31 COOLEST Things to do in Koh Phi Phi [2023!]

Koh Phi Phi is a small archipelago of islands that is found 43km west of Krabi. These stunningly beautiful islands in the south of Thailand are a piece of idyllic Southeast Asian paradise! They are highly ranked as one of the best attractions in Thailand and make up a part of any travelers’ island-hopping dreams!

The 6 islands that make up Koh Phi Phi are: Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai, Koh Phai (Bamboo Island), and Koh Young (Mosquito Island). The only inhabited island – and the largest – of the group is Koh Phi Phi Don. If you’re planning on visiting Koh Phi Phi, there’s something exciting to discover on each of these pieces of paradise!

The natural beauty of the area is out of this world and the nutrient-dense aquamarine waters are perfect for swimming and underwater explorations. Not to mention the golden shores and non-stop activities for vacationers, Koh Phi Phi makes for the perfect island destination!

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Koh Phi Phi!

Since Koh Phi Phi Don is the only one of the archipelagos that is actually inhabited – all of the accommodation options are based on the mainland. From there, you can take longtail boats to hop from island to island to discover the ultimate best things to do in Koh Phi Phi! These are our favorite places to stay on the island:

Stones Bar Dorm Rooms & Restaurant Hostel

The Coolest Hostel in Koh Phi Phi

Stones Bar Dorm Rooms & Restaurant Hostel
Stones Bar Dorm Rooms & Restaurant Hostel is our pick for the coolest hostel in Koh Phi Phi
  • Fun and social hostel on the beach in Koh Phi Phi
  • Party hostel with incredible views!

This fun party hostel is located right on the beach in Koh Phi Phi and offers guests a fun and exciting time with non-stop events and music to enjoy themselves and make some new friends!

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Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort

A Great Budget Hotel in Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort
Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort is our pick for a great budget hotel in Koh Phi Phi
  • Perfectly located 50 meters from the beach
  • Offers rooms and bungalows with air-conditioning

Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort is a perfect option for guests who are looking for a resort with a great view, on-site restaurant, massage service and outdoor pool! The rooms are comfortably fitted with air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms.

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Phi Phi Island & Village Beach Resort

Our Favorite Splurge Hotel in Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island & Village Beach Resort
Our favorite splurge hotel in Koh Phi Phi is Phi Phi Island & Village Beach Resort
  • Luxury resort with a private beach and infinity pool
  • Guests can use the tennis courts, dive center and 4 restaurants!

This resort has the prime location in Koh Phi Phi and offers bungalows with spacious private balconies. As well as amazing luxury amenities that offer everything you could need for your stay on the island!

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• The 31 Best Things to Do in Koh Phi Phi •

#1 – Climb to Phi Phi Viewpoint

One of the best free things to do in Koh Phi Phi

  • Get the best perspective on the islands
  • Overlook the village and the sand bays
  • Take the perfect photo from a vantage point

Phi Phi viewpoint is a must-dowhen visiting the islands. Get some exercise and see the most incredible views of the aquamarine waters, lush jungle and gorgeous beaches!

It usually takes between 20 to 40 minutes to reach the viewpoint, and the path is easily defined and well-trodden. The views are absolutely worth the effort!


#2 – Go Rock Climbing

A fun thing to do in Koh Phi Phi

  • Discover the high limestone cliffs
  • Enjoy some fun outdoor activity on the island
  • Get some amazing views from a vantage point

Although Krabi is the Mecca of rock climbing in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi also offers some great rock-climbing opportunities.

Discover Tonsai Tower on the western end of Tonsai Bay to discover the amazing limestone cliffs that feature many different bolted routes to explore!


#3 – Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping
A very cool thing to do in Koh Phi Phi
  • An essential activity on the islands!
  • See the land from a new perspective
  • Experience the incredible tropical waters

Island hopping is what most travelers come to this part of Thailand for! With so many amazing islands scattered in the turquoise waters, it’s something you can’t miss out on!

You’ll get to swim in some amazing blue lagoons and admire the limestone cliffs that make up these picturesque pieces of land, and snorkel around the most vibrant coral found in these tropical waters!

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#4 – Take a Thai Cooking Class

A unique thing to do in Koh Phi Phi

  • Learn how to make traditional Thai meals
  • Get a skill to take home with you
  • Feast on your delicious freshly-cooked meals

If you’re obsessed with all of the delicious food on the island, don’t worry! You can learn how to make all your favorite dishes so you won’t have to miss them when you get back home!

A Thai cooking class will teach you how to make the yummiest meals. Use fresh ingredients locally sourced from the market and learn how to create Thai dishes with your own hands.


#5 – Go Snorkeling

  • See the colorful marine life
  • Enjoy the tropical water
  • Admire the amazing scenery

Underwater activities naturally make up a large part of island life and with so much incredible coral and marine life, there’s no wonder!

Discover the colorful fish and beautiful coral that is found just a couple meters from most of the beaches, and you may even spot some dolphins or reef sharks if you’re lucky!

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#6 – Wander Around Tonsai Village

One of the best things to do in downtown Koh Phi Phi

  • Discover the vibrant markets
  • Purchase some souvenirs
  • An authentic village experience

Tonsai Village is the place to go if you’re hoping to find some souvenirs or gifts to take home with you, with lots of clothes, handicrafts and jewelry all around.

You’ll also find lots of cafes and restaurants, and get a sense of the everyday lives of the local people on the island.

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#7 – Rent a Kayak

  • Get some fun exercise in the sun
  • Enjoy the crystal clear waters
  • Reach places only accessible on a kayak

Renting a kayak is a great way to get out on the water and get to places that you wouldn’t be able to reach in any other way!

Discover hidden bays and admire the towering cliffs from the tropical waters. Kayak rentals are available on all the main beaches.


#8 – Visit Koh Lanta

Visit Koh Lanta

  • Visit the relaxed neighbor island
  • Discover the beautiful beaches
  • Find a number of interesting attractions

One of Koh Phi Phi’s neighboring islands, Koh Lanta has many stunning beaches and scenic natural spots to discover and explore.

It’s the perfect place to escape the crowds for a while and enjoy a day of strolling across the sands, chasing waterfalls, swimming in the sea and admiring the views!

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#9 – Hire a Long-tail Boat

A must-do experience in Koh Phi Phi

  • Get to any of the surrounding islands
  • Discover Bamboo island and Mosquito island
  • Enjoy the tropical paradise

Hiring a longtail boat will get you to any of the beautiful islands surrounding Koh Phi Phi, and the best way to get to the popular Bamboo and Mosquito Islands.

This makes for a relaxing getaway that allows you to discover all the amazing scenery surrounding the island.


#10 – Spend a Day on Koh Samui

Spend a Day on Koh Samui
Fun for the whole family
  • Discover the island of Koh Samui
  • Visit the Big Buddha statue
  • Explore Bophut’s Fisherman Village

Koh Samui is a larger island defined by palm-fringed beaches lined with beach bars and beanbags and many inland attractions to explore!

There’s a lot to discover on the island – from the fishing village and the Big Buddha statue to amazing waterfalls and inner jungle sanctuaries.

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#11 – Discover Viking Cave

An adventurous thing to do in Koh Phi Phi

  • One of the most notable sites on the island
  • Marvel at the phenomenal cave
  • See the cave paintings

Viking cave is a very popular site, located at the bottom of a tall limestone cliff found on the northeastern side of the island.

It got its name from the paintings that are found on the walls of the cave that represent various types of boats, including Viking ships!


#12 – Take a Trip to Moo Dee Bay

  • Discover a stunning 500-meter white sand beach
  • Swim in the surrounding emerald waters
  • Enjoy some snorkeling

Moo Dee Bay offers another peaceful escape from the main Koh Phi Phi island and has many incredible snorkeling opportunities!

You can enjoy the stunning beach for the day and enjoy the Rasta shack that sells food and drinks for you to sit back and relax.

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#13 – Go Shark Watching

Marine lovers will love this!

  • See sharks in their natural environment
  • Watch them moving peacefully underwater
  • Enjoy an educational excursion!

Going on a shark watching-tour is one of the most popular activities from Phi Phi Don and offers you a safe and fun way to experience these majestic creatures.

Learn about their ecosystem while making your way to shark point. You’re guaranteed to return with unforgettable memories!


#14 – Have Fun on a Booze Cruise

Things to do in Koh Phi Phi this weekend

  • A fun outing for party-goers!
  • Discover the beautiful sites of Koh Phi Phi
  • Socialize and make new friends

A booze cruise is a fun way to explore the island with a group of friends – or strangers who will soon become friends thanks to the booze on board!

Captain Bob’s Sailing Booze Cruise is one of the options that allow you to spend the day on the waters getting jolly while exploring the surrounding islands!

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#15 – Explore the Mangroves

All ages will love this site

  • Explore Thung Yee Pheng Mangrove Forest
  • Spot the interesting fauna
  • Enjoy the gentle rivers and streams

Take a trip to a protected natural area on the northeast of the main island to discover the jumble of roots spread across the gentle tropical waters.

You’ll spot all sorts of interesting creatures that call the mangroves their home – from crabs to sea eagles and monkeys – it’s full of life and the sounds of nature.


#16 – Discover Ao Nang

Discover Ao Nang

  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a small town
  • Marvel at the limestone cliffs
  • Meet the friendly locals

Ao Nang is known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly people, as well as the incredible sheer limestone cliffs!

Spend a day exploring the small town, strolling from one end to the other and making friends with the locals along the way!

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#17 – Relax on Railay Beach

Relax on Railay Beach
One of the most famous beaches in Koh Phi Phi
  • Discover the large peninsula with limestone cliffs
  • Swim in the tropical lagoon
  • Enjoy one of the most sought after beaches

Railay Beach is a popular beach off the mainland. It’s defined by sheer limestone cliffs and a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

It’s a great spot to lie on the beach enjoying the sunshine, with a coconut in hand, and the most serene views all around!

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#18 – Go Diving

Go Diving

  • Enjoy one of the prime things to do in Phi Phi
  • Get your PADI open water certificate
  • Dive at world-class diving sites

There are loads of astounding dive sites surrounding Koh Phi Phi that make diving here a favorite activity!

Enjoy being underwater in the tropical Andaman Sea and get to see some of the colorful marine life that wouldn’t see accessible in any other way!

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Thailand is incredible! These are the most spectacular places to visit in Thailand!

#19 – Visit Bamboo Island

  • A tropical dream come true!
  • Enjoy the lush vegetation
  • Snorkel with the presence of superb coral reefs!

Bamboo Island is one of the six islands that belong to the Phi Phi archipelago. The island is a scenic tropical paradise with white sand and turquoise waters.

Relax on the sand near a small bar that sells drinks and snacks, and make the most of the amazing coral reefs that surround the island.


#20 – Discover Phi Phi Leh

  • Explore the second-largest island in the Phi Phi archipelago
  • Enjoy some more island hopping!
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters

Phi Phi Leh is the next biggest island after Phi Phi Don and has lush tropical vegetation and white sands to explore!

Discover a small terrace that has been built at the far backend of the beach and offers a superb viewpoint to Loh Sama, which is a small bay renowned for snorkeling!


#21 – Explore Ao Piley Bay

  • Discover a secluded piece of Thai paradise
  • Swim around the colorful coral reef
  • See the majestic limestone cliffs

Ao Pileh Bay is a treasure cove that is hidden between limestone cliffs that are full of lush plant life and surround the beautiful emerald lagoon.

The sea in the bay is awash with vivid marine life that lives in its colorful shallow reef, illuminating the floor of the cove and making this a paradise to explore!

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#22 – Chill Out With Monkeys

Great thing to do in Koh Phi Phi with kids

  • Meet the monkeys at Monkey Beach
  • Admire the National Park
  • Spend a day swimming and snorkeling

Monkey Beach is a 150-meter white sand beach located on the southwestern side of Tonsai Bay and home to many monkeys.

Besides being a place to hang out with monkeys, the beach also offers great snorkeling and a stunning natural environment.


#23 – Party the Night Away

  • Enjoy the bars and open-air disco’s on the island
  • Sip on some booze-fueled buckets
  • Dance the night away

One of the top things to do in Phi Phi for party-goers is to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, playing beer pong on the beach and enjoying the open-air discos.

Some of the best party spots on the island are Slinky Bar, where you’ll find wild parties, Stockholm Syndrome, with some fun beer pong, and Apache Beach Bar for music and fire-dancing!

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#24 – Take a Boat to Phuket

Take a Boat to Phuket
More island-hopping fun!
  • Spend a day in popular Phuket
  • Visit some of the beaches
  • Explore the island

Phuket is a much larger island and so there are many more activities and places to interest to spend a day or two exploring!

They have some amazing beaches, watersports, markets, Big Buddha statue and many shops and restaurants to discover.

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#25 – Spend a Day on a Boat

Spend a Day on a Boat
A very ‘cool’ thing to do in Koh Phi Phi in winter
  • Enjoy the best of the island
  • Spend the day on the aquamarine waters
  • End the day with an unforgettable sunset!

Spend a day on a longtail boat to enjoy the best of Koh Phi Phi as you explore the most stunning sites, making 8 stops around the islands.

Snorkel in the crystal clear waters, lie on white sandy beaches and discover the diverse marine life before ending off the day with a perfect sunset out on the water!

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Koh Tao is incredible! There are tons of things to do there!

#26 – Discover Bioluminescent Plankton

Discover Bioluminescent Plankton

  • Marvel at the glow of bioluminescent plankton
  • Admire the wonderful marine life
  • Enjoy the tropical sunset

Head out on a longtail boat of a bioluminescent adventure! Watch the sunset over the stunning Phi Phi archipelago before dipping in the waters.

Swim around with the bioluminescent plankton, marveling at the glow around you, and admiring the diverse marine life found in the bay.

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#27 – Get a Thai Massage

Very romantic for couples

  • Enjoy some pampering
  • Choose between a variety of massages
  • Relax and unwind

There is no shortage of places to get a good massage in Thailand – from beachside masseuses to luxury spas.

Enjoy some pampering as you listen to the ocean and let your mind and body surrender to the complete relaxation!


#28 – Go on a Sunset Tour

Go on a Sunset Tour

  • Enjoy a spectacular sunset view!
  • Watch the sky change color on the water
  • Visit some of the best lagoons

Take a sunset Phi Phi island tour to really enjoy the splendor of the tropical sunset over the Andaman Sea, with incredible limestone cliffs as the backdrop!

Take a trip to some of the most popular lagoons and caves in Thailand, and snorkel in the beautiful crystal clear waters!

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#29 – Watch a Muay Thai Fight

  • See the very popular Thai event
  • Enjoy the martial art of Muay Thai
  • Visit the boxing ring

Watching Muay Thai is a very popular event all around Thailand, and although it’s less so on the smaller islands, it’s still an option!

Reggae Bar, in the middle of Tonsai Village, has its very own boxing ring where you can watch nightly fights from around 9 pm onwards to see what the craze is all about!


#30 – Discover the Famous Maya Beach

A popular thing to do in Koh Phi Phi

  • Visit the famous Maya Bay
  • See where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed
  • Enjoy the white sands and serene waters

Maya Bay was made famous by the film ‘The Beach’ and is part of the Phi Phi island archipelago. It’s a very popular destination among tourists.

See the famous limestone cliffs backdrop and swim in the surrounding turquoise water that is perfect for diving or swimming.


#31 – Explore Bida Islands

  • Discover the scenic Bida Islands
  • Enjoy a number of popular spots
  • Experience some of the best dive spots

The Bida Islands, located in Phi Phi, consist of a number of small islands and make the perfect island-hopping destination!

The islands have planty popular spots to explore, as well as some of the most beautiful small dive sites and shallow waters with incredible marine life!

Final Thoughts

Koh Phi Phi is the ultimate island destination. If you’re wondering what to do in Phi Phi, exploring the natural beauty of the area is second to none and provides travelers a chance to really get into the island lifestyle!

It seems there’s always something to see or exciting Phi Phi island things to do that keep the adventurers coming back for more!

Besides Phi Phi’s tropical scenery, golden sands and idyllic seascapes, it’s the best place to go for an infectious island vibe! With amazing underwater activity opportunities, laid-back beach days and adventures to all the hidden treasures and coves of the islands!

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