31 AMAZING Things to do in Toronto [2023!]

As one of Canada’s finest cities, Toronto is a treasure trove of incredible museums, memorable parks and iconic landmarks that have become favorites across the globe!

Whether you’re a nature-lover looking for a fantastic getaway or an art fundi searching for the next masterpiece to ‘wow’ you, Toronto covers every base. From the idyllic Lake Ontario and its beautiful islands to the vibrant streets of Downtown Toronto, this city seems to have it all!

From unbelievable cuisine and sporty hotspots to tours of the many incredible attractions, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate things to do in Toronto!

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• The 31 Best Things to Do in Toronto •

#1 – Exciting Distillery District Walking Tour

Distillery District
One of the best fun things to do in Toronto
  • Explore this incredible historic district!
  • Visit the Mill Street Brewery
  • Sample delicious Soma Chocolate

As one of the best things to do in Toronto, you’ll get the chance to explore North America’s largest collection of Victorian industrial architecture.

Discover the buildings that gave this area its name as you visit the Gooderham and Worts Distillery. This was once the largest whiskey distillery in the British Empire!

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#2 – Visit Toronto’s Gorgeous Beaches

  • Amazing swimming and sunbathing
  • Chance of kayaking or supping
  • Central and vibrant beaches

Toronto’s lake-side beaches are perfect for your fix of sand and sunshine, or a peaceful walk on a cloudy day!

Each has something unique to offer from the vibrant Woodbine Beach which is perfect for volleyball, Kew-Balmy is the ultimate secluded spot and Cherry is famous for its laid-back atmosphere and water sports.

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#3 – Enjoy a Toronto Islands Bike Tour

Toronto Islands Bike Tour
Great thing in Toronto to do with kids
  • Enjoy gorgeous skyline views!
  • Visit the William Meany Maze
  • Discover the island’s fascinating history

Enjoy a tranquil and fun-filled cycle around the historic sites and amazing views of the Toronto Islands!

Explore the fascinating Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, which is one of the city’s oldest buildings and discover the park and beaches that dot this idyllic landscape. As you go, enjoy the stories that fill the islands’ history!

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#4 – Visit the Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum
A very cool thing to do in Toronto
  • Canada’s largest museum!
  • Houses over 6 000 000 items
  • Admire The Crystal

Discover a treasure trove of exhibits on everything from art to nature to history! With 40 galleries filled with fascinating and memorable topics, this is one of the top things to do in Toronto.

Learn all about Canada’s First Peoples, recently extinct animals and the world’s largest collection of fossils from the Burgess Shale.

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#5 – Experience Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
Amazing fun for the family!
  • Home to over 20 000 creatures!
  • 9 curated and unique galleries
  • North America’s longest underwater tunnel!

Wondering what to do in Toronto this weekend? Believe it or not, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada houses marine life from across the globe! See the incredible creatures of Dangerous Lagoon where sharks swim on every side of you.

Then, travel to Planet Jellies where a galaxy of jellyfish will take your breath away. This one’s not to be missed!

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#6 – Helicopter Ride Over Toronto

Helicopter Ride Over Toronto
One of the more unique things to do in Toronto
  • Admire towering skyscrapers
  • See landmarks from the air
  • View Ripley’s iconic shark imagery

This one’s a doozy! Get a feel for beautiful Toronto as you see everything from the CN Tower to the incredible Lake Ontario from a helicopter.

The mist of Niagara Falls can be seen on a clear day; it’s the perfect way to enjoy Toronto at sunset or enjoy the city lights at night.

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#7 – Kensington Market and Chinatown Walking Tour

Kensington Market and Chinatown
One of the best things to do in Downtown Toronto
  • Amazing photo spot in Toronto
  • Explore gorgeous parks
  • Discover amazing graffiti art

Experience the incredible shopping hubs of Kensington Market and Chinatown! From the incredible vintage stores and authentic foodie spots to the fascinating history, you’ll find it all on this memorable walking tour.

Visit spots like Cinderella Vintage or the vendor-lined streets of Kensington Market, and enjoy the incredible atmosphere!

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#8 – Enjoy the Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum
One of the best fun things to do in Toronto
  • Discover 4500 years of footwear
  • Housed in a ‘shoebox’
  • Perfect for kids and adults!

Wondering what to do in Toronto? This one-of-a-kind museum is a perfect choice. As one of the city’s most prominent landmarks, the Bata Shoe Museum boasts an impressive collection of footwear.

Discover shoes from across history including traditional footwear, John Lennon’s Beatle boots and high heels worn by Marilyn Monroe.

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#9 – Explore the Beautiful High Park

  • See cherry blossoms in spring
  • Spot the giant maple leaf
  • Stunning throughout the year

Partake in one of the best things to do in Toronto with a day out in High Park! As Toronto’s largest public park, there are tonnes of activities to enjoy.

Visit the park’s mini-zoo, stroll through the gorgeous Hillside Gardens (complete with waterfalls and quaint bridges) and enjoy the network of trails. This is the perfect place to get lost in!

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#10 – Discover the Ontario Science Center

One of the top things to do in Toronto this weekend

  • Exhibits on varied topics
  • Enjoy the bubble art installation
  • Over 500 interactive experiences

With exhibits on everything from outer space to the Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll, this incredible science hub is perfect for all ages!

Enjoy exhibits like the Cloud, which consists of blue and opaque squares that rotates to simulate the three states of matter. Don’t miss out on an informative and fun day out at the Ontario Science Center!


#11 – Enjoy the Amazing Art Gallery of Ontario

  • Artworks from the 1st century!
  • Houses the Henry Moore Sculpture Center
  • Has a theater and workshop space

With an impressive collection spanning centuries, this iconic art gallery is a major Toronto landmark!

It has a never-ending list of draw cards including an incredible photography exhibit, the largest collection of Canadian art and the world’s biggest holding of rare Gothic boxwood miniatures!


#12 – Take a Walkabout in the Toronto Zoo

The perfect activity for people of all ages

  • Houses 450 species!
  • Kid-friendly attractions like Splash Island
  • Open-air demonstration venue

The spectacular Toronto Zoo is a bustling hub of animals from across the world! Enjoy seeing fascinating creatures from the impressive to the cute as you explore this epic zoo.

Keep your eyes peeled for animals like Indian rhinos, grizzly bears, golden lion tamarins and the giant Pacific octopus!


#13 – Catch a Game at the Rogers Center

Things to do in Toronto this weekend

  • Hosts conventions, concerts and carnivals!
  • Home to the SkyWalk
  • Enjoy a guided tour

At first glance, the Roger’s Center is a baseball hub with a big reputation. While it’s the perfect place to catch a memorable game in the open-top stadium, it also has quite the history!

During construction over 1500 artifacts were unearthed, many of which are still on display! You can also enjoy incredible artworks like The Audience, a larger-than-life depiction of fans.


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#14 – Enjoy a Toronto Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Enjoy a Toronto Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

  • Valid for 48 hours
  • On-board multilingual commentary
  • 20 stops available

Take your time and see the sights of Toronto on this handy bus tour!

Whether you’re looking for fun spots in the Entertainment District, ceramics at the Gardiner Museum or a tour around the TIFF Bell Lightbox, you can do it all. You can even grab some grub in Baldwin Village!

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#15 – Visit the Historic Casa Loma

A ‘cool’ thing to do Toronto in winter

  • Admire gorgeous architecture
  • An iconic filming destination
  • See incredible rooms like Peacock Alley

If you’re wondering what to see in Toronto, the incredible Casa Loma is a top choice. From its incredible five-acre gardens to the 800-foot tunnel, Casa Loma seeks to amaze!

Enjoy highlights like the stunning Oak Room or the Round Room, where its remarkable curved design is quite the feature. Don’t miss the incredible collection of vintage cars and gardens that look like they emerged from an illustration!


#16 – Enjoy a Craft Beer and History Tour

Enjoy a Craft Beer and History Tour

  • Sample the region’s finest brews!
  • A unique look at Toronto’s history
  • Visit 3 one-of-a-kind pubs

Take a trip down history as you learn all about Toronto’s past! Your guide will tell you anecdotes that take you from its beginnings in the 1800s to its thriving present-day self.

Get a taste of Candian craft beer and learn about its role in the city’s diverse back story!

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#17 – Explore the Toronto Botanical Garden

  • 17 themed gardens
  • Boasts beautiful water features
  • Houses uniquely designed bee hotel

The Toronto Botanical garden is home to some truly spectacular features! Explore the Woodland Walk, Honeymoon Bridge (the perfect photo spot) and the gorgeous Beryl Ivey Knot garden where you’ll find incredible sculpted plants.

The garden is also the sometimes-home to markets and art exhibits. You can even enjoy a picnic on the grassy banks!


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#18 – Live Music at the Horseshoe Tavern

One of the best cheap things to do in Toronto

  • Opened in 1947!
  • Hosted the Rolling Stones
  • Known as ‘The Shoe’

The Horseshoe tavern opened as a quaint restaurant-tavern and has since grown into a staple in Toronto’s music scene!

As the name hints, it has hosted performers like Willie Nelson and has evolved to include bands like the Police and Matchbox 20. If you’re wondering where to go in Toronto for some stellar tunes, The Shoe is a winner!


#19 – Enjoy a Toronto Foodie Tour

Toronto Foodie Tour
The best way to get a taste of Toronto’s cuisine
  • Discover Toronto’s hidden gems!
  • Accommodates personal interests
  • Sample food from across the globe

Enjoy a walkabout through Toronto on this private tour! Begin at St. Lawrence Market, which was once named the best food market in the world, and venture to the incredible Chinatown where flavor and history meet.

Taste delicacies from Buster’s Sea Cove or enjoy authentic baked goods from Aren’t We Sweet!

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#20 – Take on a Spooky Nighttime Tour

Spooky Nighttime Tour

  • Enjoy Toronto with a twist!
  • Hear the city’s unsolved mysteries
  • Choose from three seasonal options!

Stroll through the moonlit streets of Toronto as your guide tells you chilling tales from the city’s past!

Meander past spooky locations and some of the city’s iconic landmarks as you discover their dark history. From campus secrets to the spine-tingling Mackenzie House – this tour will have you entertained!

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#21 – Get Tickets at One of Toronto’s Theaters

  • Enjoy classic to contemporary shows
  • Support the local theater scene
  • Experience intimate performances

Get a taste of Toronto’s vibrant theater scene! From the Young Center for the Performing Arts where there’s something for everyone, to the entertaining basement shows of the Lower Ossington Theater – you’ll love it.

The Coal Mine Theater is another goldmine where anything from intimate production to improv shows are par for the course!


#22 – Visit the Dupont Street Galleries

  • One of Toronto’s artistic hubs
  • Range of galleries and artworks!
  • Enjoy the contemporary art scene

If you’re looking to dip your toes in the avant-garde, the Cooper Cole Gallery is your spot. From conceptual paintings to sculptural installation, it brings a younger voice to Toronto’s art world.

Autumn Studios is another fantastic choice with beautiful tactile pieces and amazing events!

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#23 – Discover the Allan Garden’s Observatory

  • 6 incredible greenhouses
  • Tonnes of wildlife!
  • Seasonal shows

This lush green footprint in the middle of Toronto is the perfect place to go for a touch of nature!

Find six greenhouses filled pants from around the world, including two tropical houses and the incredible Palm House. If you’re a cactus fan, they’ve got you covered with the Arid House!


#24 – Experience the Heart of Downtown Bicycle Tour

Downtown Bicycle Tour

  • See Downtown Toronto’s key landmarks!
  • Enjoy colorful and entertaining stories
  • Suitable for any cycling level

See everything from Dundas Square to the Ontario College of Art and Design, which stands on stilts designed to look like pencils!

From the harborfront to Queen Street West, you’ll have the chance to marvel at the sights of Toronto as you cycle its iconic streets.

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#25 – Meander Through the PATH

One of the best shopping spots in Toronto

  • Incredible underground shopping complex!
  • Tonnes of amazing eateries
  • Connects major tourist attractions!

Enjoy a meander through this impressive labyrinth of restaurants like the Lovejoy Bar and Cafe, which looks like a 1950s diner with an amazing variety of drinks.

You can also grab lunch at Furama, a Hong Kong-style bakery which serves up treats like the sweet pineapple bun stuffed with barbecue pork!


#26 – Enjoy a Taste of Toronto’s Famous Pork

Toronto’s Famous Pork
One of the most unique tours in Toronto
  • Visit 3 creative restaurants
  • Travel in a classic streetcar
  • Toronto historically known as ‘Hogtown’

This tour is a little different, but Toronto is known for its pork, so why not?

Head over to St. Lawrence market for a delicious peameal bacon sandwich, one of Toronto’s signature sandwiches. See the sights and learn all about sustainable meats on this uber-fun tour!

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#27 – Tour the Harbor and Surrounding Islands

Harbor and Surrounding Islands

  • Explore the Toronto Islands on foot!
  • Learn about the harbor’s history
  • Take in the gorgeous views!

Take to the lake on a memorable harbor and island tour! Enjoy views of Hanlan’s Point, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse and Toronto’s Harbourfront Center.

The captain and crew will share fascinating trivia as you sail past the sights of Toronto’s waterfront. You can also enjoy a pit stop at the Island Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary with gorgeous meadows and lagoons!

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#28 – Explore the Scarborough Bluffs

One of the best free things to do in Toronto

  • Has a tonne of parks!
  • Perfect for hiking and biking
  • Boating in Cathedral Bluff Park!

This gorgeous collection of parks and trails forms Toronto’s Scarborough Bluffs! It’s the ultimate natural alcove, perfect for picnics, swimming and drinking in the incredible scenery.

From playgrounds in Scarborough Crescent Park to the stunning trails along the escarpment, this is the ultimate spot for nature lovers!


#29 – Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

  • Amazing collection of hockey memorabilia
  • Fun simulation games!
  • Exhibits on the sporting greats!

For true hockey fans and anyone dipping their toes into the sport, Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame is a fascinating place to visit.

With everything from simulated games with tops players, fantastic portraits and an incredible collection of ice hockey artifacts – there’s something for everyone!


#30 – Take the Ultimate Toronto Sightseeing Tour

Take the Ultimate Toronto Sightseeing Tour

  • Perfect for sightseeing aficionados!
  • Enjoy stunning architecture
  • Spot poignant memorials

For real insight into the incredible city of Toronto, enjoy this 5-hour full-on tour!

From Queen’s Park in Downtown Toronto where incredible statues and memorials dot the landscape. Learn all about the iconic sights of Toronto and the history of their surrounding neighborhoods!

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#31 – Enjoy a Trip up the CN Tower

  • Experience the amazing EdgeWalk!
  • 533 meters high!
  • Spot New York state

Enjoy a trip around one of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks! The CN Tower has become a staple on any sightseeing itinerary with its amazing lookout decks and restaurants.

Take in breathtaking views of Niagara Falls and New York state on a clear day, and for the brave, the groundbreaking EdgeWalk is at your disposal!


Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the ultimate list of activities, tours and sights to see in Toronto – look no further!

From the natural wonders of the Toronto Islands to the incredible historic buildings, Toronto is a sightseeing dream. Whether you’re in town for a weekend getaway or a holiday to end all holidays, you’ll never run out of things to do in Toronto. You can even enjoy some of the city’s excellent day trips!

With foodie spots that fill your trip with flavor, adrenaline-pumping activities and the many gorgeous sights in this world-renowned city – take your pick and you’ll be ready to go!


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