21 COOLEST TOURS in Toronto [2023!]

Toronto is one of the best-known cities in the friendly country of Canada. The cosmopolitan city is bustling with excitement and fabulous things to do. Regardless of your interests, Toronto is sure to provide!

From discovering fascinating art, tasting flavorsome foods, and partying until the early hours of the morning, Toronto has it all! With so much to choose from, you can easily get overwhelmed with the wide variety of fun things to do. That’s where we come in!

This article highlights some of the best tours in Toronto to keep your schedule busy and your heart full!

• The 21 Best Tours in Toronto •

#1 – Harbor & Islands Sightseeing Cruise

Harbor & Islands Sightseeing Cruise
A great photo opportunity!
  • $
  • 1 hour
  • Embrace incredible views of Toronto’s skyline
  • Discover the fascinating history of the islands and the harbor

The cruise of Toronto Harbor is an unforgettable experience! Enjoy a tranquil alternative to the bustling city, and take advantage of the wonderful photographic opportunities as you cruise by the best views of the Toronto skyline.

While relaxing on the water, you’ll also discover various sites and learn about the history of the area. By the end of the historic tour, you can tick off Hanlan’s Point, the Island Yacht Club and the woodlands of the Island Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary!

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#2 – Secret Beer & Brewery Tour

Secret Beer & Brewery Tour
The perfect tour for the beer-lover!
  • $$$
  • 3 hours
  • Visit Toronto’s secret breweries and taste the best craft beers!
  • Be educated on the process of brewing beer

Toronto has a booming craft beer industry, and a Toronto tour to the city’s best breweries is a must-do for any beer-lover! This ‘secret beer and brewery tour’ guides travelers to the city’s hidden gems in the East End, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In addition to tasting the finest craft beer that Toronto has to offer, the tour also provides the opportunity to learn how beer is brewed, and learn about the equipment that is used in the process!

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#3 – Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
A great experience for the whole family!
  • $$
  • 1-day validity
  • Experience touch exhibits and daily live dive shows!
  • Discover 9 different galleries that house 20,000 aquatic animals!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada offers an unparalleled marine adventure! Booking in advance will allow you to skip the ticket line and beat the summer crowds that flock to the main attraction.

The underwater haven is home to over 20,000 aquatic animals to marvel at in awe. Weave through the underwater tunnel as sharks glide overhead, and enjoy touch exhibits and daily dive shows. This is the perfect day out for the whole family!

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#4 – Hop-On Hop-Off Toronto Sightseeing Bus Tour

Hop-On Hop-Off Toronto Sightseeing Bus Tour
An ideal experience for the busy-body traveler!
  • $$
  • 2-day validity
  • Discover the famous CN tower!
  • Enjoy unlimited access to 20 different stops along the way!

The Hop-On Hop-Off Toronto sightseeing bus is the perfect way for travelers to discover Toronto in one quick sweep. The ticket offers unlimited 48-hour access to the bus which stops at 20 different spots along the route.

Enjoy a ride past the famous CN Tower, Toronto’s famous Chinatown and the Art Gallery of Ontario, to the Bata Shoe Museum and a cruise at the harbor. Once onboard, you’ll have access to Toronto’s top historical and contemporary attractions!

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#5 – Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum
The ultimate combination of art, culture, and nature!
  • $
  • 1-day validity
  • Visit Canada’s largest museum of art, culture, and nature!
  • Explore a Ming Dynasty tomb and rare dinosaur skeletons!

The Royal Ontario Museum has a fascinating reputation around the world as it showcases how the earth and its cultures have evolved over time. From galleries of dinosaurs and ancient Egypt to minerals and gems – the museum has it all!

Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes because the museum has a lot to explore! With 16 must-see treasures, visitors are in for a real treat!

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#6 – City Sightseeing Helicopter Tour

City Sightseeing Helicopter Tour
An epic bird’s eye view of Toronto!
  • $$$$
  • 7 – 12 minutes
  • Indulge in a spectacular bird’s eye view of Toronto
  • Avoid the congestion of the streets and soar over skyscrapers

There are many tours in Toronto, but none that offer such an incredible view! Choose between the 15-kilometer or 35-kilometer tour from the sky.

Swoop past the CN Tower, marvel at the iconic shark imagery at Ripley’s Aquarium and stand the chance of glimpsing the mist of Niagara Falls (on a clear day)! A scenic helicopter ride over Toronto is a huge treat – and one that is well worth the cost!

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#7 – Toronto Haunted Night Walking Tour

Toronto Haunted Night Walking Tour
Perfect for travelers looking for an alternative thrill!
  • $
  • 1,5 hours
  • Discover the darker side of Toronto on a night tour!
  • Pick from three guided tour options

If ghosts, graveyards, and haunted spots get you excited, then this is the perfect tour for you! Listen to chilling stories that make up the darker, more mysterious, side of Toronto’s history.

Choose between the Haunted Walk, the Campus Secrets, and Spectres, or the Ghosts and Spirits of the Distillery.

Follow the cloaked tour guide through the town and listen as they share whispered secrets from Toronto’s history. While the tour is fully outdoors, they will continue come rain or shine.

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#8 – Niagara Falls Day Trip

Niagara Falls Day Trip
An unforgettable must-do Toronto experience for everyone!
  • $$$$
  • 9 hours
  • Marvel at the profound beauty of the world-renowned Niagara Falls!
  • Sip on local wines at an award-winning winery

If a visit to the Niagara Falls is not on your bucket list – it should be! This trip is one of the most incredible tour packages from Toronto that promises an unforgettable day out. The scenic trip to the breathtaking Niagara Falls is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can also expect to learn about the area from a local guide, taste award-winning local wines, and visit Niagara-on-the-lake! There is also the option to upgrade your experience to include a boat tour to Niagara Falls or a ticket to Skylon Tower.

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#9 – Guided Food Tour

Guided Food Tour
The ultimate experience for the traveling foodie!
  • $$$
  • 3 – 4 hours
  • Savor delicious flavors that are found in Toronto
  • Gain insight into some of Toronto’s most eclectic neighborhoods!

Choose from three delicious food tour options. The St. Lawrence Market and Old Toronto offer 14 delicacies in one of the world’s best food markets. Kensington Market serves various dishes of international flavors, and Old Chinatown boasts the ultimate lunchtime food tour.

Each tour offers the opportunity to taste locally-made flavors from around the world! Your tastebuds will love you forever!

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#10 – Scenic Guided Bicycle Tour

Scenic Guided Bicycle Tour
For the active traveler looking for a view
  • $$$
  • 3 hours
  • Escape the bustle of the city on the back of a bike
  • An enriching experience that shares perspective on the city’s layout

This scenic bike ride is one of the best tours in Toronto! Hop onto the back of a bike and escape the busyness of the city. With the help of a local guide, you’ll spend the next three hours discovering where things are in the city, and how it is laid out, from a different perspective!

Enjoy the green spaces, local artwork and bike paths that the city provides. Choose between the Harbor Views, the Island and Historic Distillery District Tour, or the Midtown, Brickworks and Distillery Tour – both of which are epic!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price

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#11 – New York Times Journeys Walking Tour

New York Times Journeys Walking Tour
A great tour for a group of friends
  • $$$
  • 4 hours
  • Venture through ‘The New York Times’ travel column itinerary
  • Discover the heart of Toronto and epicenter of the city’s culture

‘The New York Times’ world-famous “36 Hours” travel column has been transformed into a Toronto itinerary. From the Queen West’s tantalizing food scene and vibrant street culture to tasting beer at a bar that once served the Rolling Stones – this tour will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Take note that due to the activities involved in this tour, travelers under the age of 19 are not permitted to join.

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#12 – Full-Day Niagara Winery Tour

Full-Day Niagara Winery Tour
The perfect trip for wine-lovers!
  • $$$$
  • 9 hours
  • Indulge in a full-day winery tour from Toronto
  • Visit the chocolate factory!

This tour dedicates the day to discovering an estate’s winery facilities and winemaking process before indulging in wine tasting at three different wineries.

In addition to sampling the finest wine in the Niagara region, you can also expect to visit the Niagara-on-the-Lake township and a chocolate factory with free chocolate samples!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#13 – Art Gallery of Ontario Tour

Art Gallery of Ontario Tour
Every art-lovers dream experience!
  • $
  • 1-day validity
  • Wander through one of the best galleries in North America!
  • Discover premier collections of Indigenous and local Canadian art!

If you are an art-lover, then the Art Gallery of Ontario is a must-do! Stroll through one of the continent’s best art galleries, and discover fascinating contemporary exhibitions and special installations. The AGO collection features more than 100,000 world-class works of art from both indigenous, Inuit, Métis and local Canadian artists!

Make sure that you stop by the AGOBistro or CaféAGO for a tasty snack and drink if you need a half-time break! If you are 25 years or younger – admission is free!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#14 – Private Walking Tour With a Local

Private Walking Tour With a Local
Perfect for those looking for an intimate encounter with the city!
  • $$
  • 2 – 5 hours
  • Experience the city of Toronto from the vantage point of a local
  • Embrace a truly authentic experience of Toronto’s must-see attractions!

There’s no better way to experience Toronto than with a fun-seeking local guide! A private walking tour allows you to customize your preferences and explore the parts of the city that tickle your fancy.

Discover the must-see attractions of Toronto with the help of a friendly and knowledgeable guide who will walk you through the city streets! Learn about the city through the stories of the locals, bonding over shared experiences!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#15 – Kensington Market & Chinatown Tour

Kensington Market & Chinatown Tour
A great way to discover hidden gems in Toronto!
  • $$
  • 2 hours
  • Explore Toronto’s colorful and multicultural district of Chinatown and Kensington Market!
  • Discover amazing graffiti art in hidden lanes and alleys

Kensington Market and Chinatown are two of Toronto’s most lively and colorful districts. The charming streets are full of vibrant sounds, flavors, and colors waiting to be explored! Uncover the history of the area as you wander through the streets with a professional guide.

Look out for the bold graffiti-covered walls along the way, and take the opportunity to taste the different foods from the vendors in Kensington Market. Keep your eyes peeled for a unique gift – this is the perfect place to find one!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#16 – Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum
An enriching tour for shoe lovers!
  • $
  • 1-day validity
  • Uncover 4,500 years of footwear history!
  • Stroll through fascinating exhibitions that are entertaining for visitors of all ages!

You don’t even have to love shoes to enjoy a visit to the Bata Shoe Museum! The Bata Shoe Museum is considered a cultural treasure and is known around the world for its groundbreaking exhibitions.

Boasting over 4,500 years of footwear history in four innovative gallery spaces, the rotating exhibitions of the museum promise an enriching experience. From footwear during the era of the Depression to glittering shoes and traditional Arctic footwear – Bata Shoe Museum is full of wonders!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#17 – Private Wine Tasting Tour

Private Wine Tasting Tour
Perfect for couples
  • $$$$
  • 2 hours
  • A private wine tasting experience with a CMS-certified sommelier!
  • Learn the art of wine tasting paired with cheese and snacks

A private wine tasting tour with a sommelier is an experience that far surpasses other Toronto tour packages! The intimacy, education, and flavors experienced during the tour make it the perfect activity for couples.

Under the instruction of a CMS-certified sommelier, you can expect to enjoy a tasting of his private collection while pairing wine with delicious cheese and snacks!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#18 – Evening Sightseeing Tour

Evening Sightseeing Tour
An unforgettable introduction to Toronto’s nightlife
  • $$$$
  • 3,5 hours
  • Enjoy an unforgettable tour of Toronto after dark!
  • Watch the sun dip behind the horizon from the top of the CN Tower!

If you are a night owl, then this is the perfect tour for you! The evening sightseeing tour showcases an illuminated Toronto in the best light. Start off by watching the sunset from the top of the CN Tower (without worrying about CN Tower tickets) before experiencing the nightlife of Toronto’s vibrant downtown areas.

The tour also stops past popular attractions such as Yonge-Dundas Square and the Toronto Sign! The night ends with a panoramic hilltop view of the glittering city before hitting the town’s recommended spots!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#19 – Heart of Downtown Bike Tour

Heart of Downtown Bike Tour
A great overview of Toronto’s key attractions
  • $$$
  • 3,5 hours
  • Get a feel for Toronto on the back seat of a bike!
  • Explore areas that are not easily reached by a vehicle!

Downtown Toronto is bustling with action! The area is full of must-see cultural and historical landmarks that are just waiting to be explored – some of which can’t be reached by car or bus.

A bike tour of Downtown Toronto is the perfect way to get up close to the CN Tower, Royal York Hotel, Union Station and Dundas Square – amongst many other spots! This tour is a great way to zoom past Toronto’s key attractions, highlighting the ones that you want to return to later!

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#20 – Small-Group City Tour

Small-Group City Tour
Great for the whole family
  • $$
  • 6 hours
  • Discover Toronto in an intimate and small group
  • Enjoy the undivided attention of guide as you visit key attractions

A small group city tour is the perfect way to explore the city comfortably. Enjoy the full attention of your guide as you weave through the streets, and past main attractions, from the comfort of a vehicle.

You can expect to go past Fort York, the CN Tower, Queen’s Quay, Riverdale Park and the University of Toronto – among many, many more interesting sights!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price


#21 – Distillery District Segway Tour

Distillery District Segway Tour
Perfect for those looking for a fun experience
  • $$
  • 30 minutes
  • A unique way to discover the historic Distillery District in Toronto
  • Experience a thrilling ride on a Segway!

The Distillery District in Toronto is a must-visit area, filled with incredible history and architecture. What better way to explore the fascinating area than on a segway! Enjoy the thrill of rushing through what was once the largest whiskey distillery in the British Empire from the back of a segway!

Before the tour, you’ll get a thorough breakdown on how to ride the Segway and learn how the machine works. The tour is perfect for beginners and anyone looking for a fun experience!

Guaranteed BEST Tour Price



With so much to do and see in Toronto, you no doubt have a few questions burning in your mind! Here we try to answer a few of them!

How Do I Book A Toronto tour?

There are several tour providers in Toronto that promise unforgettable experiences in the city. The best way to book a tour is through GetYourGuide.com. They offer a diverse range of activities and have a very detailed review system to help you make your pick!

What Should I Pack For A Tour In Toronto?

The most important thing to pack for a tour in Toronto is comfortable shoes, as you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be doing a lot of walking! Summer can get very hot in Toronto, and winters can get very cold – so make sure that you dress for the weather!

How Much Do Tours In Toronto Typically Cost?

Regardless of your budget, you will be able to find a tour that suits your pocket! The average cost of the above-mentioned tours are between $33 USD to $67 USD, but you can book tours from as little as $11 USD or as much as $99 USD.

How Long Do Tours In Toronto Last?

Again, there are a variety of tours to best suit your preferences. Take your pick from a full-day tour, a half-day tour or a tour that only lasts a couple of hours!


Toronto is a city full of fascinating treasures just waiting to be explored. Boasting a variety of cultural influences, fascinating history, and world-renowned cuisine, you can expect an unforgettable trip!

Booking a tour is a sure way to get everything that you want out of the city. There’s nothing quite like a local guide to give you a taste of what the city has to offer, allowing you to go back for seconds when you wish. Whether you are in Toronto for a long time or only a day, a tour is a great option!

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