31 AMAZING Things to do in Dubrovnik [2023!]

Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the best destinations for any traveler! This old city located on the Adriatic Sea has so much to offer! Between its historic Old Town, beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and shops, Game of Thrones fame, rich culture, and a plethora of exciting activities, there really are so many things to do in Dubrovnik!

If you are wondering what to do in Dubrovnik, then look no further. Here is our ultimate guide on all of the top activities and attractions in the city. Here are the top things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

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• The 31 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik •

#1 – Tour the City Walls

Tour the City Walls
One of the most important sites in Dubrovnik
  • Walk the Old Town walls
  • Stunning views
  • Guided tour

When visiting Dubrovnik, one of the essential activities is walking around the walls of the Old Town. These ancient walls offer the best perspective of the city, as well as pass some really interesting landmarks and buildings.

This is a guided tour that will teach you all about the city and this UNESCO world heritage site.

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#2 – Elaphite Island Hopping

Elaphite Island Hopping
A very cool thing to do in Dubrovnik
  • Explore the Elaphite Islands
  • Includes unlimited drinks and lunch
  • A fun boat day

Dubrovnik is famous for its beautiful coastline, including the beautiful Elaphite Islands. Take this boat tour where you will get to hop between Kolocep, Sipan, and Lopud islands.

The tour includes an informative guide and is one of the best ways to experience the magic of the Adriatic coast!

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#3 – Game of Thrones Tour

Game of Thrones Tour
One of the best things to do in downtown Dubrovnik
  • 2-hour guided tour
  • Experience the sites where the TV show was filmed
  • Explore the city walls

If you love the popular TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, this tour is a must! Dubrovnik is where much of the show was filmed, and you’ll get to see the iconic ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes during this tour.

Explore Kings Landing, and learn all about many of the important landmarks in Dubrovnik along the way!

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#4 – Sea Kayaking Tour

Sea Kayaking Tour
A very cool thing to do in Dubrovnik
  • Active fun in the sun
  • A unique perspective
  • Explore the coastline

Dubrovnik is famous for many things, its exceptional coastline being a highlight! Experience this at its best with a kayak tour.

This guided tour will show you hidden caves, Lokrum Island, and the coast surrounding the Old Town.

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#5 – Take a Walk Down Stradun

Architecture fan? You’ll love this!

  • The main street in Dubrovnik’s Old Town
  • Full of shops, bars, and cafes
  • Some of the best architecture

No trip to Dubrovnik would be complete without walking down Stradun and admiring the amazing surroundings. This is the main walkway through the Old Town.

The street is paved with smooth limestone and it offers an iconic perspective of the city. Walk down here and enjoy the charms of Dubrovnik!


#6 – Catch the Cable Car

Catch the Cable Car
Great thing in Dubrovnik to do with kids
  • Reach Dubrovnik’s highest peak
  • Round trip tickets
  • Panoramic views

Catch the Dubrovnik cable car to reach the highest point in the city. From the upper station, you are greeted with unparalleled views across Dubrovnik and beyond!

This is a great way to really see the surrounding area, and admire the beauty of the coastline.

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#7 – Visit Lokrum Island

One of the best fun things to do in Dubrovnik!

  • 15-minute boat ride from Dubrovnik
  • Loads of natural beauty
  • Escape the city

When looking for Dubrovnik things to do, visiting Lokrum Island is always high up on the list! This island can be seen just off the coast of the Old Town, it offers a fun and quick escape!

Enjoy the old ruins, hiking paths, mini dead sea, nudist beach, wildlife, and plenty more!


#8 – Old Town Guided Walking Tour

Old Town Guided Walking Tour
A must-do for history buffs!
  • Discover historic Dubrovnik
  • Visit major landmarks
  • Live guide

Dubrovnik is a city with so much rich history and culture. Take this guided walking tour through the Old Town to experience it all!

The tour will take you to the many top landmarks and attractions in Dubrovnik.

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#9 – Admire Dubrovnik Cathedral

One of the best free things to do in Dubrovnik!

  • A baroque cathedral
  • Contains important religious items
  • One of the oldest buildings

Dubrovnik is a historical gem, with so many amazing buildings to be discovered! Dubrovnik Cathedral is one of the best.

This old building is full of detail, with many interesting things to witness inside. The building itself is beautiful.


#10 – Go Scuba Diving

Go Scuba Diving

  • An uncertified introductory dive
  • Explore what’s underneath the Adriatic Sea
  • Swim with marine life

The ocean surrounding Dubrovnik is completely amazing. Take this 2-hour uncertified introductory dive for a completely exciting underwater experience!

You’ll get to swim with marine life, learn about diving, and see some of the rarest sights around Dubrovnik!

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#11 – Go Wine Tasting

Go Wine Tasting
A great experience for wine lovers!
  • Experience the Konavle Valley wineries
  • Taste and learn about local wines
  • A unique experience from Dubrovnik

Many people don’t realize that Croatia produces amazing local wine. Take a tour of Dubrovnik’s surrounding Konavle Valley wine region to discover more!

Taste and learn about some of the finest local wines. This tour includes a train ride through the vineyards too!

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#12 – Take a Buggy Safari

Take a Buggy Safari
Things to do in Dubrovnik this weekend
  • Explore local scenery
  • A fun buggy ride
  • Live guide

There are many ways to experience Dubrovnik, but one of the most fun has got to be on a buggy ride! Ride along Mount Srd and enjoy unbeatable views.

The ride is fast and fun and will show you a stunning perspective of the city. You will return back down by cable car.

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#13 – Witness St John’s Fortress

One of the most important sites in Dubrovnik

  • A big fortress on the city walls
  • One of the most important buildings in the city
  • Includes a museum and aquarium

St John’s Fortress is located along the old city walls and is a landmark site in Dubrovnik! This impressive building was once used to defend the city from pirate raids!

Today, St John’s Fortress contains the awesome Maritime Museum and a small aquarium.


#14 – Take a Private Boat Tour

Take a Private Boat Tour
A very cool thing to do in Dubrovnik
  • A 4-hour private tour
  • Enjoy your own boat
  • Create your own itinerary

Having your own private speedboat and skipper is an ultimate way to experience Dubrovnik! You can decide on your own personalized itinerary.

With a private boat, you’ll get to make the most out of the incredible coastline! You’ll have plenty of swimming options, as well as islands and hidden coves to discover!

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#15 – Enjoy the Beach

Fun for the whole family!

  • Banje Beach is just outside the city walls
  • Swimming and white sands
  • Many activities available

One of the great drawcards of the Croatian coastline is its array of spectacular beaches! While visiting Dubrovnik, take some time to relax at Banje Beach.

This central beach offers watersports, brilliant swimming, and even a beach club and restaurant!


#16 – Learn About The War

Learn About The War

  • A 1-hour war tour
  • Learn about the recent war
  • This will teach you so much about Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik may be a beautiful, happy place, but it has had some dark times in the past! Take this 1-hour tour if you would like to learn all about the recent war.

Your live tour guide will show you various points of interest, and teach you about war history. This will give you a greater understanding of Dubrovnik today.

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#17 – Admire Sponza Palace

An important Dubrovnik landmark

  • Dates back to the early 1500s
  • A beautiful Renaissance building
  • Holds the city’s archives

There are so many architectural gems around Dubrovnik, and the beautiful Sponza Palace is certainly one of them! This palace has a rich history, dating way back to the early 1500s.

Witness the stunning old palace, and admire its Renaissance style. This is one of the few buildings of its kind to survive the earthquake in 1667.


#18 – Go Rock Climbing

Go Rock Climbing
Great fun for adventure lovers!
  • Take a fun rock climbing lesson
  • Escape the city
  • Enjoy natural scenery

Rock climbing is such a fun way to get outdoors and take in the local nature surrounding Dubrovnik! Take this awesome rock-climbing lesson just outside Dubrovnik.

You will get to learn about the sport, try your luck on some pretty big cliffs, and have loads of fun while doing it!

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#19 – See the Church of St Blaise

A historic site in Dubrovnik

  • Dates back to the 1700s
  • A stunning baroque church
  • One of the city’s most famous buildings

One of the top Dubrovnik things to do has got to be experiencing ancient buildings and admiring the visible history. The Church of St Blaise is one of the best places to do this!

This church has a really interesting history in Dubrovnik and is one of the most loved buildings in the city. The current church is a replacement of the one that was lost in the massive earthquake.


#20 – Take a Gastronomy Tour

Take a Gastronomy Tour
A must-do for foodies
  • A 3-hour food and wine tour
  • Taste the best of Dubrovnik
  • Learn about the local cuisine

Dubrovnik has a brilliant local food scene! Take this tour to discover this to its full potential.

Your tour guide will take you to some of the best restaurants in the city where you will get to sample delicious traditional food and wine. You’ll also get to learn all about the food culture here.

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#21 – Explore Trsteno Arboretum

One of the best cheap things to do in Dubrovnik

  • Amazing garden in Dubrovnik
  • Dates back to the 1400s
  • One of the oldest gardens in the region

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city, but sometimes it’s best to step away from the streets and enjoy some natural tranquility.

The Trsteno Arboretum is a stunning hillside park boasting loads of trees, well-kept gardens, fountains, and an interesting aqueduct!


#22 – Sail a Catamaran

Sail a Catamaran
One of the more unique things to do in Dubrovnik
  • Sail a catamaran around the Old Town walls
  • See the stunning coastline
  • Relax with the wind in your sails!

There are many boating and coastal exploration options around Dubrovnik, but taking a catamaran has got to be one of the best! Witness some of the best views and landscapes of Dubrovnik during this cruise.

There’s nothing quite like sailing in a catamaran, making this an unforgettable Dubrovnik experience!

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#23 – Explore the Old Town At Night

Explore the Old Town At Night

  • Dubrovnik is beautiful at night
  • Offers a unique city perspective
  • Plenty of fun places to hangout

If you would like to avoid the usual day crowds and heat during an Old Town walking tour, consider trying one at night!

Dubrovnik is beautiful all lit up in the dark, offering a unique sightseeing experience. Take this walking tour to enjoy the city from a different perspective.

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#24 – Go Cliff Jumping

  • A real adrenaline rush
  • Loads of fun cliff jumping spots
  • Offers brilliant photo opportunities

Dubrovnik is loaded with culture and history, but it also has plenty of adventure on offer! Cliff jumping is a super fun and popular activity in Dubrovnik.

The main place to cliff jump is a spot near Buza Bar. If you would like to do an easier jump though, then try the rocks off Lokrum Island.

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#25 – Admire the Many Old Buildings and Landmarks

A ‘cool’ thing to do in Dubrovnik in winter
A ‘cool’ thing to do in Dubrovnik in winter

As soon as you step inside the Old Town walls in Dubrovnik, you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of amazing historic landmarks and attractions. Take this Dubrovnik city and panorama tour to discover some of the best sites in the city!

You’ll get to see some of the city’s hidden corners, important buildings, and ancient landmarks. This is a must!

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#26 – Do Some Watersports

Of all the things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia, enjoying the sun, sea, and local adventure is high up on the list! For some adrenaline-fuelled fun, enjoy some of the many watersports!

Banje Beach is a great place for watersports. These include jet skis, parasailing, tubing, water skiing, banana boating, and plenty more!

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#27 – Visit Lovrijenac Fort

An important Dubrovnik landmark

  • A beautiful seaside fort
  • Built on top of cliffs
  • Has a rich history

There are many interesting forts to visit in Dubrovnik, and the Lovrijenac Fort has got to be one of the best! This fort sits 40-meters above sea level on dramatic cliffs, and it dates back to the 11th-century.

This fort is a great place to explore if you would like to learn more about the history and heritage of Dubrovnik.


#28 – Franciscan Monastery

  • Dates back to the 1300s
  • A combination of Romanesque, baroque and gothic styles
  • Contains an interesting pharmacy

The Franciscan Monastery is one of the oldest and most interesting sites in Dubrovnik! This ancient building dates back to the 1300s and was rebuilt after the famous 17th-century earthquake.

The monastery houses a fascinating pharmacy, which dates back to 1317! There is also a really amazing old library here.

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#29 – Take a Sunset Hike and Gourmet Picnic

Take a Sunset Hike and Gourmet Picnic
A fun outdoor activity in Dubrovnik!
  • Climb up Srd hill
  • Enjoy spectacular views of the city
  • Get treated to a gourmet picnic

There are many ways to enjoy panoramic views across Dubrovnik, but taking a sunset hike to the top of Srd hill is one of the best! Book this activity to enjoy the beautiful way up, and be greeted with a gourmet picnic at the top!

This will last about 4-hours and includes a live tour guide. This is a great way to take in Dubrovnik from one of the best vantage points!

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#30 – Visit Sokol Tower

  • A large fortified tower
  • Very well restored
  • Dates back to the 15th-century

Sokol Tower can be found about half an hour outside of Dubrovnik. This is an amazing attraction for architecture and history lovers!

This huge fortified tower shows you what life would have been like when the area was surrounded by medieval soldiers. There are plenty of interesting weapons and artifacts here too.


#31 – Visit a Fun Cliff Bar

  • Visit Buza 1 or Buza 2
  • Located on dramatic cliffs
  • An awesome place for sundowners

Dubrovnik has so many beautiful spaces, and its well-known cliff bars are some of the best! Buza 1 and Buza 2 are a couple of the most popular bars in Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

From here you can enjoy some of the best views and sunsets in Dubrovnik – the perfect location for a cold drink!

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the top things to do in Dubrovnik can be difficult, as this destination has so much on offer! Whether you love history, adventure, or relaxation, then this is certainly one of the best places to go!

There are so many amazing Dubrovnik points of interest that can suit all kinds of travelers. We hope that our list of the best things to do in Dubrovnik will help you to enjoy this city to its full potential!
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