17 CHEAP HOSTELS in Tokyo [Bargain guide]

Tokyo is a fantastically unique city! With the combination of ultra-modern infrastructure and a culture rich in traditions, Japan’s capital is on most backpackers’ bucket list.

It can be an expensive city to visit, with the cost of accommodation and cuisine soaring relative to other cities. But that doesn’t mean a visit to Tokyo will put you out of pocket, as there are many ways to spend less! If you’re happy to share your room with fellow travelers and try the amazing and versatile street food, you’ll find it a fantastic budget destination.

We’ve found all the very best cheap hostels in Tokyo, Japan! So you can find the perfect place for you, without any hassle. Choose by neighborhood or style – in Tokyo, there’s something for everyone!

Quick Answer: Best Cheap Hostels in Tokyo

Best Overall Cheap Hostel in Tokyo – Emblem Hostel Nishiarai
Best Cheap Tokyo Backpackers Hostel – Space Hostel Tokyo
Best Cheap Hostel near Asusaka – Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo
Best Cheap Hostel for Activities and Socializing – Sakura Hostel Asakusa
Cheapest Hostel in Tokyo – Oakhostel Cabin
Best Cheap Hostel in the Shibuya District – Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo
Best Hostel near Akihabara – Grids Tokyo Akihabara Hotel&Hostel
Best Cheap Youth Hostel Tokyo – Hotel&Hostel On The Marks Tokyo Kawasaki


#1 –  Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

Best Overall Cheap Hostel in Tokyo

Emblem Hostel Nishiarai
Emblem Hostel Nishiarai is our pick for the best overall cheap hostel in Tokyo
  • Organized daily events available, like karate lessons, walking tours, and sushi-making lessons
  • A great place to party and meet awesome new people, with fantastic shared spaces!
  • Cozy pod beds, comfortable rooms and helpful, enthusiastic staff

Emblem Hostel is our favorite party hostel in Tokyo! The elegantly decorated hostel hosts daily fun activities to help you explore the best of Tokyo, and meet great people while you do it! Choose between a mixed or gendered dorm for optimum comfort. It even has a bar, restaurant, and a gym! We think it’s the best hostel in Tokyo.

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#2 –  Space Hostel Tokyo

Best Cheap Tokyo Backpackers Hostel

Space Hostel Tokyo
Space Hostel Tokyo is our pick for the best cheap Tokyo backpackers hostel
  • Great central location and clean, comfortable shared and private rooms
  • Authentically local with custom-made furniture created by Japanese craftsmen
  • Fast wifi and new computers make it ideal for those wanting to get a little work done

Space Hostel is a simple, quiet hostel in a calm central area. It’s surrounded by small family-run businesses and narrow streets. It’s a perfect place to relax, with a lovely laid-back atmosphere and comfortable shared areas. Meet like-minded people or get a little work done before heading out! 

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#3 – Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo

Best Cheap Tokyo Backpackers Hostel

Backpackers Hostel K's House Tokyo
Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo is our pick for the best cheap hostel near Asusaka
  • With a warm atmosphere, friendly staff and lovely rooms, Hostel K has a home-away-from-home feel
  • A great base from which to explore, the location is perfect, a quick walk from the station
  • Cozy shared spaces and pleasant little amenities make it stand out

Many travelers return to Hostel K time and again! It’s one of Tokyo’s most popular budget Japanese hostels, because the quality never drops. Staff are helpful and always have a smile, and the rooms are spotless. Everything you need is right here, and you’ll meet some great like-minded people!

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#4 –  Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Great Hostel for activities and socializing

Sakura Hostel Asakusa
Sakura Hostel Asakusa is our pick for the great hostel for activities and socializing
  • This large, bright hostel has everything available, including a shared kitchen and a laundromat
  • Activities include calligraphy and sushi-making lessons, a geisha show, and great tours
  • Free luggage storage before check-in and after check-out

Sakura hostel is one of the best hostels in Tokyo! With great amenities, a cheap all-you-can-eat breakfast served daily, and super cozy rooms, there’s nothing you can miss. And we love that they offer storage even after check-out, allowing you the freedom to explore Tokyo one last time before your flight without lugging around baggage!

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#5 –  Oakhostel Cabin

Cheapest Hostel in Tokyo

Oakhostel Cabin
Oakhostel Cabin is our pick for the cheapest hostel in Tokyo
  • One of the cheapest hostels in Japan, Oakhostel is great value for money
  • Bed pods provide privacy and comfort – but if you have claustrophobia, give it a miss
  • It has clean bathrooms, comfortable beds and the service is great!

Oakhostel Cabin is the cheapest hostel in Tokyo! Your capsule bed comes with free amenities like shampoo, cooking supplies, and a security locker, allowing you to experience Tokyo on the lowest possible budget! It’s ideal for young travelers, and of course, all of us broke backpackers!

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#6 – Hostel Bedgasm

Hostel Bedgasm
Hostel Bedgasm
  • As the name implies, this hostel has some of the best beds in the business!
  • The bar is fantastic, with a free nightly drink provided and great vibes aplenty
  • Great location, bright, spacious rooms, and a brilliant roof-top chill space

Hostel Bedgasm is the perfect place to lay your head down after a long weary day of exploration! The rooms are terrific, with a curtain, lamp, and charging socket for each dorm bed. You’re guaranteed to meet interesting people in the bar! Everything you could want is within short walking distance, including the station.  

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Yokohama is incredible! There are tons of things to do there!

#7 – Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge
Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge
  • Super helpful staff and a great vibe – both relaxing and fun!
  • Unusual, naturalistic decor and amazing food at the in-house restaurant and bar
  • A great option for budget family groups, as long as all kids are over 7

Perfect for all kinds of tourists, Nui. is a favorite of ours! Centrally located and popular among locals and foreigners alike, the hostel bar is one for the books. Families also really enjoy it for its laid-back, relaxing vibe and brilliant staff. It’s a wonderful place to spend your vacation in Tokyo!

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#8 –  Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo

Best Cheap Hostel in the Shibuya district

Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo
Wise Owl Hostel Tokyo is our pick for the best cheap hostel in the Shibuya district
  • Wise Owl has a long happy hour at the bar, and a lively, stylish atmosphere
  • Private rooms are beautiful, and mixed dorms come with black-out curtains and great Wifi
  • Free slippers are provided, and all rooms have free coffee and tea facilities

Get a drink with your dorm mates at the downstairs bar or read in your bunk with a cup of tea. The Wise Owl is a great hostel for meeting new people or chilling on your own, with comfortable shared spaces and ample privacy, even in the dorms. The location is also great for party-goers, as it’s right in the middle of Tokyo’s top nightlife district!

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Tokyo is alive! And you’ll find these party hostels have some of the best events around!

#9 – Grids Tokyo Asakusa-Bashi Hotel&Hostel

Grids Tokyo Asakusa-Bashi Hotel&Hostel
Grids Tokyo Asakusa-Bashi Hotel&Hostel
  • This hostel-hotel is clean and attractive, with neat decor and a relaxed atmosphere
  • Situated in a famous manufacturing neighborhood, it’s an opportunity to experience a different side of Tokyo
  • Tradition and contemporary culture intermix in this fantastic hostel!

For very comfortable accommodation in a totally different neighborhood, this hostel is a fantastic option! Grids Tokyo Asakusa-Bashi has its own bar and cafe, and is conveniently situated near plenty of great restaurants and Tokyo attractions. The hostel also has a laundromat, and really lovely bathrooms, making it one of the best cheap places to stay in Tokyo long-term.  

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#10 – Grids Tokyo Akihabara Hotel&Hostel

Best Hostel near Akihabara

Grids Tokyo Akihabara Hotel&Hostel
Grids Tokyo Akihabara Hotel&Hostel is our pick for the best hostel near Akihabara
  • Choose between pod beds, dorm rooms, or a family room
  • The hostel is great for those looking to meet locals and learn about Japanese culture
  • The bar and lounge are inspired by a railway terminal

Grids Tokyo Akihabara is another amazing place to stay! It’s a travelers hub in the center of Akihabara, one of Tokyo’s most interesting neighborhoods. You can choose a self-contained pod with everything you need, or a dorm bed, where you can meet people to explore Tokyo with!

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#11 – Hostel DEN

Hostel DEN
Hostel DEN
  • Their international staff are ready to welcome you and direct you to all the best Tokyo attractions
  • A very clean hostel, with a cozy vibe and great showers
  • Great facilities and handy free amenities with laundry and kitchen

Hostel DEN is a fantastic hostel offering lovely free amenities and services. Take a free walking tour with one of their international staff, and get a wonderful introduction to Tokyo! Self-catering facilities are available, and the Book Exchange allows you to enjoy some great reads in bed.

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Let’s narrow it down! Near Tokyo Station are some of the best hostels!

#12 –  Hop Step Inn

Hop Step Inn
Hop Step Inn
  • Colorful and quirky, a stay at Hop Step Inn is always a lot of fun
  • The pod beds are decorated to look like tiny brightly colored houses
  • Has loads of free stuff, including the use of computers, lockers, and luggage storage

Looking for a comfortable and quirky place to stay in Tokyo? This little hostel combines charm, comfort, and convenience perfectly! You’ll find everything you need, and enjoy spending time in the common rooms so much you won’t want to leave! It’s one of the best Tokyo hostels for creative people!

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#13 – Hotel&Hostel On The Marks Tokyo Kawasaki

Best Cheap Youth Hostel Tokyo

Hotel&Hostel On The Marks Tokyo Kawasaki
Hotel&Hostel On The Marks Tokyo Kawasaki isour pick for the best cheap youth hostel Tokyo
  • With a lively atmosphere, a bar and a restaurant, this is a great hostel for socializing!
  • Clean, comfortable rooms, and a choice between pods, dorms, and private rooms
  • There are many fun events hosted here, including movie and game nights

Enjoy comfortable beds and great service at On The Marks! The hostel staff is super friendly, and love to arrange frequent events. The location is great, a short walk away from transport and Tokyo landmarks. Take advantage of the complimentary 20% discount at the bar and restaurant, and meet some locals in the process!

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#14 –  Asakusa Hostel Toukaisou

Best Cheap Japanese-style Accommodation

Asakusa Hostel Toukaisou
Asakusa Hostel Toukaisou is our pick for the best cheap Japanese-style accommodation
  • Stay in Japanese-style dorm accommodation, or reserve a private room for your group
  • The spacious, sunny communal space is a great place to hang out
  • Situated on the remodeled third floor of another hostel, so you can meet travelers downstairs

This authentic Japanese hostel is a fantastic place to get acquainted with local customs and styles. Meet people at the hostel downstairs and in your dorm, or relax in the more secluded rooms! This hostel is ideal for families and young travelers, and a rare example of traditional Japanese style! 

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#15 – Ryokan&Hostel Wasabi Nippori

Ryokan&Hostel Wasabi Nippori
Ryokan&Hostel Wasabi Nippori
  • Ryokan has a fantastically warm atmosphere and friendly staff
  • Guests have access to gendered public baths and futon-filled shared spaces
  • Free amenities include miso soup, tea, wifi, and kitchen facilities!

This hostel embraces and introduces guests to, both traditional and modern Japanese culture. Ryokan offers fantastic budget accommodation! Beds are comfortable and large, and the bar has lots available! You can make friends on the roof or in the lounge. When you feel like heading out, its convenient location means you can access the rest of Tokyo with ease. 

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 #16 – IRORI Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen

Perfect Tokyo Hostel to spend the winter

IRORI Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen
IRORI Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen is our pick for the perfect Tokyo hostel to spend the winter
  • Super convenient location with direct access to Tokyo landmarks
  • Make friends and spend your time relaxing in one of the two social lounges
  • Enjoy the fully equipped kitchen with Japanese cooker

Irori hostel is the perfect place to spend your winter vacation! With a traditional Japanese fireplace (which it’s named after), free hot water bottle, and free tea and coffee, you’ll stay snug all holiday. The communal spaces are cozy, and the beds are very comfortable.

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#17 –  Planetyze Hostel

Planetyze Hostel
Planetyze Hostel
  • This hostel has very comfortable accommodations that exude  a joyful atmosphere
  • The international staff are always happy to help you plan your Japan itinerary
  • Their 100% non-smoking policy means that this hostel is always smelling fresh and fragrant

Make Planetyze your home-base and get all the help you need planning the rest of your Japan trip! This hostel is ideal for travelers who know little about Japan, as you’ll learn so much! The communal areas include a bar and cafe. Smokers be warned – not only is the hostel non-smoking, but the whole neighborhood prohibits smoking!

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If you want to explore Tokyo on a tight budget, these are the very best options all year round! Choose the best one for you, and be sure to book in advance if you’re traveling in peak season. At these prices, they book out fast.

With such a big, diverse city, it’s best to pick a hostel close to the attractions that interest you! All the neighborhoods have lots to offer, in very different ways. 

So whether you’re interested in Japanese culture and history, the totally unique Tokyo party scene, or the delicious food culture, there’s a hostel here for everyone!

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