11 BEST HOSTELS in Busan are How CHEAP?

Busan is an often overlooked urban gem of South Korea, but this city has everything you could wish for. From its gleaming skyscrapers and huge malls to its very local, down to earth fish markets, its crazy nightlife and famous beach, it’s definitely worth your time.

It’s the second biggest city in South Korea, and probably not knowing anything about it, figuring out where to stay in Busan can be tricky. To save yourself getting stuck in a soulless budget hotel, we would recommend a hostel – they’re super cheap (and super nice) in South Korea.

To help you find the best hostels for you, we’ve created this guide to the best hostels in Busan. Whether you’re travelling solo, yearn for the high end, or need a private room, we’ve got it covered.

There’s tons to choose from in the city, with its burgeoning backpacker scene, with plenty of places to chill out, meet new people, use as a base to explore, or get chatting to some locals. So let’s get down to it and see what’s on offer!


Quick Answers – The Coolest Hostels in Busan

#1 Best overall hostel in Busan – Hostel The Local
#2 Best party hostel in Busan – One Way Guesthouse Busan
#3 Best hostel for solo travellers in Busan – Busan Backpackers
#4 Best hostel for digital nomads in Busan – Mozzi House
#5 Best hostel near Busan Ferry Terminal – Kim’s House in Busan 2nd
#6 Best hostel near Busan Airport – Blue Backpackers Hostel
#7 Best hostel near Haeundae Beach – Backpackers’ House
#8 Best high-end hostel in Busan – K’s House Premium Nampo
#9 Best budget hostel in Busan – Silk Road Hostel
#10 Best hostel with private rooms in Busan – Good Day Mate


#1 – Hostel The Local

Best overall hostel in Busan

Why we like Hostel The Local…
Wow. This epic backpackers hostel in Busan is where it’s at for just about the best all-rounder you’re going to find in this fun South Korean city. It’s got style with well thought out modern furnishings, it’s got a coffee shop on-site, and it’s got an awesome location – right near Busan Tower. What’s more, the vibe here is super chilled.

Hostel The Local is perfect for…
People who want to stay somewhere clean and comfortable. It’s our pick for the best overall hostel in Busan, after all! The staff here are super helpful, it’s very good value for money; and if you aren’t looking for somewhere that isn’t going to be anywhere near a party hostel, this relaxed hostel is definitely for you.

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#2 – One Way Guesthouse Busan

 Best party hostel in Busan

  • Cost – $$
  • Location – 6-3 Jungang-daero 196beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan 
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like One Way Guesthouse Busan…
We’re all about this top hostel in Busan. There’s some cool communal spaces going on here, complete with pool table and plenty of room for people to chill out. There’s even movies being projected some nights and drinks on-tap in the bar area. Though South Korean hostels aren’t known for being crazy, this one is definitely the place for good times.

One Way Guesthouse Busan is perfect for…
If you’re in Busan and you’re looking to have fun, we would definitely recommend this place. For party animals, there’s only ONE WAY to go (we just had to). It’s a great spot with nice atmosphere that’s well placed for exploring the nightlife that this coastal city has to offer. Easily the best party hostel in Busan, we say.

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#3 – Busan Backpackers

 Best hostel for solo travellers in Busan

Why we like Busan Backpackers…
Clean and Comfy, Busan Backpackers is definitely the best hostel for solo travellers in Busan. The owner here is always on hand to give anything from sightseeing advice to directions and often takes guests out on trips and adventures throughout the city. What could be better than exploring Busan with an actual local?

Busan Backpackers is perfect for…
Solo travellers! Absolutely. Busan Backpackers is a friendly place to stay where you’re going to be able to get chatting to other travellers pretty easily. However, it’s just about that when you’re by yourself – the staff here make you feel welcome and want to help you get to grips with South Korea. There’s even a cat, called Pickles.

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#4 – Mozzi House

 Best hostel for digital nomads in Busan

Mozzi House
Mozzi House is the best hostel for digital nomads in Busan

Why we like Mozzi House…
We love how cool and temporary this Busan backpackers hostel is; just look at those tiled bathrooms, and the sleek communal areas with their cool cafe vibe, and those pod-style dorm beds. It’s easily one of the coolest hostels in Busan. Plus there’s amazing views of the city from the windows here. One of our favourite things though is the free breakfast!

Mozzi House is perfect for…
If you need to get some work done whilst you’re in the city. There’s plenty of space for you and your laptop in the communal areas, complete with views of the city and surrounding mountains. Definitely not a party hostel, it’s the best hostel for digital nomads in Busan – it’s even near a train station so you can explore the city easily once you’ve got some work done.

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#5 – Kim’s House in Busan 2nd

 Best hostel near Busan Ferry Terminal

Kim's House in Busan 2nd
Kim’s House in Busan 2nd is the best hostel near Busan Ferry Terminal

Why we like Kim’s House in Busan 2nd…
Set in an actual house, we love the homely feeling of this budget hostel in Busan. We also like the fact that K’s House in Busan 2nd is run by a friendly team. Best of all, however, is that location, right near Busan Ferry Terminal. We really like the garden here, filled with flowers. It’s like a cool homestay here.

Kim’s House in Busan 2nd is perfect for…
If you’re planning a trip to Japan from South Korea. It’s the best hostel near Busan Ferry Terminal; staying here you’ll be able to jump on a ferry bound to Shimonoseki in Japan in almost no time at all. Also if you’re looking for a more local, homely experience, this Busan backpackers hostel is it.

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#6 – Blue Backpackers Hostel

 Best hostel near Busan Airport

Blue Backpackers Hostel
Blue Backpackers Hostel is the best hostel near Busan Airport

Why we like Blue Backpackers Hostel…
Blue Backpackers Hostel is the best hostel near Busan Airport and that’s definitely one of the reasons we like it. Catching an early flight from here, or even if you arrive late, is a breeze thanks to this Busan backpackers hostel being located right near to two different train stations. And they offer up a free breakfast!

Blue Backpackers Hostel is perfect for…
Convenience fans! That’s right: if you are all about less hassle and more direct routes to the airport when it comes to catching a flight, Blue Backpackers is definitely for you. Also if you’re on a budget, not having to mess around with taxis, and even getting a free breakfast (as well as free laundry!), helps a bunch!

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#7 – Backpackers’ House

 Best hostel near Haeundae Beach

Backpackers' House
Backpackers’ House is the best hostel near Haeundae Beach
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – 1F, 1394-313, Jungdong, Haeundae Beach/BEXCO 
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like Backpackers’ House…
Though it’s close to the beach, the good vibes at this Busan backpackers hostel definitely make it one of our favourites in the city. It may not be the cleanest or most modern hostel going, but we definitely rate the social atmosphere going on at Backpackers’ House. They’ve even got a little dog. Cute.

Backpackers’ House is perfect for…
People who want to spend all their time on the beach. Haeundae Beach is not only the beach in Busan, but it’s also one of the country’s most famous beaches (arguably the most famous). With the sun, sea and sand being a mere 3 minute stroll away, we’re saying this place is the best hostel near Haeundae Beach.

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#8 – K’s House Premium Nampo

Best high end hostel in Busan

K's House Premium Nampo
K’s House Premium Nampo is the best high end hostel in Busan

Why we like K’s House Premium Nampo…
We love the look of this top high-end hostel in Busan. There’s lots of chic design going on here, with whitewashed walls, clean lines and contemporary furnishings for a decidedly fashionable feel. It’s even got ocean views. And though it looks high end, it won’t eat into your budget either: even the private rooms are affordable!

K’s House Premium Nampo is perfect for…
Couples! This place is perfect for anybody looking for a good night’s sleep in a super stylish, super comfy hostel, but we reckon couples will like it a lot. The views from 10 floors up is definitely something to shout about! The nearby area is cool to explore as well, being a nice mix of locals and tourists.

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#9 – Silk Road Hostel

Best budget hostel in Busan

Silk Road Hostel
Silk Road Hostel is the best budget hostel in Busan
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – 3F, 22, Jeoryeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, 49037 Busan, South Korea
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like Silk Road Hostel…
“Budget” doesn’t have to mean cutting corners, and Silk Road Hostel knows that very, very well. It’s easily the best budget hostel in Busan because there’s a lot of value for money going on here. But the cherry on top is the owner, who gives you tons of advice on what to do in the city and makes everyone feel comfortable.

Silk Road Hostel is perfect for…
Budgeteers! Absolutely, if you’re looking for a bargain, look no further than this place. It’s also got tons of spaces and comes complete with a communal kitchen (so you can make snacks to keep costs low). On the doorstep, you’ll find plenty of cheap and very delicious Korean food to try out, too.

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#10 – Good Day Mate

Best hostel with private rooms in Busan

Good Day Mate
Good Day Mate is the best hostel with private rooms in Busan
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – 9-22, Gunam-ro 21beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, 48095 Busan
  • Reviews → Check on Booking.com

Why we like Good Day Mate…
This is arguably one of the coolest hostels in Busan. Although it doesn’t come with dorms, there’s a friendly vibe here that’s definitely hostel worthy – the owners are great and give tons of advice. What’s more, if you’re travelling as a group, then you can share a room here. What we love the most? The style. It is sublime.

Good Day Mate is perfect for…
Anybody looking for their own space. Being the best hostel in Busan with a private room, Good Day Mate has some serious credentials when it comes to its lodgings. Think design-led interiors, minimalism, exposed brick walls, industrial chic. It’s super cool. There are even communal spaces to chill out in, too.

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Other best hostels in Busan

#11 – K79 Guesthouse

K79 Guesthouse
K79 Guesthouse
  • Cost – $$
  • Location – 38 Gwangbok-ro 49beon-gil, Daecheongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu
  • Reviews → Check on Hostel World

Why we like K79 Guesthouse…
A very new hostel, this one has tons of potential as one of Busan’s cool hostels. Design definitely isn’t something the guys at K79 Guesthouse struggle with. That’s why we like it. That and the cool pod-style beds, big communal kitchen, and projector screen, amongst all the other perks that make this place all sorts of awesome.

K79 Guesthouse is perfect for…
People who want to stay somewhere that’s shiny and new. Beds with privacy curtains, tons of contemporary furnishings, a chilled, very cool vibe – it’s all here at this Busan backpackers hostel. It’s great for those who like the social (and budget!) aspect of a hostel, but want something more boutique.

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How Much are Hostels in Busan?

Dorm rooms are usually between $7 and $15 per night in Busan. For a private room, you'll need to budget for around $30 to $50, though cheaper options can be found.

What are Hostels in Busan Like?

Known for beaches, history, and beautiful mountains, most hostels capitalize on the scenery of Busan! Depending on what you're interested in, you can find hostels with a beach vibe, places centrally located close to the nightlife, or spots for a quiet and relaxing stay.

How Safe are Hostels in Busan?

Busan is a very safe place to visit and you can walk around most places even at night. Of course, you should always be cautious when traveling, but there shouldn't be any issue at a hostel in Busan!

How to Find Hostels in Busan?

Start your search using HostelWorld to select your travel dates and budget. If you're traveling around other places in South Korea, you can ask other travelers you meet, or see if your current accommodation has a suggestion!

Conclusion to the Best Hostels in Busan

There you have it, people. Those were the very best hostels in Busan, and there’s some pretty cool choices on offer – we think you’ll be able to find something to suit you (and your budget).

Hostels are a super affordable way to see such an awesome city – such a life hack!

But it’s more than just about budget. Staying at a hostel means making friends, getting to have a good time, and meeting local owners who can actually tell you a thing or two about the city you’re visiting. Plus with the money you save, there’s more to spend on Busan’s incredible food!

If you can’t work it out, skip the deliberating and go for our best hostel in Busan – Hostel The Local. This all-rounder will ensure you have an amazing stay in this city.

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