

Osprey Stratos - Sirrus
Osprey Stratos / Sirrus

A versatile pair of backpacks, the Stratos and Sirrus range runs from 50L behemoths all the way down to 24L hiking packs, so you get a lot of choice here. Features abound (adjustable torso length, raincovers, etc.). We like the price. And the earthy colour options.

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#6 – Talon / Tempest

Talon / Tempest
Talon / Tempest

With features ranging from water bladder sleeve to hooks for your hiking poles and ice axes, the Talon/Tempest tag team is a versatile range for any serious traveller out there. Hiking – check. More rugged hiking – also check. Camping – why not? Available in 44, 33 and 22L.

If you are interested, this Osprey Talon 33 review will show you everything you need to know.

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#7 – Porter

Osprey Porter
Osprey Porter

Striking the balance between duffel and backpack, the Porter series is simplicity – Osprey style. With laptop and tablet pockets, organisational compartments, and a decent design, the Porter is a big pack with a load of capacity for the digital nomads and city hoppers out there.

Interested in this backpack? We wrote an epic Osprey Porter 46 guide. Or if you want something more ‘techy’ – check out this Tortuga Setout review!

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Osprey Farpoint 40 Features

You want to know what makes Osprey bags so good? Features – and lots of them. Every backpack has a different, sometimes overlapping, set of great attributes that give them the credibility for their various specialised uses.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is no different, packed full as it is with a ton of things that make it well worth your time. Let’s dive into the genius world of this bag’s best bits… 

Comfortable fit

Comfortable fit

Osprey bags are known for comfort and, man does this one not disappoint. Different elements, like a suspension system and being light and having padded straps, all make the Osprey Farpoint 40 a haven of comfort, which means that it’s actually enjoyable to carry. No, really: it’s built for comfort.

  • Pro – You shouldn’t have any pain carrying this (unlike other, less well-designed bags)
  • Con – If you won’t be carrying it all the time, it doesn’t matter that much


Water resistant

Water resistant

Whilst the Osprey backpack is NOT advertised as waterproof, it IS advertised as water resistant. Many (including us) have been surprised at how water resistant it actually is. Getting caught in a quick shower as you make a beeline for your hostel from the train station: no problem. Your stuff should stay dry.

  • Pro – Surprisingly water resistant; more than is advertised
  • Con – Really NOT waterproof so you’ll need to buy a rain cover


Laptop and tablet sleeve

Laptop and tablet sleeve

For you digital nomads out there, or just if you like carrying your tablet around so you can watch Netflix on the go, this feature is for you. Even if you don’t use it for electronics, you could always use it to place your important documents in there. Even a magazine. It fits a laptop of up to 15” which is pretty decent.

  • Pro – It’s a handy space for your laptop or whatever you want to use it for
  • Con – Not well designed; can crack your screen since it’s on the curved front of the bag



Carry On

The Osprey team have addressed the headache that is the baggage claim carousel and made the Farpoint 40 carry-on size. Most airlines, even budget ones (but not all of them), will accept this as hand luggage. So if you’re all about one bag travel, this one is great.

No checking in luggage, take the backpack on with you, take it off when you land, no waiting around, no lost luggage.

  • Pro – This saves you money on fees for checking luggage
  • Con – Doesn’t fit under aeroplane seats, only in the overhead lockers

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Opens like a suitcase

Opens like a suitcase

Not only is it carry-on size, but it has other features that make this Osprey backpack not just a backpack but an all-round good luggage solution. One of these is the fact that it opens like a suitcase. No more having to dig through a top-loading backpack. Unzip and pack/unpack your things carefully.

  • Pro – So much potential for organisation
  • Con – To get anything you pretty much have to lay your back out and unzip it all; not cool


Stowaway harness and hip belt

Stowaway harness and hip belt

To aid that carry-on capability, there’s another great feature here. You can roll out a hidden panel from the bottom of the Farpoint and zip it up around the shoulder harness and hip belt, meaning you can hide it away and make the bag streamlined for plane travel. Not just plane travel though: we’re talking about trains, buses, boats, all those things you use when you travel!

  • Pro – No more getting stuck on seat armrests or whacking people in the face with buckles
  • Con – It’s not the easiest of features to use when packed full; wish it were smoother


Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap

If you feel like using the Osprey Farpoint 40 as a duffel bag, you’re in luck. You can clip on a shoulder strap and sling it across your body, which is great if you’ve just come off the plane and your other straps are stowed away.

  • Pro – More functionality on how this backpack can be used
  • Con – Not well padded so you won’t want to be carrying it like that for any amount of time


Padded top and side handle

Padded top and side handle

You’re not using the shoulder strap? Fine. You’ve got padded handles on both the front and side of this backpack, meaning that – when the harness and hip belt are zipped away – you can grab your bag easily from wherever you happen to be keeping it. Simple and comfy at the same time.

  • Pro – Easy to grab and carry off without fiddling with straps
  • Con – Not a comfortable way to carry the Farpoint


Dual front compression straps

Dual front compression straps

So, your bag’s packed full. It looks pretty buckle. Now what? Well, you don’t have to stand for that anymore! The Osprey Farpoint 40 comes complete with not one but TWO compression straps on the front of the bag.

You can cinch everything right in and make sure it’s as compact as possible. The way it’s been designed means it won’t look it won’t cut your bag in half either; it takes up the whole each side of the bag. 

  • Pro – Well designed and actually does make a difference
  • Con – This might kill your laptop (if you’ve got one) 



Stowaway harness and hip belt

Part of what makes this backpack so comfortable is the fact that it’s pretty lightweight to begin with. Just over 3 pounds (that’s 1.36 kilos, people), you won’t have to worry about carrying around extra, unnecessary bulk. 

  • Pro – Doesn’t take away from the actual design of the bag
  • Con – Surely there’s more that doesn’t need to be there to lighten the load further




So, yeah – even though it’s lightweight, the Osprey Farpoint 40 is still durable. That’s because of the amazing fabric and sturdy stitching going on here. It’s made of 210D Nylon Mini Hex with Diamond Ripstop. That’s technical-speak for “this bag is rugged AF and will never rip” – unless you do something crazy to it yourself, obviously.

  • Pro – This backpack is going to last you a long while
  • Con – It may be durable, but this fabric ain’t waterproof!

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Dual mesh front pockets

Dual front compression straps

Who doesn’t love a bit more organisation? These two pockets are great for slipping in a little something, like a pair of flip-flops, a bottle of suncream, or maybe even your water bottle. Just something you can grab easily, but which you equally aren’t too worried about going missing.

  • Pro – It’s just great to have added pockets for more of your stuff
  • Con – Access to them is restricted when you’re using the front compression straps


Large main compartment

Opens like a suitcase

The main compartment on the Farpoint 40 is LARGE. You won’t feel too constricted with what you can and can’t pack. We reckon you can fit about 4 different outfits (which you can mix and match anyway) and extras like washbag, pair of shoes, electricals, that sort of thing. All the usual travelly stuff.

  • Pro – Quite a lot of space to shove everything in
  • Con – You might need packing cubes to make work well/better


ID slot


Located on the rear of the bag there’s an ID slot. A recently added feature, the ID slot allows you to put in a little bit of card or your business card, or whatever you have, to make sure your bag can be identified as YOUR bag. That’s handy if it gets lost, basically.

  • Pro – You don’t have to worry about attaching a dangly tag for ID
  • Con – If the stowaway cover is zipped up you can’t see it!


Lockable zips

Lockable zip

If you’re travelling, of course, you’re going to make sure you want to make sure all your stuff is secured. So a big bonus of this backpack is that the zips can be locked. Not just can be locked, but they’re designed to be – that’s the difference. The zips interlock smoothly and then all you need is a padlock. Done.

  • Pro – Added security to make sure your important belongings are safe and secure
  • Con – It’s still up to you to spend money on a GOOD padlock


Two internal compression straps

Opens like a suitcase

More compression straps now and these ones are inside the bag. Like a suitcase. Yep, the Osprey Farpoint 40 doesn’t just open like a suitcase, you can compress it like one too. If you need to lessen the bulk of some clothes, just tighten the straps and boom: you’ve instantly got more room. Alternatively, you can use them to keep stuff in place.

  • Pro – Really helps to streamline your packing when everything is feeling bulky 
  • Con – If you’re not packing it full, using these would make the bag pretty flimsy


Internal front flap mesh pocket

front mesh pocket

We always like a little bit of added organisation, so this nifty feature is something we’re into. So, when you open this backpack up like a suitcase you have the compression straps on the back side; on the flip side, you’ve got this: a mesh pocket.

This is a handy place to keep stuff like clothes you’ve been meaning to wash, layers for cold weather, shoes, or even wires for your electrical items. 

  • Pro – Adds a bit of interior organisation
  • Con – Packing that too full can interfere with the laptop compartment


Lightweight frame suspension

Comfortable fit

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is lightweight – we’ve established that. But even though it’s lightweight, there’s still a pretty sturdy wire frame that helps with the suspension system of the bag. Basically, it transfers weight from the shoulders to the hip belt and more evenly distributes it.

  • Pro – Makes sure the backpack feels secure and doesn’t feel painful
  • Con – For hiking or long periods of wear you’ll want a more specialised design


Adjustable sternum strap (and rescue whistle)

Dual front compression straps

Helping to keep the bag even more secure, allow us to introduce the humble sternum strap. Otherwise known as a chest strap, having this done up and adjusted for your size means you’ll be able to run for a train, for example, without your bag going all over the place. Not only that, but one of the buckles doubles up as an emergency whistle. Toot!

  • Pro – Just another great design feature for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Con – Depending on your size and body type, this could be a tricky placement

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Breathable mesh back

We’ve all been there: a sweaty back from wearing a backpack that just isn’t breathable when you’re in some hot country is NOT nice. The Osprey Farpoint 40 has a pretty decent answer for that by keeping the backpack off your back somewhat and helping with a little bit of airflow so you’re all sticky and sweaty when you turn up.

  • Pro – It’s great not to have your back directly on the bag so you don’t sweat through it
  • Con – If you’re hot, you’re hot. Some places are just going to be humid, hot and sweaty anyway


Zip slash pocket

Zip slash pocket

At the front of the pack there’s a small zip pocket. It’s a handy place where you can stash some extra, smaller items. Maybe your keys. Maybe a train ticket. Maybe a phone charger. Whatever you put in here is up to you.

  • Pro – Another pocket – this can only be a good thing right?
  • Con – Security issue! It’s on the front, so you won’t want to keep anything of value in here


Comes in different sizes

Water resistant

If the Osprey Farpoint 40 just isn’t your jam and you really need something bigger, there’s always more.

In fact, Osprey has provided THREE more options: you can go for the Farpoint 55, Farpoint 70 or even the Farpoint 80. All of these, except the 80, comes with detachable daypacks, but still have the same key features as the 40. Don’t you just love it when you’ve got options?

  • Pro – Great news if you’re more about longer trips
  • Con – You INSTANTLY lose the carry-on capability of the Farpoint 40

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Various colours available

various colors

Not so much a feature as a perk, but we still love it. The colour of a bag could definitely sway you, right? So Osprey has provided a selection of different colours. There’s Caribbean Blue, Jasper Red, and Volcanic Grey. Awesome names for some awesome colours. Choose your favourite and away you go.

  • Pro – More interesting than just one colour and helps you to stand out more
  • Con – No matter what, the interior of the bag is BRIGHT lime green. Which is not the most subtle of colour choice!



Stowaway harness and hip belt

A lot of Osprey’s ranges come in male and female versions that have different names and sometimes different capacities, too. Not the Farpoint. This is one bag for both sexes. It’s for everyone and it’s been designed with everyone in mind. 

  • Pro – Doesn’t feel targeted at either men or women
  • Con – Male and female bodies can be QUITE different


All Mighty Guarantee

All of Osprey’s products come with what they refer to as the “All Mighty Guarantee”. They say they will repair any damage or defect free of charge. That’s some guarantee. The last thing you want is to be shouldered (literally) with a defective bag and having no way of getting it fixed that won’t cost you money. 

  • Pro – It’s just an awesome thing. Free of charge? We love it!
  • Con – What counts as a defect? What if your laptop cracks? Do they replace THAT?

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Final Thoughts on the Osprey Farpoint 40

Basically, the Osprey Farpoint 40 is what Osprey do best – but in the form of a city-friendly carry-on bag. Other kickstarters may have started offering up just a handful of different carry-on bags for urban travellers, but this is Osprey doing it. And they do things well.

If you’re a digital nomad, you’ll be interested in this bag. Having dedicated sleeves for a tablet and a laptop is a good thing – just remember to pack this bag sensibly. Jeez.

Equally, if you’re someone who likes to escape from the 9-5 every few weekends to explore the next city you’ve been meaning to visit, the Osprey Farpoint 40 is a great option. It’s the perfect size, it eliminates the WHOLE check-in luggage process at airports, and it looks basically normal in a city environment.

Even if you just feel like a weekend in the countryside, this backpack has enough of the comfort and technical assurances (being from a brand known for quality) that you’re going to be able to carry it pretty comfortably whilst hiking. We definitely would.

If you’re looking for something more specialised, of course, this isn’t the bag for you. This is Osprey’s answer to carry-on luggage, a decently sized backpack with carry-on capabilities for short-term travel that won’t have you sticking out like a sore thumb. Simple and to the point.


How to pack Osprey Farpoint 40?

Since the Osprey Farpoint is a 40 liter backpack you are going to want to travel light. Check out our Osprey 40 packing guide to see exactly what to bring on your trip.

How to use Osprey Farpoint 40?

The Osprey Farpoint 40 is best used for minimalist world travelers! Whether you are heading for a weekend trip or a round the world gap year - the Farpoint 40 is an amazing travel companion.

Where to buy Osprey Farpoint 40

The Osprey Farpoint 40 can be purchased from Amazon, REI and other online retailers. Check our links for the best up to date prices.

What the difference between an Osprey Farpoint 40 and 55?

Aside from from being larger, the 55 also provides a detachable daypack. Check out our full comparison review for more information.

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